Enter to Win a $500 or $250 from Plus Size Designer Igigi

This month, PLUS Model Magazine is partnering with plus size designer IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel for a chance for two lucky readers to win a $500 or $250 gift code.

IGIGI offers an amazing selection of plus size dresses, plus size separates, accessories, and purses for plus size women available in sizes 12 – 32. From day to night IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel has you covered!

The Glam Guide has to be one of my favorite features on the IGIGI website. Check it out and let us know what your favorite piece by IGIGI is. What you pick if you won the $500 or $250 giftcode?

The executive team at PLUS Model Magazine was all seen wearing IGIGI at the Finale Fashion show of Full Figured Fashion Week 2012 (left to right: Editor in Chief, Madeline Jones, Executive Fashion Director, Reah Norman, Executive Marketing & Creative Director Tulin Reid).

Enter to Win

Which look do you like? Check out the entire collection at the IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel website or the Glam Guide  pick a look that you love or tell us what you would do with the $500 or $250 giftcode!

Comment on the IGIGI Facebook Page and in the comments section on this blog post and you are entered to win! Watch the PLUS Model Magazine blog  and Facebook Page for your chance! MUST FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

It’s simple! Pick a look you love, comment on the IGIGI Facebook Page and on this post, and you are entered to win!

The Giveaway

Win one of two giftcodes for either $500 or $250! Winner to be announced with PLUS Model Magazine in August 2012.




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  1. Keri Atkins says

    Really, the choice is SO hard. But I stand by my comment on IGIGIs fan page: Tulin’s dress. Though each dress is a knock-out, I have always admired a zebra print. Not only does Tulin’s dress have zebra print, but is also super flattering and fabulous! I love it!!

  2. says

    I LOVE the Animal instinct page in the Glam Guide, especially the Kiyomi Maxi dress. You can’t go wrong with Black & White and a pop of red!

  3. Sam Eagle says

    I would get as many clothes as I could with the $500 or $250 giftcode.I am a widow with a young child & have not bought anything since before I was pregnant with her…This would help me out so much..Thanks

  4. brittany dixon says

    I absolutely love all the dresses. The Bassa Maxi dress is a must have for me. Especially since it looks like it is versatile. I wish I could buy them all!! If i won $500 or $250 I would definitely buy that dress. The animal print dresses are gorgeous on the website also.

  5. Charmayne says

    I love the Kyomi Maxi Dress. I would use the money to get some very much need clothes for work…

  6. Faint Beat Blossom says

    I love the idea of this and definitely love the way you guys promote hip fashion for plus size women and alternate places to shop seeing that a lot of stores have your “avg big girl style clothing”…im very into fashion and love creating looks out of my pieces by wearing them diff then what u would expect, ie: using a scarf as a top piece, wearing shirts backwards to create a diff look, etc..

  7. says

    All three dresses were breathtaking in person at the FFFWeek show – REALLY!
    My pick goes to Tulin’s dress though, the black and white gown with red touches – figure-flattering and hot, hot, HAWT!!

  8. La Shea says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Renata Dress in Jade Green….(reminds me of the dress Beyonce wore at the Carnegie Hall Benefit.

  9. Sabrina Clark says

    I would wear buy the Cassandra Gown and the Lilliane Beaded Clutch to an elegant affiar and feel like I’m Gone with the Wind! LOVE that classy elegant look!

  10. Emmie says

    I absolutely love the Naime, Tropical Beauty, and Elvissa. I hope I win…I’d be honored to wear these!!

  11. Kelly Rogers says

    LOVE THE Desert Queen Maxi Dress, Bassa Maxi Dress
    Catarina Maxi Dress, Catarina Maxi Dress

  12. Tina-marie says

    I absolutely adore the Bassa Maxi Dress, Naime Maxi Dress, Rainforest Paradise Maxi Dress, Catarina Maxi Dress, Ursula Vintage Polka Dot Dress, oh heck I LOVE them all! how do you choose?!?

  13. says

    I honestly can’t pick one dress that I like the best! I am torn between the Bassa Maxi and the Rainforest Maxi and the Isabella Wrap Dress is a closet must-have! I would get as many as I could with whichever gift card I win and still probably have to add money to it! Lol!

