No longer “plus sized” – plus size model Crystal Renn in her leanest photos yet

No longer plus size model, Crystal Renn for Paper Planes FW 2010

We are saddened by the apparent weight loss that no longer makes her a plus size model. We are looking forward to seeing new, fresh faces, in the plus size modeling industry who will take her place and represent plus size women with curves. <+p>


  1. says

    I don’t know whether to find her weightloss good or bad, Like a lot of other plus size women, I know how it feels to (even secretly) want to be thin, even at the times you more or less fell comfortable with yourself. OTOH, it seems like a slap in the face after last year’s hype on everything plus size, celebrating different body types and sizes, to see Renn either have to or want to slim down. Is everything she put out in public last year a lie? Does she either not find it ok to be plus sized or is she not finding the acceptance in the fashion industry? It raises a lot of questions and seems to be a step backwards. Along the lines of “see, I was plus size before, and if I can do it (get very slim), then anyone can do it.” On the other hand, being eating disorder free also means listening to your body and doing what you can to feel your best. If she feels best like this then it is an affirmation of what she has been saying. So hard to tell.

  2. Krystle says

    While I agree Crystal shouldn’t be considered a plus size model, I no longer look to her for my inspiration as a full figured woman. I understand she says she has an active lifestyle but it’s very clear she has lost a lot of weight. While she is still pretty, her face sometimes looks too thin in her photos. I would much rather look up to Ashley Graham and Lizzie Miller.

  3. Karen Teulon says

    I am very saddened and disappointed by Crystal Renn and her weight loss, and felt she looked so much better with more weight on her, and I would hardly have called her “fat” even then.

    I don’t believe that she has an active lifestyle and that she has lost weight without trying. I have read her book and bought into her stories that she was fit and active and that being her “plus size” was her at her physical and emotional healthiest.

    I think she has sold out, and in some pictures I’ve seen looks worryingly thin and seems to be reverting back to her eating disorder lifestyle. She now wants to fit in and work in an industry that never wanted her before, and only has her name and reputation because she was plus size!

    I don’t look for her for anything anymore, and will no longer be keeping her book for my 11 year old daughter to read as it appears to be false truths, and when she searches on the net for Crystal Renn, she will see that even she has given in to an impossible ideal forced on us by the fashion industry and mass media

  4. Alexis Baker says

    I see alot of hating right now. I’m happy she lost weight. Lets be real we all want to. I use to be a size 11/12 when I was Active Duty. Since I’ve been out I am going from 16 to 18 back and forth. I am trying to be a 13. No she not a plus side model anymore how bout we say wow she still looks great. I’m happy for her anf hope that career still is wonderful. I can only imagine what you say about Jennifer Hudson or Tocaara. Wow how can you be dissapponted freom someone losing weight smdh????

  5. says

    She looks gorgeous! Hopefully, shes not bulimic or anorexic. Eating disorders are a horrible psychological disease. I used to be anorexic. I can see how it would be easy to fall into it once you start losing weight. But, good for her if she’s being fit and healthy! Theres nothing wrong with that. You can be fit and healthy at any size. She is definitely not plus sized. Looking forward to seeing fresh & new faces!!

  6. says

    I still think she’s very beautiful but don’t consider her THE plus size model anymore. She paved a way and if she wants to move on, so be it. She has the right to make her choices and look after her dreams. Thank God we have Tara Lynn, Fluvia Lacerda, Whitney Port, Tocarra. I’m hoping for more curvier ladies/models to portray all kind of women, being fat/thin or tall/small.

  7. fabia cerra says

    I did post photos of her on our curvaceous models of diversity facebook group, it had both positive and negative feedback then. Now looking again at these pics, Im not so sure she looks Plus Size????????????????
    Im once again CONFUSED????????????????

  8. Lesley Hamilton says

    Crystal Renn… has lost alot of weight, and if that is what she wanted to do, then good for her. But lets be honest, she is no longer plus size, anybody can see that, even she can see that for herself. I believe, the money got better the smaller she got, now that she is smaller, she is everywhere, not saying that she wasnt, doing well, when she was considered plus size, but now…she is really blowing up!!!
    The money got …real good…the smaller she got!!! And maybe that is why she is smaller now more then ever. I still believe she is a beautiful women. Who has turned into a paper chaser!!!! Keep doing your thing Crystal Renn….but please,,,please….please…stop saying your plus size…because you aint!!!!

  9. Nikeya Young says

    Crystal has the right to lose as much weight as she wants. That’s really her business. HOWEVER, if she is still referring to herself as a ‘Plus-Size Model’ then that is WRONG! It becomes our business when she is clearly misrepresenting herself as a plus model. If she’s gone back to being a straight-size model & that’s what she wants, then JUST SAY THAT! More power to her if that’s what she feels is best for her. Either way, she’s a beautiful woman and I respect what she’s done as a model at whatever size.

  10. says

    She’s a gorgeous woman whether thick or thin. I prefer her a little thicker personally but what does she care as it’s her body. It does seem like she lost it quite fast I just hope it has been healthy as she has a history of abuse. As some one else posted there are lots of other plus size beauty’s to fill her shoes.

  11. Carolyn says

    As someone who has recently ‘inadvertantly’ lost weight and now questions my role in the plus-size industry….I wish we could take the weight out of the equation. People are who they are regardless of what size they are. Some people are happy for Crystal, some are sad. We should just look at it as what she was able to accomplish for the plus size industry when she was heavier, mourn her loss as our symbol and move on. People’s weights fluctuate. Size discrimination goes both ways.

  12. Karen Teulon says

    The reason I am disappointed with her weight loss is because I feel she is a sell out. She couldn’t make it as a smaller model, made her name as plus size and then reverted back to what she said in her book was not her at her healthiest. She said that she was healthiest and happiest at plus size, but now has contradicted herself completely and I feel that she sold us a lie. I think it also gives credit to those who say that you cannot be happy if of a plus size. If she wanted to lose weight then I have no problem with her doing it personally, but I do have a problem with all the lies and contradictions of what she said last year to sell her book

  13. says

    After reading her book I was surprised that she went into plus modeling in the first place. This weight loss does not surprise me in the least bit.

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