New Plus Size Television Show Follows Four “Curvy Girls” In The Modeling World

NuVo TV announced the premier of the newest plus size show to hit prime time television called “Curvy Girls”. The show which follows four plus size models, at different stages of their careers, is set to show the competitive and challenging side of the plus size modeling industry. Featured on the show are some familiar faces; like Denise Bidot and Rosie Mercado.

Rosie Mercado is the former Face of Full Figured Fashion Week, makeup artist and plus size model. She came onto the scene just a few years ago and has gained much admiration for representing a demographic largely dismissed by the plus size modeling and fashion industry. Rosie modeled for  PLUS Model Magazine in a stunning 18+ editorial in July 2010 among other amazing accomplishments.

To see the rest of Rosie’s editorial click HERE

Denise Bidot took the plus size modeling industry by storm when she walked away from her career as a makeup artist to model full time. Denise is one of the most recognizable faces in the plus size modeling industry and was voted as having the most popular cover of 2010 for PLUS Model Magazine.

To see Denise’s editorial click HERE

Victoria Castillo is a veteran plus size model out of Los Angeles who first graced the cover of PLUS Model Magazine’s February 2008 Issue where she bared it all.

To see Victoria’s hot editorial click HERE

Lorna Litz is most well known for her appearance on Model Latina. As a new comer to the plus size industry, it will be interesting to watch her career unfold.

Check your local listings for show times!


  1. solomon says

    I can’t wait to see this show, i know as admirer of Adele. I think women of all sizes can be sexy.

  2. Tracee Giannette says

    Just watched the show, Curvy Girls..and I LOVE it!! Finally a show about models who are NOT a size 4!!! I think it’s great for up and coming models to know that you can get into the big league modeling world with your curves and make it!!! As a plus size woman, I know it makes a difference to me when looking for clothes in catalogs or at a store , to see what they look like on women with curves. It helps me picture it on myself better than seeing a size 4 model wearing it. Great job!! And, thank you!!

  3. lucy quinones says

    i love this i wish i could be a plus size model ,,,,,,,,,,,,i will be so happy to show them i could be a model all i need is a chance 1 audition ……… 1 day i will pose till my feet cant anymore ,i have energy ,,,,,,, i have plenty of energy , love to pose ,love makeup, love to dress up ,,,

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