Natalia Vodianova Quoted “It’s Better To Be Skinny, Than Fat”

Today I posted a blog about models being coat hangers and included a picture of a straight size model and a plus size model. The response has been so positive and amazing – most people feel that all women should be represented in the fashion and modeling world and we should have both skinny and plus size models.

Models Are Hangers, Where Is The Hanger Appeal?

No sooner than I had hit “published” I received an email about what Russian model Natalia Vodianova had to say at the British Vogue Festival over the weekend. Natalie is quoted as saying “Come on, guys, it’s better to be skinny than to be fat! We eat well, we exercise — please, do the same and you will look like this.” So basically women that are not wearing single digits don’t exercise and should want to be skinny. Natalia goes on to say “I respect my body — my body is my temple. If I eat like a pig, I feel like a pig.” So not only are we fat but we are pigs.”

If you are shocked, don’t be. Natalia is only saying what the rest of the fashion world is thinking. If you ever wondered why we are invisible in main stream fashion and need to celebrate our own magazines, fashion week and designers – this is it right here!

Plus Size Bodies, What Is Wrong With Them Anyway?

I weep for our future if this type of thinking does not change. All body types should be respected, just like religion. Health is like religion, personal! Who are we to judge anyone based on what we see?  What I find even more disturbing is that this is coming from the mouth of someone with a child.

Statements like these promote teen bullying, eating disorders and body image issues. As mother’s in this world we should be promoting healthy habit’s along with tolerance for people of different races, religion and that look different than our inner circle. I hope for Natalia’s child’s sake she comes out with her mother’s genes, I would hate to think what lengths she would go to if her child was “fat”.


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  1. Aimee Jongejan says

    Wow! While NATALIA VODIANOVA’s opinion is certainly ill-spoken and uneducated I’m shocked at the amount of anger I read in this article. We, as plus sized women, are better than that. I didn’t read that she called us pigs, only that when she eats poorly she feels poorly. I think we can all agree with that. While her statement “Come on, guys, it’s better to be skinny than to be fat! We eat well, we exercise — please, do the same and you will look like this.” is incorrect that is the opinion of a young misguided girl whose identity has been shaped by an industry that is based solely on how she looks. She is told the skinner she is the higher paid she will be so naturally she thinks everyone wants to be rail thin. What I don’t understand is why we continue to take umbrage when we KNOW they’re wrong?? What is the point of having a positive influence in the fashion industry when we resort to taking offense every time our opinion is not shared? The simple fact is that we CHOOSE to be offended by small-minded remarks. WE know we are beautiful. WE know we are making progress. WE know that beauty comes not only in all forms but also comes from within. Beauty is VERB! Its not how you look in pictures but in the acts of kindness and love we do every day. Beauty is in the love we share, in the way we express our creativity, in the movement of our body and our mind. Unfortunately vanity comes in all shapes as well. The opinion that the skinnier you are the healthier you will be is only a reflection of the sad state the world is in but we don’t need to be angry when the opinion that we already know exists is reiterated. Let’s be bigger than that. Let’s choose to show how healthy and vibrant and beautiful women of all sizes are.

  2. docreg says

    The brain is about 60% fat. Explains why her skinny behind isn’t very smart! No offense to the naturally skinny, my comments are directed at a single individual, and she lacks intelligence and wisdom. I’ll just stick with my fat, smart behind. And yes, I have a PhD.

  3. Jaime Hunter says

    Personally, if this woman thinks that skinny people are prettier than full-figured people, that’s her opinion. But she didn’t have to be insulting about it.

  4. says

    Something I read on twitter yesterday that I think fits here… If Natalia Vodianova ate makeup (both low in fat and calorie I’ve heard), maybe one day she’ll look just as beautiful on the inside too.

  5. Stephanie Towery says

    Lol! It is so funny to me how idiots think that all people that are over weight eat allot! I eat like a bird and eat pretty healthy. I am between a size 16/17. I am 5’6 and weigh around 220 or so. I used to be a size 3! Ive never changed my eating habits. I just started gaining weight and never stopped until i hit this weight. My Dr. actually told me that i dont eat enough and I should be eating at least six times a day small portions…instead of my once or twice a day small portions. They have done test after test and have no clue why I have this problem. All I am saying is all you skinny chicks who think your better than someone over weight and make fun of us and call us pigs, this could happen to you too! You are not excluded! I was always very thin and active. It happened to me! The worst part about it is I never made fun of over weight women…I think they are all beautiful. So when I get called fat, or someone tries to say she looks better than me because of my weight, It pisses me off! I just wish people would learn to have respect for others and dont judge someone because of the way we look! YOU NEVER KNOW why that person is the way they are….

  6. Skinny says

    She’s right. Human beings over the course of 3 million years of evolution, have been hunter and gatherers and have done primarily a lot of physical exercise for very few calories. Skinny, is natural. Today’s fat, is not.

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