Ford Models Agency – First Plus Size Open Call In Over A Decade

Famous for launching the successful careers of Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, and now Kaela Humphries (to name a few), Ford+ is holding its first open call in over a decade. The plus division has teamed up with blogger Beniamino Marini to aid in the search that will be held on May 5, 2012.

Aspiring models, click here to read the criteria for consideration. Please bring at least one non-professional head shot and one full-length body shot (they will not be returned to you).

– Aspiring models must be between 5’8 – 6? tall
– Size 10 to size 16
– Between 16 to 25 years old

The search will be held at Tribeca Skyline Studios, 205 Hudson Street, at Canal Street, in the penthouse, on Saturday, May 5, 2012 from 10am-2pm. Promptness is a must. The line will close at 1:30pm, and no one will be seen after 2pm for the general search. If chosen for a call back, you will be given a pass which allows you to returm for the call back between 3pm and 4pm that day.



  1. says

    Thats great news!! Not so much for me… 5’7 1/2 and 30yrs of age :( I got pretty excited there for a second. Good luck to all the ladies going for it! Now to find someone thats a little less picky about hight and age…I will find you ;D

  2. Siouxsin says

    Why is 10-16 still considered plus, when it is the average for the U.S.? I’m assuming you Do not mean PLUS sized 10-16, because most Plus sizes start at 14W (on some rare occasions 12W).

  3. Aeryn Lynne says

    Um… at least they’re trying? *shrugs* Am attempting to look at the positive side, but if they’re trying to convince that someone wearing a 10 is a plus sized curvy person, they’re still out of their minds. I’m happy that they’re looking for *average* sized people for a shoot tho. Maybe they’re thinking a “10” is a plus-sized person’s idea of a “0”, lol.

  4. Claudiamichelle says

    I got excited for a minute too…but i live on the west coast now and would love to be apart of this….but all your company has on the west coast is the young and skinny calls….me 5’11 curvy and fit…looking

  5. Pamela Truitt says

    Hello Mrs. Jones, I am sad that I don’t qualify for your contest, Iam 5’2 and 47 years old. I have modeled in my younger days but I can walk the catwalk. I attended the late Mrs. Ruth Harpers Modeling Agency years ago and didn’t bad we had big shows where I modeled in front of a thousand people.It would be nice if one of these magazines could support our shorter plus size models and it have a strong impact on a person’s life. So many of our young middle age females that are too short for major modeling can still do that walk and are pretty. maybe I can sell my idea to one of these major magazines and might consider putting out a small mag for us short models and help them with self-esteem and fulfilling their lifetime goals. I hope you think about or pass it on to a magazine. Thank you for reading my comment and good luck with your search. God Bless Love Pam

  6. athena says

    Ford is ridiculous. 35-28-38 is not a plus size and ford should be ashamed that they push this crap. size 10 is not and is never going to be plus size.

  7. wasstraw says

    I am sorry but if you are nor at LEAST a size 20, you are NOT plus-zised, especially at that height range! I would not qualify anyway, since I am 42, but I was a size 18/20 in my 20’s, and nobody believed how much I weighed.

  8. Kim C says

    I’m 51 and 5’4″. Wishing I would qualify for this call. Perhaps at some point you would consider a more mature woman with life experience and more average in height.

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