Enter to Win – Becca Etc. Plus Size Swimsuit

PLUS Model Magazine is pleased to announce an exclusive June giveaway with BECCA ETC. by Rebecca Virtue plus size swimwear! This line ranges from sexy to sweet, one peice, swimdresses, plus size bikinis and tankinis, as well as cover-ups that are sure to turn heads.

PLUS Model Magazine’s Editor in Chief Madeline Jones and I received a sneak peek of the line with designer Rebecca Virtue. We knew this line was just what the PLUS Model Magazine readers were looking for; color, pattern, sexy, sleek, and two piece binikis. We gathered some of our favorite bloggers and BECCA ETC. was an instant hit!

Making a Sexy Splash – Plus Size Swimwear by BECCA ETC – Interview

BECCA ETC and PLUS Model Magazine VIP Blogger Conference

Enter to Win

Which look do you like? Check out the entire collection at Everything But Water  or at the Becca Etc. website and pick a look that you love!  Comment on the BECCA ETC Facebook page and in the comments section on this blog post and you are entered to win!

It’s simple! Pick a look you love, comment on the BECCA ETC Facebook page  and on this post, and you are entered to win!

The Giveaway

Win one of two complete looks by BECCA ETC. Choose either the coral two piece Color Scheme plus size swimsuit or the Blossom one piece. Both winners to receive a Chiffon Tunic too! Winner to be announced with PLUS Model Magazine in July 2012.

*Giveaway items are a choice of one of the two swimsuits that are mentioned above and the tunic only.

BECCA ETC.’s full collection is available on line at Everything But Water and in select stores


COLOR SCHEME Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle by BECCA ETC


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  1. Nicole says

    I adore the Blossoms one-piece! Ahhh… that’s what I think when I look at it! I’m sooo happy that more fabulous swimwear is coming out in plus sizes – yay!!

  2. mercedes mckinney says

    I enter to win the BLOSSOMS Chiffon Tunic super cute and the bathing suit one piece either or will work :)

  3. Sha says

    Becca Etc by Rebecca Virtue: Diamond in the Rough :: Black
    One Piece Halter Swim dress

  4. Annamarya Scaccia says

    For the Giveaway, I am in love with the COLOR SCHEME Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle by BECCA ETC. So beachy and sexy.

  5. says

    i absolutley LOVE the Becca Etc by Rebecca Virtue: Color Scheme
    Convertible Strap Top

    Its so beautiful, and Just by wearing that i know i will feel beautiful with my self even more.

  6. Valeria Campos says

    I LOVE the Blossoms reversible tankini, shirred skirted bottom and the chiffon tunic..they are to die for!! SO pretty! And of course the the Blossoms one piece!! I’m just in love with the Blossoms collection! ? I hope I win! I have never seen such beautiful plus size swim wear!

  7. VANESSA says

    I LOVE THE BLOSSOM CHIFFON TUNIC!!!!!!!! i want it!!!!!!! <3 it and this blog is the best blog EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ashley Montgomery says

    I absolutely LOVE ITM# 3521027 Diamond in the Rough Black Shirred One Piece … so gorgeous!

  9. Yoli_Gal says

    My god I’ve fallen for that COLOR SCHEME Cross Back and the Chiffon Tunic! To die for!!

  10. Britney Thompson says

    I love the Blossoms Coral Reversible Tankini & the Reversible V-Front Hipster! I think this look is absolutely lovely!

  11. LaDonna P. says

    Love them all but absolutely need to hv two so I can mix and match. Guess Ill have to win one and buy the other! :)

  12. Alexandrea Ward says

    I love the Blossoms one piece and the Diamond in the Rough halter one piece.

  13. Kathy Conley says

    Love the Color Scheme suit with the tankini top and shirred skirted hipster bottom – too cute!

  14. says

    I love the Tankini Blossoms swimsuit! The top especially is flattering! Giving self esteem to people like me-gotta love Plus Model Magazine

  15. Jen Stearns says

    The coral two piece is beautiful!! I think the cross back style would give me lots of support. I would love to be rocking that at the pool this summer.

