Plus Model Katya Zharkova Wears Nothing But Luxe Jewelry in Plus Bodies, What is Wrong With Them Anyway?

In this installment of Get The Look – Luxe Jewelry,  Plus model Katya Zharkova (the famed model featured in “Plus Size Bodies, What’s Wrong with them Anyway?“) dons nothing but gorgeous baubles, bangles and beads, as styled by Jacci Jaye (

As seen in Plus Model Magazine

Jacci selected beautiful luxe accessories by Atelier Minyon and Patty Tobin as well as shoes by Louboutin and FENDI. Love what you saw in the editorial? Get an upclose and personal look at the gorgeous collections. Learn more about Jacci Jaye in the February issue of PLUS Model Magazine (available February 1st, 2012).

Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon Blue Topaz Pascha Ring

Atelier Minyon Diamond Pascha Ring

Atelier Minyon Emerald Pascha Ring


Atelier Minyon

Atelier Minyon Ruby Pascha Ring

Patty Tobin

Patty TobinAbelone Necklace

Patty TobinPeridot Cab Torsade

Multicolor Tiger Eye Pendant Necklace

Tortoise Torsade



  1. Marie says

    How about interviewing some of the Plus Size Bellydancers? Except for actual models, and of course movie and tv stars, Bellydancers are probably the most-often purposefully-photographed plus-size ladies. They do the whole makeup and wardrobe thing, just like models do for photo shoots, but they also are dance performance artists. Check out Awalim’s Majda Anwar, or Onca of Mezmer Society, just to name a couple of these well-known, charismatic, colorful, beautiful, plus size gals. Also, locally-famous groups such as Perry Bellydance/Grits Raq/Steve, and other troupes across the nation and the world have taken some AMAZING photos. Some of their beautiful costume combinations draw from the cutting edge of style, while other costumes are a nod to historic and ethnic traditions.

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