Plus Size Models- Up Close and Personal (Images)

We love celebrating the plus size modeling industry and this week we decided to put together some of the most beautiful close up photo’s taken by plus size models.

If you would like to see more next week, let us know!

Robyn Lawley

Nicole Lebris

Tara Lynn


Stacey Hiett

Julie Henderson

Fluvia Lacerda


Sarah Flack


Ashley Graham



  1. says

    LOVE THIS, so much emphasis usually falls on a plus size model’s body, I think so many people forget that these women have this career because they are just stunning to look at :)

  2. Piper says

    These models are gorgeous, but I noticed that both of the black models were light-skinned. I hope that PMM realizes that there’s beauty in various shades. FYI: I’m not dark-skinned.

  3. Lakiah says

    All of these pictures are beautiful!!! I would love to see more pictures next week. But I also agree with Piper, I would like to see more variation in the skin tones of the black models.

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