Ashley Stewart Coast to Coast Model Search – Finalist Announced – Feedback has been discontinued/winner being announced on PLUS Model Radio

Last Friday, both Chenese Lewis and PLUS Model Magazine hosted Ashley Stewart’s Coast to Coast Model Search in New York and Los Angeles. The model hopefuls came out to the NYC Flagship store in Harlem and the West Culver City store in Los Angeles despite the terrible weather we experienced on both coast.

PLUS Model Magazine and Chenese Lewis joined forces with Ashley Stewart to look for aspiring models who are photogenic, poses great personal style, inner glow, and exude confidence. The choice was very difficult for all of us, and narrowing them down further will be no easy task.

Below are the finalist of the Ashley Stewart Coast to Coast Model Search NY/LA

Which young lady gets your vote?

#34 – Erin Burts   Size: 13   Age:27

#53 – Samantha Ball Size: 26/28 Age: 35

#42 – Marielene Pelayo Size: 16/18 Age: 25

#43 Melissa Fosse- Dunne   Size: 18 Age: 29

#46 – Deborah Davis Size:16 Age: 42

#20 – Nichole Smith   Size: 20/22 Age: 29

#45 – Donna Bullock Size: 12 Age: didn’t say

#7 – Stephanie Gomez Size: 16/18 Age: 26

#6 – Lisa Marie Rodriguez Size: 14   Age:31

#10 – Queanna  Rea Feather  Size: 14/16 Age: 32

#10 Marquita Graham   Size 12   Age 29

#3 Anna Dritsas   Size 16/18   Age 26

#74 Audrey Lacy   Size 16/18   Age 25

#15 Yolanda Elston   Size 14/16   Age 28

#47 Cherie Dennis  Size 16/18   Age 28

#42   Jazzlyn Marshall   Size 14/16   Age 21

#35   Ashley Smith   Size 12    Age 25

#25   Marcia Fletcher    Size 18/20   Age 40+

#18  Nicole Stewart   Size 18   Age 22

#40   Marijo Monteiro   Size 16/18   Age 34

Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who came out and entered the Ashley Stewart Coast to Coast Model Search.



  1. Noel says

    Los Angeles Finalist: My vote goes to the Last Model in the cream top. Nice pose! (but I don’t see her info listed)

    New York Finalist: My vote goes to #74 Audrey Lacy. Such a natural beauty!

  2. jazzlyn unique lee says

    Omg!! I feel so honored to be one of the finalists. All the women are truly beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to the finalist!!!

  3. Marijo says

    Oh wow, a pleasant surprise! To think I almost talked myself out of going, the rain, etc. Lesson learned, as we are often tempted to walk away from what may be an opportunity no matter how big or small! Thanks PMM, Ashley Stewart & team, it was a fun experience watching women of all shades and shapes smile and pose was a joy to watch! Wishing all the ladies all the best, you’re already a winner! Beijos

  4. Annoula says

    OMG! I don’t believe it!!!!! I feel honored that I was chosen in the top 10 for NY. Very very honored and so happy! Congratulations to ALL the girls who made it and to those who tried out pursuing their dreams! <3

  5. Jesika Clerge says

    Congrats to each and every finalist! I would be lying if I said that I did not want to be up there too, it’s such an honor! You all look great and I wish you all the best, can’t wait for one day to be chosen!! Good luck :)

  6. missplustopmodel says

    Good diverse selection of real women form California. Good luck to all the top 10.

  7. Queanna Rèa Feather says

    Wow… I am so blessed and honored to have been chosen as one of the top ten for LA. For once in my life I’m speechless, those who know me know I love to talk. All ladies are beautiful inside and out I’m blessed to be in great company! Good luck ladies and God bless!!!

  8. Heather says

    My girl Samantha’s got this! She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!! Crossing fingers and sending a prayer upstairs for you Sammie!!


    CA- #53 – Samantha Ball….like that chick’s smile!

    #47 Cherie Dennis …..girl got swag!

  10. jesse ortiz says

    My vote goes to Samantha ball number fifty to the 3 (53) LOL that girl is off the chain with that fashion forward style she got going on she got the look personality and talent good luck Sam

  11. Catherine Feather says

    # 10 Queanna Feather in Los Angeles gets my vote because she is a beautiful young lady and she is very talented. Love you much.

  12. Angelique Luna says

    My vote goes to #53 – Samantha Ball Size: 26/28 Age: 35

    She’s beautiful and a friend of mine. Good Luck girlie!

