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Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 5/01/2008

This Month’s Question…

What is the best way to put together a portfolio? What type of pictures should it contain?

Larissa Answers…

The best portfolios are not about quantity, but quality of photos. Your book should at least have the basics which include the following:

1)    A headshot/beauty shot.
2)    A full body shot

Showing your versatility or different looks is important. Take a look at some plus size magazines, catalogs, store brochures, etc. to see what kind of look is being achieved. The following are looks that most women in my agency have in their books.

1)    Beauty shot to show beauty of skin and features. Another with more intense makeup to show a more fashion look
2)    Shots that show hair curly, straight, or with different hair styles, weaves, etc
3)    Casual look with jeans
4)    Business casual look (this is a look that is not jeans nor business suit)
5)    Professional look as in business suit
6)    Formal wear
7)    Urban look and/or lifestyle looks
8)    Swimsuit and/or lingerie
9)    Tear sheets from past jobs

Of course you don’t want to have your book filled with all these photos from just one photographer. This is a huge investment and it takes time to make your book, so be patient and particular.

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  1. stephanie wood says

    I would rely like to be a plus size model and I can not fine swimsutes in my size

  2. Tammy Saxon says

    What if I have never had a past photo shoot? I am sure this is my calling but I am 42 years old and need some adivse to get into the field. Everyone has always told me to model. Now I am able to.

  3. says

    Hi Tammy,

    I don’t think not having a past photo shoot should derail you from building a portfolio. You have to start somewhere. You can start by finding a photographer in your area that can shoot some photos for you. Just as it’s noted in this article, your portfolio should have a headshot and full body shot as well as some versatile shots of you in different outfits and settings.

    Our modeling section has lots of information on how to get into the modeling field.

    Thanks and good luck!

  4. Paula Harper says

    Good afternoon,

    After i get my portfolio together then what do i need to do? maybe i missed it but not sure.
    All my friends are always telling me how the camera loves me and i love it back. So maybe this is a calling.

    thank you

  5. Misty says

    I’m a stay at home mom but I’ve always wanted to model. Once I have a portfolio made, who should I contact? Also, does one pay out of pocket to be a model?

    Thank you,

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