1. Limarie says

    Sheesh I would love to try for this but I do not have any recent professional pics that fit the requirements…..and since I am def feeling the pinch of this recession right now I probably won’t get any new pics until the contest is over…:(

    Either way this is a great opportunity for someone who is ready to submit…best of luck to you all! :)

  2. Jayde Ramos says

    @Limarie. You don’t have to have professional pictures! Take some snap shots, they want to see your natural beauty!! I don’t have any professional pictures either and nor can I afford them at the momment!! You are beautiful! Enter in!

  3. Tierra Holland says

    I love to see women look out for other women. @Jayde, you are FABOLOUS!! @Limarie, Go Ahead girl, show that beauty!

    Good luck to you all.

    I have made it a New Years Resolution to try out. I have been practicing with the whole shabwang!!

    Much Love.

  4. Limarie says

    You ladies are amazing! I found an art student willing to take my pics on Sat because I really don’t want to pass this up…I have been waiting for a chance like this to come my way and it would be ashamed to not take a chance. Thanks ladies, you truly are something special.

  5. Tierra Holland says

    @ Limarie, how do you put a picture on the icon? I have been looking for the longest.

  6. Jayde Ramos says

    I was trying to figure out how to get my picture as the icon as well, can’t figure it out!! I cannot wait for the finalists to be announced…. fingers crossed! :)

  7. admin says

    Hi All :-)

    Everyone who wants to know how to get their image to appear on this or any site where you post like this… just goto and signup using the email address you used to make a comment here… then you upload an image/headshot and assign it to the email address. Then, whenever you posts using that email, your image will pop in automatically :-)

    Hope this helps!

    Keep thriving…

    Valery ~

  8. Limarie says

    @Jayde- you are beautiful girl…can’t wait to take some pics…need a camera in case I can’t make it out from all the snow. :)


    good luck to all the women that’s enter…..we all beautiful and im glad they are giving us plus women a chance…

  10. Jayde Ramos says

    @Limarie, I take all my own pictures, my husband take BAD pictures, unless they are of his vehicles, that is a different story, he really knows how to work it!! Hopefully you can get some pics in time for the deadline Monday!

  11. Shannon says

    Hi all you beautiful divas! I am so grateful to GOD for this magazine and opportunity they are affording to us! I never really comment but when Jayde said the pictures didn’t have to be professional; well I wasn’t aware they didn’t have to be…I wish I had known sooner but thanks Jayde for encouraging Limarie and for the information you’ve shared with her it’s been a blessing to me as well!!! GOD bless and good luck!!!

  12. Jayde Ramos says

    @ Shannon, I love encouraging women!! That is how it is supposed to be!! I kind of look at the contests like I look at winning the lottery, if GOD wants me to win the lottery, then I will have the winning ticket, I don’t need to buy 10 tickets lol I do the best I can do and if it’s meant to be… it will be!! I went back just to double check about the pictures not being professionally done, I did not exactly see it anywhere but from the tips, that is what I got out of it, plus when you send into modeling agencies, they never require professional pictures, but the pictures need to be clear so they can see you good, and… you cannot be signed with an agency so I assume most ladies do not have professional pictures yet, this is from the Top 5 Model Search Tips, I just took my own with a digital!

    1) Clear photos are important. Never send a cell phone picture, picture with your family, friends or pets.
    2) A head shot is a picture where your face is clearly seen. It does not have to be touched up, just has to be clear and with natural makeup.

  13. jaimie says

    good luck to all you US fans out there. i am in australia if only we had the opputunity to get this it would be awesome

  14. Leituina says

    Good luck to all you ladies! Soo excited to enter representing the Samoan Islands:) I haven’t seen any Samoan models, so God willing something
    will open up from this.

  15. shay says

    i waut to enter but idk im only 18 and every time i do ppl dont seem to notice i been tryin to model for 2 years now its so much work and its like if u dont pay them they just throw u out but i no ur not post to pay but ima try this time umm i reely idk

  16. Jayde Ramos says

    @edwige, click on the link for information above and it tells you where to email your pictures and photos, today is the last day so hurry!!

    @ shay, it sounds like you have been dealing with some scam agencies, I highly doubt that PMM would sign the winner up with a scam agency so you should try & submit, today is the last day!

    Good luck everyone!!

  17. monica elam says

    well i cant wait to see who wins i entered an im ecited an i love how the ppl of this mag are so real when u talk they talk back yeah for plus model mag

  18. says

    Aww, I waited up all night to see the finalists online – but I guess I’ll have to wait until morning!
    xoxo Good luck everyone! To the ones that don’t get chosen as a finalist, you’re still beautiful – keep trying!

  19. Inez F. says

    Anyone know when they are suppose to announce? I am so excited to find out who it is! 😀

  20. Jesika Clerge says

    I am definitely staying on this site alllll dayyyy!! Can’t wait to find out the chosen finalists!! 😀

  21. says

    Hi I finally worked the gravatar for my pics thanks girlies. We will see who the finalist are in February 11..
    We are all winners. Because we are Thick beautiful women.

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