  16. tajsha phillips says

    I love the two piece Color Scheme Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle and the Blossoms chiffon tunic!! They would definitely make a wonderfully beautiful pair!

  17. Erin says

    The Blossoms Tankini top is so cute! But I also love the Wound Up tankini top!! How does one choose between so many cute things?

  18. Christina Dittmer says

    I love the Blossom Coral Shirred Sides one piece, love the bright fun colors and the over look. That shape would be flattering on almost any body style.

  19. Rebekah Defoor says

    The whole collection is AMAZING! But I am truly in love with the blossom reversible tankini and the tunic to go with it!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this line!!!

  20. Vesta Mason says

    I like the Diamond In The Rough swimsuit from the 2012 collection on the Becca ETC website.

  21. Rhonda says

    I absolutely adore the Blossoms reversible tankini. The entite Blosdoms set is lovely, actually.

  22. Paula Pile says

    I love the one piece Blossoms bathing suit! I particularly like that it is feminine and flattering!

  23. Marissa Brooks says

    I’m the type that doesn’t like bathing suits but I gotta say I love the blossoms one piece, its gorgeous :-)

  24. Adrienne says

    the black Diamond in the RoughOne Piece Halter Swimdress is to die for- but the black 2 piece bikini makes me swoon too. The whole lot are amazing!

  25. Christy Snyder says

    I love the Blossom Tankini and wouldn’t it look good with a pair of Gauze Beach Paints by Becca etc. What a great look this would on my skin tone.

  26. Brandi Smithwick says

    For the giveaway: I love the color scheme Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle by Becca ETC in the coral I think coral looks great on my skin and the swimsuit is just lovely!

  27. Hawa Keelson says

    You know what they are all beautiful but the one I will rock it this summer should be the COLOR SCHEME Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle ohhh yea!! that is my summer wear for the beach hot!!!

  28. jessica says

    Sorella Swim: Sorella Solids One Piece Halter is my fav. would make a great BIRTHDAY win

  29. Leslie Brown says

    First of all the swimwear collection is beautiful. My favorite is the entire Diamond in the Rough Collection and then the Wound Up Collection. I love the tankini and swimdress. I have lost some weight over the years for health reasons and still maintain some thickness. I love my thickness. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in many years and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of these beauties.

  30. says

    i have got to have the coral two piece Color Scheme plus size swimsuit! LOVE the color and style! the medalion buckles make it so poolside ready! Thanks for info ill be sharing it on fat2flaca.tumblr.com!

  31. says

    i have not bought a suit in 5 years, these are so pretty i might just make this my summer birthday gift!!!

  32. TaVonya says

    I thinkk each one of these swimsuits are gorgeous but I really love the 2 piece! It has seriously captured me because it seems perfect !

  33. Alfreda Ellington says

    The Becca etc. Virtue Blossoms Tankini and Hipster bottoms are a doll. I would love to lay on the beach in this this summer.

  34. Andrea Jessen says

    I love the pink wound up sets and the blossoms. The tunics are sexy, not just coverups

  35. Amy Flippin says

    I LOVE the blue bandeau that the model is wearing on the Facebook main image. The matching headscarf is a brilliant way to stay pretty with after-pool hair.

  36. Laura Kersey says

    Love the halter tankini Blossoms with matching skirted bottom and tunic! Love the colors and patterns!

  37. Carmen Lebron says

    I love the Blossoms one peice…Havent gone to the beach in nearly 7 years,but wearing one of these I will surely go..Beautiful

  38. DivaJuggalette says

    I love the BLOSSOMS one piece. I think the swimdress adds a lot of flirty fun!

  39. jodi adams says

    absolutely love the Becca Etc by Rebecca Virtue: Blossoms tunic! I need this for the summer!

