Did Karl Lagerfeld Really Say Adele Is “A Little Too Fat?” – Plus Size Fashion

She has “a beautiful face and a divine voice”, but, wait for it, she’s “a little too fat.” That’s what Karl Lagerfeld had to say about Adele and the comments are sure to upset her legion of fans. It never ceases to amaze me that calling someone fat is acceptable even when prefaced with “a little” in a vain attempt to soften the blow of an unkind comment. While the Diet Coke loving, head of Chanel,  fashion designer prefers the physique of singer Lana Del Rey, why the need to make Adele’s weight an issue? Adele has long been open about her fluctuating weight and has been quoted as saying, “I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.” It would be a safe bet that Adele and Karl Lagerfeld won’t be sharing a Diet Coke anytime soon.

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  1. says

    This man irritates me. He needs to stay in his lane; fashion. Adele has been very vocal about appreciating her curves and is at peace with her body. Why does this nitwit feel the need to share his two cents about her figure? He’s so insignificant; however, his words are hurtful and will undoubtedly send young women fighting body issue battles daily, the wrong message.

    I wish he would just go sit down somewhere and eat a cheeseburger. He could use a little meat on his raggedy, bare bones, if you ask me.


    How about Karl is a little too ugly?? How would he like that?? Issues with weight you can always fix, but being ugly inside AND out, and being conceited and smug is impossible to fix…

  3. Piper says

    First of all, he’s gay, and gay men don’t like fat women. They like women that look like them: pre-adolescent boys. This is not the first time he’s slammed plus-size women, so why are we surprised? Karl could expand his pockets, but he’d rather be a snob and just appeal to an elite. Even though the majority of women are size 14 and larger, he doesn’t care. I say, don’t buy his stuff, not that it will make a difference. He’s come this far without us, so why are people getting upset? He’s pushing 80 years old. He said that Heidi Klum was too big to be a model, so you know what kind of a fruitcake we are dealing with here. I say, he’s a cartoon character and the poster child of the anti-fat movement,.

  4. AL says

    WAIT! Let me get this straight. This OLD ASS LIVING FOSSIL is insulting someone? Karl looks OVER 100! He should’ve retired 60 years ago. He should be worried about staying in the sun too long. He might turn into dust.

  5. Jackie Abasolo says

    Where can we go flame this guy with negative comments he justly deserves? Really what a crap bag! I swear people like this are out to target people that might be on the spotlight but are -not- a size 6, like there’s some sort of norm EVERYONE needs to fit into. Don’t let an idiot like this shot you down Adele! You’re a total babe and a role model for really accepting yourself as you are while in the spotlight– not something we see very often anymore. You go girl!

  6. says

    I honestly don’t know why anyone cares what this guy has to say about her? Please stop giving him press every time he opens his mouth. What he says, what he does, matters NOT to me or anyone else I know.

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