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With Fall breezing in, we want to know what is your favorite look from our friends at One lucky reader will receive a $150 gift card and all you have to do is post below the name of the garment you love best.

Good luck!!


  1. shelly says

    The Ivanna Tunic absolutely georgous. It is so versatile and you could even layer under it for those cooler days!

  2. Jesika Jeune says

    Of all the dresses my favorite look is the Venice dress because it has a gorgeous lace detail on the arms. It’s sexy and chic little back dress that you can be worn to any sophisticated evening out with friends or a work event. I just love it since it can be worn at many occasions!

    I also really like the Stella dress because the look of the print and colors make you feel as if the summer has never left. Missing summer already :-)

  3. says

    I really love the Tyra dress. It’s a perfect piece for the professional woman, but can easily be dressed up for the evening. Love it!!!

  4. Asia Blair says

    My Favorite Dress is the Audrey Cocktail Dress because it Looks Very Elegant and Sophiscated. I need this dress for my Birthday Dinner.

  5. Katrina says

    I love the black and white contrast of the Paulina Cotton Dress. The sleek, classic lines of the Sonia dress in black makes it amazing too.

  6. PLusSizeBrittany says

    Omg how can I choose just one? It’s so hard, But I have to go with one of my “Right now” favorite it will be the new item “Dietrich Top” Omg I’m in love with it….I did a blog post about your site please check it out, Thanks

  7. Nance says

    I love the Rosalyn dress. There are so many nice dresses and suits it’s hard to choose an absolute favorite.

  8. Bella says

    No offence to anyone who purchases and wears dresses from Igigi, but I do not understand why anyone pays $150 of their hard earned money, especially if it looks like the economy isn’t going to get better anytime soon, for a dress made out of poly/elastane and such. Avenue, among others, has dresses made of same thing that cost $50. And I am one of those girls who like the good cut and a pretty dress in size 18, and I did in fact order one from Igigi, but I sent it back. The colors are nice, but spandex is spandex, no matter how cute the model wearing it is.

  9. Jessica Scott says

    Picking a favorite was hard…The Cybelle Cocktail Dress in Orchid has me looking forward to a party that I could wear it to.

  10. Ajammyb says

    I’m lov’in the Harlow Skirt paired with the Dietrich Top! Classic, sexy, and on-trend. I also like the Sonia Dress in Merlot.

  11. says

    I actually couldn’t decide between two looks I really liked the Ferrera Dress, I just love the way it flows, and the way she’s wearing it also adds to the fact. But I also liked the Champs Elsees dress, I love it, I could picture myself wearing it, same shoes too.

  12. Lori says

    Love love LOVE the Rainy Day Trench. I love the ruffly collar and femininity of it all. It would be perfect for our mild winters here in Phoenix! (Did I mention I LOVE that trench coat??) :)

  13. says

    I’m a definitely Rainforest Paradise Maxi Dress girl and I love every dress from Igigi. I would love to wear one of her dresses when I give my crown back on Feb in Puerto Rico Bold & Beautiful.

  14. Nicole White says

    I absolutely LOVE the Harlow dress pants w/the Bacall top. The colors flow well together and its two great pieces that can be interchangeable.

  15. Jenn Purviance says

    I freaking LOVE the Kayleen Maxi Dress! The colors are perfect for fall, and when it gets chili outside I can easily just throw a cardi over it. I think the Kayleen is a perfect look for early fall.

  16. says

    My FAVORITE dress I DREAM of is the Rainforest Paradise Maxi Dress I love it so much! I think it would be perfect for summer and FALL too! Thank so much for the chance!! I LOVE igigi!!!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!

  17. says

    I really love the Francesca Dress in Black! I would love to go out on the town and have fun with the girls! I actually do not own a Dress or ever wore one. Im a Dress virgin haha i would love to rock IGIGI’s Dresses they are fabulous! :)

  18. Autumn says

    My favorite Igigi outfit is the Adeline Maxi Dress. I love that it mixes both animal print and floral, which I view is already a bold statement. The dress speaks volumes while still being soft and pretty. I also like that it is a one shoulder dress, which is what I am liking on most of the looks this Fall. I feel this dress can be worn as something simple and classy and can also be transformed into something very glamourous. I have always been a fan of Igigi dresses and I would love the opportunity to rock any outfit from this company.

