Bloggers Featured In Not Photoshopped Campaign

Stylecaster and the people at Feel More Better have joined forces to further the Positive Body Movement currently happening.

Just last week Seventeen Magazine reported it would no longer be altering images in fashion editorials. So how does this affect the rest of the fashion magazines or does it? Are advertisers worried this is just a fad and not something that will translate into dollars?

It seems this movement has gained momentum and people are using their voices to ask for more realistic images in advertising.

Do you think all magazines should stop using photoshop?




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  1. says

    I love this site, I just found it and think you all are great. I too am a plus size girl and have been for most of my life and though I want to be healthier I love my curves.

    Regarding the photo-shopping pictures, I have mixed opinions on this subject. I think small touch ups are are good to have as an option, if you have a blemish or something is an error but I dont think its right to change everything about a persons face or body. Small changes is one thing but recreating a person is out of line. But ultimately, I leave it up to the people…the people who take the photos should stand up and say they dont want it but I also hold us responsible as humans and women to know that we arent perfect and there will always be someone you think is but ..who ultimately thinks she has a million imperfections. Instead of cutting everyone down, I support us women supporting other women..once we stop attacking each other then the need to be perfect and the need to be photo-shopped will not be necessary. love ya char

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