  13. Ashley says

    Such a blessing and surprise to be named a finalist!! Thanks for giving women a chance to come out and show just how diverse beauty is

  14. Stiletto Siren says

    Nichole “Nik” Smith and Marijo are my girls! Both of them are fab models and great role models, they both have the full package of beauty, personality and talent. Such great souls and inner beauty as well!

  15. Samantha Ball says

    I must say, I’m unbelievably excited and totally surprised to have been chosen as one of the California finalist. Like Marijo mentioned before I talked myself out of going due to the rain as well as other reasons. I’m proud that my final decision was to brave the storm and take a chance. I had a wonderful experience and met some Fabulous & Beautiful Women. Congrats to all contestants!
    Thank You Ashley Stewart & Chenese Lewis!!

    OH! and my vote is for #53 Samantha Ball. 😉

  16. Chantel says

    Congratulations to each of you ladies! Special congrats to my always pretty sis, Ashley. You’re beautiful inside and out!

    LA FInalist: #6 Lisa Maria Rodriquez
    NY Finalist: #35 Ashley Smith

  17. says

    Ashley Smith, #35, a NY finalist, gets my vote. I love her fresh, glowing, natural look. She shows that beauty does not have to manufactured when it comes from within. Congrats and all the best!

  18. says

    Ashley Smith, #35, a NY finalist, gets my vote. I love her fresh, glowing, natural look. She shows that beauty does not have to be manufactured when it comes from within. Congrats and all the best!

  19. Melina K. says

    My girl, #3, Anna, from NY top 10! I am soo proud of her! For LA, I would pick 6.. she’s looking fierce!

  20. Lisa D. says

    My Vote is for #53 – Samantha Ball! She’s got the personality to match that gorgeous smile!

  21. Model Fashion says

    Congratulations, ladies!

    Fantastic selection! Everyone of those ladies deserves to win!

  22. Amy Cordova says

    My vote goes to my girl #53 SAMATHA BALL. She has always been fashion forward and has been able to bring small size fashion to her beautiful plus size self. With her innovative style, amazing smile, and sweet personality I would like to encourage your vote to go to her as well.

    Love ya Sammie !!!

  23. Terri Slay says

    My vote goes to Ashley Smith! Her personality,beauty and style make her the right choice for the contest! Natural Beauty is a true gift!!!

    #35 Ashley Smith Size 12 Age 25

  24. Araba Dowell says

    My vote goes to #35 Ashley Smith of New York – she has a beauty and effervescence that appeals to all seasons. As an Ashley Stewart customer, I can totally she her representing the fine fashions that I adorn!

  25. Terrika Barham says

    I vote for #35 Ashley Smith!!!!! She is beautiful, and her fresh, glamorous face deserves to shine coast to coast!!

  26. Stoutenburg Kirkland says

    A wonderful group of women – many faces of beauty. But my vote – #35 NY, Ashley Smith. She has looks, poise and serenity and a *megawatt* smile!

  27. Tina Lorton says

    All of the ladies are beautiful, but my vote is for #53 Samantha Ball. I know that plus size is size 14 up, but we really need need someone to represent us girls that are over a size 18. She is sexy, sassy, and confident, and should be the winner!

  28. Audrey Lacy says

    I’m feeling so excited to be counted amongst the 10 New York Finalists! Thank you so much to Ashley Stewart and Plus Model Magazine for the opportunity to participate in the “Coast to Coast” model search! All of the finalists are truly gorgeous!

  29. Joan Seals says

    I vote for #35, Ashley Smith. She is just beautiful and sh already has the first name and last initial!

  30. Shanita says

    My vote is definitely #35 Ashley Stewart!!!! Classic beauty and full of model potential. Fierce :)

  31. suleydy says

    i vote for # 40 nyc despite that she’s my friend, i could tell you that she a wonderful human being, great spirit, hard worker, very dedicated when she wants something she go for it!..very proud of you good luck

  32. Brandy says

    #10 from NY- Marquita is gorgeous!!!!! My vote goes to her a million times! Beautiful skin!

  33. Beverly B. Thompson says

    Classy, elegant and humblingly beautiful all describe — number 35… my vote is definitely for Ashley Smith.

  34. Leslie says

    I think Samantha Ball will be good, because shes my size and looks very nice. YOU GO SAMANTHA LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING REPRESENT US HEALTHLY GIRLS.

  35. Kellye says

    My vote is for #35 Ashley Smith! She has the total package: beauty, intelligence and great model potential!!

  36. Leslie says

    I think #53 Samantha Ball will represent Ashley Stewart very well. GOOD LUCK GIRL.

  37. TARA says

    #10 is definitely a winner! She is beautiful inside and out and will rock any situation you put her in with that outstanding personality!