  40. betty says

    I love the 2012 BECCA Collection! I did not think I would want to try on or ever buy a swimsuit. These are beautiful in style and design. My favorite swimwear was the Animal Instincts in Aqua or Black. It has stretch foam and reinforced sides with a power mesh tummy control. Well, as I’m working on a wish list – I might as add the Animal Instincts Aqua or Black Asymmetrical Coveru. Thank you for designing wearable swimsuits for Plus Size Women!

  41. Dana Esker says

    The look I love the most is the Blossoms Coral reversible tankini with the shirred skirted bottom. And the Chiffon tunic is absolutely precious!

  42. beth braddy says

    I really love the Diamond In The Rough collection! esp the halter one piece and the cover up!! so cute and flattering!

  43. Kieanna McCloud says

    Love the two-piece Color Scheme!!! “Sexy in Coral” is always a great look :) The Chiffon Tunic is to die for! Becca ETC knows style!

  44. jamie hoover says

    I am so in love with the BLOSSOMS Chiffon Tunic by BECCA ETC, it is so difficult to find sexy yet flattering swim wear and I feel that this would definatley help boost my confidence!!!

  45. Katrina says

    I LOVE the blossoms one piece and the blossoms tank dress. I’ve been crushin on them since I first saw it over a month ago. I just can’t stop staring at the color and pattern!

  46. Tikia says

    I love the Becca Etc by Rebecca Virtue: Blossoms, it has all the beautiful timeless colors in it. I also love the cut of the bottoms.

  47. Zadry G Ferrer-Geddes says

    I am in love with the CORAL CROSS BACK HALTER & DRAPE HIPSTER WITH MEDALLION BUCKLE. The coral is a perfect summer color and the details (draping & medallion) are just fabulous! And this year I’ll be proudly ROCKING my fatkini on the beaches of Miami :)

  48. maria sciortino says

    I fell in love with these swimsuits! they’re absolutely gorgeous , the one piece has to be my favorite because i love the style & the way it fits & enhances your curves. The pattern is flawless … it’s perfect .

  49. Cher Davis says

    The Color Scheme suit is awesome with the tankini top and shirred skirt – love that there’s a choice for the full fit bottom too for those of us with a generous derriere! That with gladiator sandals would be perfect!

  50. patricia p says

    I LOVE the Blossoms Cross Back Halter and Shirred Skirted Bottom. it’s very flirty and playful great for a pool party of a day at t he beach.

  51. Jaimie Donelan says

    Love, love, LOVE the diamond in the rough one piece! The color is beautiful, and it is just so different from other suites I have seen

  52. Talesha says

    I absolutely love the Blossoms Halter Tankini Top with the Hipster bottoms. I love prints and this one is so vibrant. This is a definite must have swim suit for the summer!

  53. Sara says

    By The One Piece Halter Swimdress in Aqua- my fav, the other name is Diamond In The Rough- 3521027! Thanx again!

  54. Melissa Leinart says

    I love the Coral Swimdress. I also commented on Facebook per instructions.

  55. Simwenyi says

    Blossoms is really pretty! I cant believe they have flattering swimsuits for curvy women! How wonderful this would be if they sold in DETROIT.

  56. Shannon says

    I love the COLOR SCHEME Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle by BECCA ETC in black

  57. Annemarie Galasso says

    I love the Blossom & Animal Instincts…and the Wound Up in Coral too! They all look stylish & beach ready :) Would definitely make me feel fabulous when I’m on vacation at the beach or sitting poolside!

  58. KL YOUNG says

    OMGoosh! I Love It This is what i need!!!!! Blossom Chiffon Tunnic Thats what I need in my life:^)

  59. Inga Kaye says

    I love the Blossoms Coral Reversible Tankini with the matching Reversible V-Front Hipster.

  60. Amanda B says

    I love the entire collection :) Beautiful. My favorite is Blossoms and 2nd fav is Diamond in the rough!! Thanks for giving us bigger ladies such beautiful choices :)

  61. Stephanie Zoller says

    i SO LOVE the Blossom one piece!!! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it on FB and shared it with my friends and family! It is too cute!

