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Ooh Rah!!!! – No Excuses! The Harvey Walden Interview

By Artemis

Harvey Walden spent most of his life turning men into marines and officers; preparing them for any situation they may find on the battlefield. Today, he pushes ordinary people to their limits in an effort to help them reach their weight loss and health goals. You may recognize him from Celebrity Fit Club and as Toccara’s advisor on The Ultimate Merger.

Artemis:  People generally determine how healthy someone is by what they look like. How do you define a healthy lifestyle?

Harvey: We do kind of have to look at being at a healthy weight, but not necessarily factoring in what you look like. It’s all about eating healthy, exercising regularly, and being at a healthy weight. Not becoming stick thin to get ready for the Emmys! Eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis and incorporate a healthy lifestyle.

Artemis: Most people “want” to be more active, but become engrossed with busy careers, children and significant others. How do you suggest someone approaches integrating a workout regimen at home?

Harvey: Nowadays, people just don’t exercise enough! We are so over tasked, overworked and just so into our thing that exercise is what we always seem to neglect. We can’t seem to find 30 minutes to an hour.  However, it’s actually quite easy to get it in! Just make small changes throughout your daily routine; you’d be surprised what kind of exercise you can factor in. With life being so short as it is, we have to make that a priority. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it! We have to make exercise and eating healthy a priority.

Artemis: That’s so true.  I have been making small changes and seeing and feeling the difference. I love how exercise feels. I will get myself into a great routine and then something in my schedule will throw it off and I, like many people, will fall off the bandwagon. Then your body starts to feel it and all of a sudden you say “Ok. This is not good. I have got to get it together again”. I guess it’s all about creating a routine that you enjoy and is easy to follow.

Harvey: It’s really as simple as just getting up in the morning and maybe going out for a half hour power walk or doing some calisthenics at home if you can’t get to a gym.

I wrote my last book for this specific reason. People had so many excuses about why they couldn’t work out and couldn’t get to the gym.  And some couldn’t afford a gym. Well, the book has exercises that you can do at home. It’s a cardio workout that implements marching or jogging in place, or jumping rope between other exercises. And you can do this while you are watching an hour long soap opera.

For the moms who may be at home, at some point the kids are off at school or you have put them down for a nap. That’s your time to get some of your workout in. Or you can have the kids play with their toys or join in with you. And for the guys who can’t afford the gym, there is a more rigorous workout in the book for them, too. That’s why I call the book No Excuses. It’s easy to make excuses that you can’t do it, but there are a whole lot more excuses and reasons that you can live, and they are why you need to do it.

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