Shanda Freeman Puts the PLUS Size Power in Empowerment at PLUS Model Magazine

Today PLUS Model Magazine (PMM), the #1 plus size fashion magazine, announced Shanda Freeman as their new Empowerment Editor. Shanda is best known for the series Man and Wife TV, which debuted on MTV in 2008 ( as well as Shanda Says!, ( a vlog series and advice column which she is now bringing to PLUS Model Magazine.

“I’m so pleased to announce my new title of ‘Empowerment Editor’ for PLUS Model Magazine!” shares Ms. Freeman. “As a plus size woman, PLUS Model Magazine represents who I am and who I still aspire to be. As women we are constantly growing in our thoughts, feelings and most importantly our emotions and I am excited to bring ‘Shanda Says’ articles of hope, inspiration and empowerment to all the wonderful readers who look to PMM for the support and encouragement they need to feel beautiful and worthy!”


Madeline Jones, PMM Editor, shares, “When I started my career in the magazine industry, I was the Empowerment Editor for Amaze, a publication that was dedicated exclusively to women sizes 12 and up. At the time, I was connecting directly with the reader to offer inspiration and advice on how to navigate as a curvy girl in a not-so-curvy world, so I know first-hand the type of responsibility this position entails and how important it is for a magazine like ours to have one; and no one is better suited than Shanda to fill this important role.”

Ms. Freeman adds, “It is a pleasure and honor for me to be a new member of the PLUS Model Magazine family!”


Shanda will be taking questions from her readers directly at [email protected].


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