  62. Michelle says

    I love the blossoms tunic for sure. The colours are gorgeous and the material looks like it would feel incredible!

  63. Amanda B says

    I love the entire collection :) Beautiful. My favorite is BLOSSOMS CORAL SHIRRED SIDES ONE PIECE. Thanks for giving us bigger ladies such beautiful choices :)

  64. says

    I ABSOLUTELY love the diamond in the rough two piece(the skirt) in black. It’s gorgeous!
    But out of what’s up for grabs, I’d have to say the Rebecca Virtue two piece(preferably in black) :)

  65. Lori Nichols says

    I really like the Tankini with Medallion Buckle In black under color scheme <3 <3 (:

  66. Hillary Rothrock says

    I love the Blossoms print, the cut styles and the fact that you have matching coverups and dresses! LOVE IT ALL!

  67. Joella says

    I’m LOVING the Color Scheme cross back halter. i was just commenting the other day that it’s hard to find a plus size bikini that doesn’t cover TOO much, but also doesn’t look like I’m trying to squeeze into a regular size bikini. The cross back is such a great idea to keep the weight of the breasts from becoming heavy on the neck, but not having to settle for a bra strap look. I want!

  68. bridget lionello says

    I love the colors of the suits instead of boring black or frumpy old lady styles.

  69. Quinette Sanders says

    I love that printed tunic suit! That’s so me. I don’t wear suits but i will SO wear that one.

  70. sindic flores says

    i love the diamond in the rough aqua color… 3523127 and 3527027… than you…

  71. Geneva W says

    I am totally loving the Color Scheme in Aqua and the WOund Up in Coral, the off the shoulder look is hot! I could rock either one this Summer!

  72. Yi Aviles says

    LOVE THEM, they look awsome and sexy, I ussually avoid using swimwear but I will def wear one of this !! My confidence will def be back !

  73. Melanie Ingle says

    I love the diamond in the rough in aqua. I love the blossoms too, but have to go with a 2 piece because of my torso length. But the chiffon tunics are HOT!!!!

  74. Ebonee Curry says

    I absolutely love the Blossoms Coral Reversible Tankini. This suit really shows that the BECCA Etc. line wants fuller figured women to flaunt what they have but to still be sexy and look neat. Not all of us are ashamed of our bodies but it is important to show our curves in a classy way!! The color and the pattern are very beautiful! And I love the criss cross design and the cut out in the top because it’s both functional and sexy; providing full coverage as well as a little peek of cleavage. I need this suit! :)

  75. Robin says

    BECCA ETC BY REBECCA VIRTUE: BLOSSOMS … I love the skirted bottom with the convertible bikini top and the blossom tunic!

  76. Robin says

    BECCA ETC BY REBECCA VIRTUE: BLOSSOMS … I love the skirted bottom with the convertible bikini top and the blossom tunic!

  77. Mia Eichhorn says

    I love everything about this line. I am a curvy girl by nature and after having two children by csection I have dreaded the thought of a bikini. But this line makes me want to wear one.

  78. Gena says

    Miraclesuit: Sweet N Sassy Skirted One Piece Surplice is my favorite, but could name about 5 more in a close second!!

  79. Maggie Lindsay says

    Love the Blossoms!! The Coral is nice different but the Blossoms stand out and look amazing

  80. Trisha Rangel says

    I really love the Wound Up collections. Im in love with the Coral color!!! I would like the coverup!!

  81. Karlie Allen says

    COLOR SCHEME Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle by BECCA ETC and the Tunic!!

  82. Donna Pulsonetti says

    I LOVE the Blossoms chiffon tunic and could see myself rocking it in Oahu next year at the poolside wedding brunch I am attending!

  83. Iterria'Telissa says

    I absolutely love the coral two piece COLOR SCHEME Cross Back Halter with Medallion Buckle ! It Was Love at first sight !

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