Huffington Post – Plus Size Magazine ‘Reveals’ Low Weight Among Models

Huffington Post – Plus Size Magazine ‘Reveals’ Low Weight Among Models by Margaret Wheeler Johnson

Flying around the internet over the last 24 hours is a story in PLUS Model Magazine that various news outlets have called “shocking,” “controversial,” “scary” and “provocative.”

Why are they so stunned? According to the coverage, it’s not the fact that the article includes a photo spread of the Russian plus size model Katya Zharkova posing nude or that in some of the photos she is shown embracing an emaciated-looking woman, also nude. (After all, ItalianVogue‘s June 2011 issue already went there, minus the thin woman.)

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    I’m an artist whose passion is painting big, strong, curvy women who seem to say “I am very pleased to me”. My female figures are unselfconscious and confident, caught in the moments of an average woman’s life – admiring a new necklace in the mirror or reading at the beach. I loved Katya’s playful pose with her ponytail hanging down. She’s my kind of girl! Your article made me smile because the photographed art models I use for my painted women are often too thin for my artistic taste. I absolutely love inventing a curvy, voluptuous shape for them, adding a pinch of attitude, and a story that many women feel could be their own.

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