  19. Suzy Bernier says

    I’m in love with the Rosalyn Dress! It’s so adorable and I know it would look so good on me. I love Igigi and I have two dresses already. They fit perfectly and are so well made! I’d be thrilled if I won. Thanks for the giveaway! -crosses fingers-

  20. jessica quint says

    Francesca Dress in Crimson i love this cause it can be dressed up or down and is very flattering to curvy girls.

  21. jessica quint says

    Francesca Dress in Crimson i love this cause it can be dressed up or down and is very flattering to curvy girls.

  22. Alisha says

    I love Francesca just because it’s the perfect little black dress. It’s so versatile. It can go from day to night with the bat of an eye.

  23. Lucia Luzardo says

    All the outfit is gorgeous.. I’m loving the shirt you can see the outrageous look, the skirt with the boots luckily make her look tall.. I’m not fan of the letter gloves but no doubt it will work for winter time. I also think she is to covered but for girls who likes this kind of style is just perfect and very very modern!! 😉 

  24. Nykisha says

    The Cleo dress! I want it for my fancy birthday dinner at the Palm, a big splurge for my hubby and I who were born 4 days apart! I already have the perfect booties, sexy tights, and gleaming jewelry…

  25. says

    I love the Champs Elysees Dress in Black. You can never go wrong with a black dress, and the adornment on the side turns a simple black dress into something very fancy. Love it!

  26. faith says

    I love the Catalonia dress also! It has perfect fall colors! Loving the deep plum shades! Plus it would flatter almost any figure! Love love love!

  27. Shereka G. says

    My favorite item has to be the Martina Dress in Marine Teal hands down!!! It’s so chic for a casual or cocktail party, even a third date when you really want to blow your date away with your confidence and beauty.

  28. Cherry Davis says

    I love the Harlow Pants and Jacket (I would so rock this for an interview) with the Viviane Black Lace Blouse for a sexy professional look.

  29. Gabriella says

    Oh my GOODNESS! The evening dresses are to die for! I could seriously look at them all day! But one of favorites has to be the Tropical Beauty Maxi dress- Just Gorgeous!!!

  30. Melissa Shannon says

    I absolutely love Igigi… Who doesn’t! My favourite dress from the Fall collection is the Catalonia dress in Purple. I love the print at the bottom, its so fresh and flirty.

  31. says

    I absolutely love all the clothes. I can imagine myself wearing all the beautiful dresses and pantsets and blouses and skirts. My favorite item would have to be the Cleo dress.

  32. Lisa M. Jones says

    wow…..the Santorini Sunset Tunic is a breezy sexy smooth relaxed chic look…i just love it and want to walk along a beach with it flowing in the wind…but my 2nd choice would be the Pencil Skirt in City Denim because it’s seriously perfect for a nice clean line which is a must wear in NYC.

  33. Carlee says

    I love the Greta Dress. It is stunningly elegant and has a vintage look that I adore. I really like the use of the old Hollywood star names for the line. It makes the clothes whimsical and romantic.

  34. Maria C says

    Love love love that Bacall top! the color purple is divine and it emphasizes the cleavage Just Right!!!


  35. Jenna says

    So many favs to chose from.

    The Cleo dress is beautiful

    but I am also loving the vintage polka dot dress and the Tyra dress

  36. says

    The Belladona gown is marvellous, elegant precieuse.

    Love it and it reminds me so much of Monica Bellucci. True italian elegance from the model and the design, well done !

  37. TaNashea McLeod says

    While I tend to love everything they have, my favorite fall look would have to be the Rainy Day Trench! There are so many different looks that can be created with this one piece, I love it!!!

  38. Lesley Burrows says

    The dress I would have to choose is , the Love Spell Gown. It is absolutely stunning.
    Now that is a dress I would love to see up close and person, coming down a runway. I’m
    taking a cruise next summer, this gown will be in my suitcase, for sure, when I take that
    trip. So happy I was introduced to igigi!

  39. says

    I first seen Igigi this past weekend at the fuller woman expo and fell in love! My favorite fall piece is the Rainy Day Trench Coat! A trench coat is a staple piece for fall, i love the flirty details. I would love to rock this trench coat this fall. I also love the Cultural maxi dress Kim Coles wore at the expo. I would love to win the $150 gift card

  40. says

    I absolutely *adore* Igigi . . . in terms of the newest items, I love the Bacall top (it is both my favorite color AND has a flattering neckline), but my real *wishlist* item is the Rainy Day Trench in Navy. FIERCE!

  41. Lakiah E. says

    I absolutely LOVE the Belladona gown. It brings a sense of elegance to anybody who wears it. i would love to rock this to immediately turn heads!!!!!

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