Swatch Watch Giveaway – Plus Size Accessories

A breathtaking collection of ten Lady Originals watches is now ready to be unleashed by Swatch. Created in a selection of ultra-confident shades – sure to suit any mood and put a smile on anyone’s face! – and featuring distinctive double-length tour straps, these designs brilliantly embody the feisty and fashion-forward spirit of this iconic Swiss watch and jewellery maker Swatch.
The Lady Collection for 2012 offers an unapologetic contrast to the stylish pastel hues used in last year’s collection. Colours this time around reveal an emphasis on eye-popping brights – as well as several classic, darker shades – and include green, pink, yellow, blue, orange, red, mint, purple, dark blue and black.

Sleek solid plastic and silicone have been used throughout each of the ten new watches, ensuring the surfaces of the 25mm cases and straps not only feel super-smooth and elegant but also look ultra-stylish. The strap on every watch in the collection is double length, which means it can be elegantly wrapped twice around the wrist to create a truly striking style statement.

Enter to Win

Tell us which color from the new Lady Collection you love in the comments section below of this post and on the Swatch Watch Facebook page to be entered to win the Mint Leave Swatch Watch pictured to the left!

Enter to Win A Plus Size Swimsuit by Always For Me

Randomly selected winner to be announced in the June issue of PLUS Model Magazine! Check back daily for new chances to enter to win!




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  1. Beverly says

    I think the pink but I love the greens too. It would be a tough decision.

  2. Amanda Berrios says

    I would say black….but I love the hot pink! I wish I could have them all!! lol

  3. Kai Thomas says

    Omg….I can not really decide ..All of the watches look lovely but the Two i adore the most is aqua blue and the rose pink

  4. Gina Harris says

    I think I love the yellow, bright and vibrant sure to be notice on hot summer days!!!

  5. JESSICA says



  6. Heather Strait says

    I love the pink berry and the mint green…i remember as a kid i wore a lot of swatch watches…i love them…thinking as an adult i need to start wearing them again…love love love them…

  7. Kelly Denise says

    Soooooo loving the Blueberry Girl!!! Think that the Lady Papaya is cute too!!! Both would totally match my celestial fetish.

  8. Wendy says

    I love the Sweet Purple, but really like Cyan too, but the black is Classic. I would love to have one of each! :)

  9. Sabrina says

    Loving the lime green! Reminds me of the Swatch I had in Junior High. Lasted for ages. I also had a hot pink Swatch guard over it…Good times!

  10. Novita Bunga Brillianty says

    cool this simple watch is my style :0 i love the Lady Black one! :)

  11. Brandi says

    Maybe I’m dumb but how do we leave a comment on the Swatch Facebook page, I don’t see a space to write on their wall?

  12. Rachel Tucker says

    This is a tough decision because I LOVE bright colors…but, I will go with the yellow!

  13. says

    My favorite color is the BLACK SWATCH. I wear a lot of black and my accessories are black. It would go perfect with everything. I love SWATCHES watches, I had one back in the day but I lost the back cover for the battery.???

  14. Amy A says

    Seriously, I’m supposed to pick just one!? Hmmm, well if I must I guess it would be between the pink and the dark green one. I remember SWATCH watches back in my junior high days. Loved them then and love them now!

  15. shelly goulart says

    I love them all; but, I think I’d have to choose the orange SWATCH!!

  16. Alisson H. says

    I like Pink Berry! Though, I could use one of each, that way I would always have one to wear!

  17. Mara Zamora says

    i LOVE lady cyan <3 Blue is always stunning and it looks great on everyone .

  18. Tanja says

    The yellow one fits perfectly to sunshine, sand beach and my colourfully printed summer dress!

  19. Toni W. says

    I coulD totallY RocK all of thEm! but The TeaL colored in is my Fav. for Summer!

  20. Fleurma Murat says

    I Love the Bittter Cranberry, Lady Papaya and Lady Abricot..I couldn’t just name one lol 😉

  21. Virginia beaver says

    I would love a purple watch its my favorite color and i would wear it!!

  22. Sue says

    I love both the Lilac and the fuchsia colours there bold, dynamic and totally lovely.

  23. Sheila K. says

    I would love to have this watch in black so that I can wear it with anything!

  24. Jennifer says

    I LOVE the turquoise, the teal & purple – I’d wear them at the same time with one for PST, one for EST & one for an exotic place like Greece-time (GST? lol) My favorite combination of colors. Plus Swatch is the best watch made. I still have one I bought in the early 80’s – you cannot kill those things. Forget Timex “takes a licking & keeps on ticking” – Swatch: “Strong, Sexy, Sassy & Sweet” – the colors are amazing the styles versatile and the fact that you can go from scuba diving to surfing to sexy night out with ONE watch -is the best endorsement ever! –

  25. says

    My absolute FAVE color will always be purple – I LOVE it because it is the color of luxury and sophistication, it is the ABSOLUTE DIVA color!

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