    #10 is who you want!!

  38. Dorothy Styles says

    My vote is for # 35 Ahley Smith because she has a beautiful wholesome look and the name itself is a good fit.

  39. Rene says

    My vote is for #10 Marquita Graham you have all the glam needed to win this!
    Good luck lady !!!!!!

  40. Dorothy Styles says

    My vote is for #35 Ashley Smith because she has a beautiful wholesome look and the name itself is a good fit.

  41. Maria Z. says

    I am so so proud of ANNA …she is doing her thing and she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! My vote goes to ANNA DRITSAS #3 for NY!

  42. Anthi says

    My vote is for #3, all the way!!!!!!!!!! Shes beautiful inside and out!!! And naturally beautiful I might add :)

  43. Jennifer says

    My vote is for #53 Samantha Ball- she is beautiful and represents us women that are the real faces of America.

  44. Natalie says

    #10 Marquita Graham is absolutely FABULOUS! She has model material oozing from all that Sexiness!! Vote for Kita!!!

  45. shyremia Latham says


  46. Pamela says

    #3 Anna Dritsas definitely has my vote! She definitely represents plus size women very well!

  47. Tamala says

    My vote is for number 35 – Ashley Smith :) Her look is very sweet and wholesome – many younger females will identify with her. Trusting.. Go Ashley!

  48. NatNat says

    U better cast #10- Marquita Graham! She’s going to be the next HottesT thing! Smokin’ Hot! 😉

  49. Shanste says

    I’m casting my vote for Finalist 74 in NY, Audrey Lacy. I think she’s a good representation for us big girls.

  50. Yolanda says

    My vote is for NYs #74 Audrey Lacy. How can you not love her grand smile and she’s curvy. We need some more curvy plus size models out there!

  51. Cynthia says

    I voted for #35 Ashley Smith….you are representing and we are rooting for you in Raleigh!!!!!

  52. Christine says

    #10 Marquita Graham is absolutely FABULOUS! She has model material oozing from all that Sexiness!! Vote for Kita!!!

  53. Rosalyn Anderson says

    #10 Marquita Graham she speaks beauty both inside and out..she defines great personality and stunning looks!!!!

  54. Brittany says

    #74 Audrey Lacy has my vote. She is fabulous and wears her confidence well!! Go Audrey!

  55. Taren W says

    My vote goes to #10…she is radiant and fierce with a stunning personality. Get’em girl!

  56. Donte Norman says

    #53 Samantha Ball!!! She is so cute and looks like she has so much personality!!

  57. Erin Byrnes says

    I’m voting for NYC Finalist #74 Audrey Lacy! Beautiful on the outside and inside = )

  58. Iris says

    #74 Audrey Lacy is the one I vote for. She has a great smile and that winning personality shines through! Her face is great!

  59. dj swindle says

    my gurl #53 samantha ball…go ahead now sammy…anyone who knows, knows im right…beauty inside and out! this lady has done somuch for others its unreal. we luv ya sammy and best wishes to you all!! but my vote is for my #1 girl samanha ball in L.A. #53

  60. Barbara says

    #3 Anna Dritsas for NY has to win!!!!

    Not only is Anna a gorgeous girl, but she is a very down to earth person with an outgoing personality and sense of style! I know that she would represent the AS brand with confidence and style.

  61. Ellen says

    I vote for NY Finalist #3 ANNA DRITSAS… not only is she my BEST friend but she’s very passionate about becoming a model and I know she has what it takes to get there! She’s beautiful, always dedicated to her work, and her such an EXOTIC look that I know will take her far! Please pick ANNA!

  62. Stella says

    My girlll ANNA DRITSAS.. #3 finalist for NY has to win! I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments thus far and I know she has the look and confidence to win this. What a beauty! A true Greek Goddess!

  63. Chris Smith says

    That Ashley Smith is beautiful, I hope she wins. I repeat finalist #35 from NY has my vote.

  64. Elise says

    Number 18! Nicole looks so put together and I love her hair – she really deserves to win.

  65. abena says

    I’m voting for #74. She is beautiful, has a warm smile and is a passionate advocate for children. Please pick Audrey!

  66. Timothy Moore says

    I’m voting for my girl Queanna Feather from Cali. She has it all, looks, style, shape and the attitude to take this great company to the top! Vote for the Queanna! Let go Cali people!!!

  67. Juanitra Allen says

    Marquita Graham #10 has my vote any day, she such a beautiful women with full potential! You deserve it girl !!!

