PLUS Model Magazine Celebrates Fashion Friday!

We love our readers! And we love to see what our readers wear. PLUS Model Magazine celebrates our curvy fashion conscious readers with a special post every Friday! These ladies show us that curvy girls can have fun with fashion too.

If you would like to be included in future Fashion Friday’s, email us your picture and description of what you are wearing (including brand) and send it to [email protected]

Tanesha of  San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Leopard Top: Forever 21
Sweater: Forever21
Jeans: New York & Company
Shoes: Nine West
Beaded Belt: Rampage
Necklace: Jaipur, India

Sadia of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Overcoat/Blazer: Custom Made in Bangladesh
Black Sweater Dress: Forever 21+
Tights: Additionelle
Oxford Shoes: London Rebel at The Shoe Company

Alegra of Germany

Top: H&M

Jeans: Primark


Belt: New Yorker

Boots: tThrifted

Gabi of New York City

Jeans: Gap

Bag: H&M

Top and Accessories: Forever21


  1. Limarie says

    Ladies you love gorgeous! I love FF and how we celebrate our individual style through what we wear and how confidently we wear it. You all look so cute:
    Tanesha – I love that long curly hair (my dream hair) and I love that outfit…I am still trying to fins a way to compliment my shape better with skinny jeans…looks good on you. I have some on today with a flowy top but would love to see how a belted sweater and shirt works for me as well…we’ll see I am shaped differntly, lol!
    Sadia – I love how unique your blazer looks and how it adds to your exotic look girl..also like those tights with the sweater dress to compliment your shape, nice style!
    Alegra – very cute striped sweater and I love the color of your boots! :)
    Gabi -I love that top and all of your accessories…great smile!

    Thanks PMM for doing this, it is actually very inspiring to see real curvy women wearing todays fashions and only makes me want to go shopping and continue to experiment with different styles. :)

  2. Limarie says

    Ha ha I just realized I wrote love instead of look….wow. Anyways have a blessed day :) Peace and Love

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