  68. Thomas says

    I vote for #74 Audrey Lacy, She’s got a beautiful, exotic face and great shape! Those looks would help show off plus size outfits to all the beautiful plus-sized women.

  69. says

    #10 Queanna, you should win for a number of reasons. 1) Of cause you are beautiful 2) You are very intellegent 3) You are a go getter with plenty of energy 4) Your smile lights up a room 5) You came all the way from CA to compete in the BBW pageant and won 1st runner up competing against a lot of competition. I’m sure you will win this contest also because you are a winner in all you do. I wish you could compete in this year’s BBWP. I could go on and on because there is a lot to be said about Queanna Rea Feather.

  70. Marcus Aurelius says

    #10 Marquita Graham is absolutely stunning. She exudes the most eloquent definition of beauty.

  71. Aaron Thompson says

    I like the look of number 35, Ashley Smith. Her look was refreshingly different, even adorable with simply a beautiful smile. The natural beauty that she has should take her to the top. Her hair style and color caught my eye.A definite winner!
    My vote is for Ashley Smith!!

  72. Melanie M says

    NY #10 Baby!!!! She’s got the look and the face to be the next face of Ashley Stewart!!! StL Loves Marquita!!!! <3

  73. j_denise_turner says

    I want to vote for #10 Marquita Graham do it big for your Normandy family girl. U have always been a beautiful young lady and i glad i had a chance to be friendz with yo silly self.

  74. Theresa Buchhalter says

    NY finalist #74 AUDREY LACY!!! She is the most amazing woman! An excellent and dynamic teacher!!

  75. Lynda Lovett says

    I am voting for NY FINALIST #74 AUDREY LACY – She’s a beautiful young woman who will make a wonderful model

  76. diane pittman says

    I must say that my vote goes to #10… She is a beautiful person both inside and out.. Nobody deserves this more than her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Mika says

    #10 Has the beauty, smarts, charm, and class that would bring Grace and Flare to Ashley Stewart!

    #10 #10 #10 and #10

  78. Esha says

    #10 Marquita Graham….BEAUTIFUL, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Could grace the cover of any magazine!

  79. J Young says

    i vote for #53 Samantha Ball. She is a good person and deserves some good in return

  80. L'Erin B says

    #10 Marquita Graham is a doll!! Beyond beautiful inside and out and she gets my vote! Point blank period….ALL hands down!

  81. grandma diva says

    #25 BEAUTIFUL, Simply Beautiful……….. Ain’t Got Nothing On U Baby………. U Go Girl……….

    U got the right look for the JOB……….. Do ur thing………. God Bless……… Holla ! Luv ya sis

  82. Janelle says

    NY FINALIST #74 AUDREY LACY!!! Great person, great teacher, great model!!!! luv her!!!

  83. Deborah Anderson says

    After looking at and studying all of the finalist, I wholeheartedly cast my vote for NY Finalist #35, ASHLEY SMITH. She seems to have natural beauty and a sweet inner spirit.

  84. Richlee says

    My votes for #53 Samantha Ball, she looks great and is a very nice person to represent Ashley Stewart.

  85. Brandii says

    #10.. She def gets my vote. She is a great person and really deserves this once in a lifetime chance.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Monex says

    Shanynn I spent many years fit modeling in the Los Angeles market ironically as a size 7 before my body gave up. Maddy What steps did you take on your path to becoming a plus size model?.

  87. Georgia says

    Vote vote vote for my cousin ANNA DRITSAS #3 from the NY contest!

    She’s so beautiful inside and out and she really deserves this win! She’s such a great person and always puts others before her and I think this is something she’d like to win for herself!

  88. Monique Graham says

    My vote goes for #10 Nyc because I feel she is the best person for this job,she is beautiful inside and out.If yall dnt pick her yall would b making a Big Mistake.She doesnt even wear tennis shoes thats how u know shes A Top Model lol.I looove her with heart,she is very smart and pretty!Please pick Marquita because she is The Truth.

  89. Tonya Farrington says

    I am voting for NY Finalist #74 Audrey Lacy. The photos don’t do her justice! Audrey is beautiful both inside and out. With a heart of gold, she is truly a blessing to every life that she touches . Audrey I’m proud of you . . .Way to go!

  90. Lanora says

    #20 – Nichole Smith she is beautiful in and out. Trendy attitude with a blog to match that yes I follow. Beautiful smile and overall simply a great person and she got the look. Fearless and independent with great shoes. Thats my pick.

  91. davene stephens says

    By far the best one for this would be #20.. Ms. Nichole NikStar Smith.. Cali’s finest by way of the Michigan..

  92. Felisa Ware says

    # 20 from Los Angeles gets my vote. A go-getter, jet-setter and all around genuine person. Never afraid to follow her dreams and encourages everyone to follow theirs. Articulate and well read, she is the perfect all around choice! Go NICHOLE!!!

  93. says

    LA – #20 – Nichole Smith….

    She is GORGE!!!!!!!!!! And I have a feeling that she will make a FANTASTIC face for AS and totally do their clothes justice with her ROCKIN’ curves!!!!! 😀



  94. Anissa Ellis says

    Please vote for my best friend #20 – Nichole Smith, she is a kind, loving fashonista that is very compassionate about plus size fashion. She encourages everyone to love the skin their in and doesn’t hesitate to give beauty tips on bringing out your natural beauty no matter what size you are. I believe she is the perfect candidate for this competition.

  95. Christine says

    I vote for Nichole Smith LA finalist # 20. Gotta to love that red hair!! You can almost feel her firtatious and fun attitude through her picture!!

  96. Lissa Kay says

    VOTE for Nichole Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHe’s beautiful inside and out!!!!!!!!!!!! Flawless!!!!!!!!!!!! Goooooooooooooooooooooooo NIkki!!;)

  97. julie patron says

    GOOOOO NICOLE SMITH #20! THat girl is gorgeous & got too much swagg for her own good! 😀

  98. Doris says

    #10 Queanna Rae Feathers has my vote, because she is beautiful and she knows how to walk the runway with the best–go girl!!!

  99. Ann Louise says

    I of course vote for the STUNNING #74!!!!

    Ms. Lacy, you are one good looking aspiring model!

  100. Lydia says

    My vote definitely goes to #20 Nichole Smith. She’s passionate about modeling and is a great example to showcase plus size modeling goes beyond a size 14/16!

  101. DJ Swindle says

    #53 My Girl Sam WOW!
    Samantha Ball! Not only a great beauty but a wonderfull person! Youed be lucky to have her

  102. Gabi says

    My vote is for # 20 Nichole “NIk” Smith from the L.A. search! She is so beautiful and has the drive to be a fabulous model! Love ya Nik!

  103. Kristine says

    I’m voting for #53 Samantha Ball!!! She would be an amazing representative and is a gorgeous woman both inside and out.

  104. Kelvin Sykes says

    #35 ashley smith is the winner by far. But every one is a winner but Ashley won this one.

  105. Jazz says

    I would vote for Nichole Smith from LA and Jazzlyn Marshall from NY – only because she has my name (LOL ,lbs). But if its only one vote Nichole from LA

  106. deborah says

    I vote for #20 Nichole Smith. Miss Smith radiates class and grace. She is beautiful inside and out. She is a beautiful well rounded girl and I would love to see her model your beautiful line of clothes….

  107. Donna Watts-Nunn says

    #35 Ashley Smith is definitely the winner of this contest…..You look marvelous!!!

  108. Canitra says

    My vote is for #10 Marquita*Kita* Graham! Kita represents beauty inside and out and regardless of the results of any competition she will always be a winner in my book! I love u Kita 😉

  109. Cheryl Lizana says

    #20 Nichole “Nik” Smith from the L.A. search! Hey pretty lady! You look lovely :)

  110. Alethea says

    My vote is for NY finalist #35 Ashley Smith the girl with the winning smile and awesome personality. You look FABULOUS!!!

  111. Emilia Fletcher says

    I vote for #25 Marcia Fletcher. She’s a beautiful and amazing person inside and out, and she looks breath taking! what more can you ask for in a woman :) Love u so much mommy.xx

  112. Krystal B. says

    My vote for #10 Queanna Réa Feather. Hands down she has the Ashley Stewart look!!!

  113. Renee Callaway says

    Number ten Queanna

    I’m so proud of you and may the lord continue to bless you!

  114. James Rosse says

    Where do I vote?

    Otherwise, I like Audrey Lacy, number 74.


  115. will says

    #42- Jazzlyn Marshall all the way…she is gorgeous!!! keep pushing these beautiful full figured women to the top…you all deserve it!!

  116. Miz K says

    #42 from NY, Jazzlyn strikes me as confident with an attitude. She’s striking without bein all boob.
    She has a face that could appeal to many different ethnic backgrounds.

  117. Icey J. says

    My vote is for Ashley Smith # 35. She is a very talented young lady with high moral and ethical standards. She is very elegant. Her eyes sparkle with charm and her smile is dazzling. Ashley is an intelligent young christian lady who is beautiful both inside and out. Ashley Smith is the finalist for the “Ashley Stewart Coast to Coast Model Search”.