  14. says

    IGIGI makes it difficult for you to narrow it down to just one. However, I would have to say my fave is Bassa Maxi Dress. I am a busty woman, so this dress will accent it with class. Not too much showing, but just enough to get a double take from people passing by. The colors are to die for. The design and colors will have you mesmerized. But this is very smart, because for those of us that have that not so pleasant balloon stomach or muffin top, the color/design combination makes it appear to the eye that it doesn’t exist!

  15. Sam Eagle says

    This is the look that I love is Ivanna Tunic,Karina Wide Leg Pants together I think they are my kind of look… :)

  16. CARLENE says


  17. Tiffany M. says

    I LOVE ALL THE COLLECTIONS! But My pick is the day to night colections. I enjoy how you can go from casual sexy to super glam. It’s such an easy choice with just the right change of hair, shoes, jewelery, and make -up. you can transform from daytime chic to runway glam!

  18. Jae'tte says

    Oh my gosh, I just love the Bassa Maxi Dress, especially with the shrug. It is a fantastic item to go from day to night in. I am a hairstylist/makeup artist. I can totally imagine wearing this FAB dress on a Friday to work. We are so rushed on Friday’s that I usually don’t have a lot of time to go back home and change to go out. This would be perfect for me. I have a very small waist and very full hips and derrier, I see this style would truly compliment my shape as well! Oh, I love it!!!

  19. Actress Cola says

    Choose just ONE???!?!? have you seen the clothes she designs!!??!?! and you want me to choose JUST ONE!!!!!! i choose them ALLLLL!!!! i could pull off ALLL OF THEM! and if i was to win the gift code….i would buy up as many different styles from IGIGI for my upcoming fashion show in August and make sure that my director states the the outfits came from IGIGI and put the website in the show program because these outfits are AMAZING!!!

  20. Cherie says

    I love the Lanai dress and the Kiyomi maxi dress. Fun prints and colors; crazy, sexy, cool;-)

  21. Sephra says

    I would get the Mariko Kimono Dress and Ursula Vintage Polka Dot Dress. I just love all of IGIGS clothes

  22. Sonja Gerow says

    The Oliana dress and Amaya Kimino Dress and pair that with Allegra Summer jacket for a smart work to night time outfit! I sure hope I win because the last dress I sent back because I did not care for the polka dot dress in red, so it’s broke the bank a bit!

  23. Allesia Nelson says

    I love the Evita dress and would love to win one of the certificates for my niece

  24. Faint Beat Blossom says

    I very much into fashion as i mentioned in my previous comment on this page and after looking at the IGIGI site, i couldnt just pick one look.

    I loveeee the Desert Queen Maxi and Bassa Maxi dress. They are soo nice for a summer night out of the town or lunch with the girls. With a nice blazer the Bassa maxi can be transformed to a night look with ease. The Kelsey wrap in Camelia and the Kayden dress in Lemoncello are another one of my faves in the Voyage Exotique Collection

    For the Work Wear Collection: The sahara sands dress is very good dress for work i love the combination of patterns and colors it would also look great with a yellow clutch just to give it a pop of color and self identity. The provence dress in olive is also another nice dress to be worn to job or church, very simple yet classy piece with its touch of color at the hem. Though b/c of my curves i couldnt wear it to church/work b/c it would hug my body and wouldnt be good lol but i would definitely buy this to wear out for a day shopping or casual day around town. My absolute fave would be the Allegra summer jacket, which screams me. Its soo classy to be worn in the office or a business meeting. If very professional for any diva and definitely shows off your confidence and would turn heads guaranteed!

    I really like the Justine Lace in deep orchid which can be found in the Wedding Party Collection, very classy and sexy. Would look great with a simple tear drop diamond pendant necklace or pair of black pearls. As well as the rebecca gown in evergreen is a very sexy dress to wear on a date night.

  25. sheri says

    i love the options you have for us larger women. just bc we’re not a size 0-2 doesn’t mean we should be relegated to wearing muu-muu’s!!! thank you.

  26. says

    This is a hard one because I absolutely LOVE Igigi! If there were a more emphatic word than love, that is how I feel about them . . .

    I’m going to go with the BASSA maxi look. I just love how colorful and sensual the look is.

  27. Shapri Bryan says

    I am incredibly fond of Igigi period! I love all of Mrs Yuliya Raquel’s clothing designs! I look forward to buying bonus pieces to add to my wardrobe! Since it appears, I am subject to only selecting ONE dress as my favorite, I would have to say the Amaya Kimono dress is the first piece I would purchase for sure!!

  28. sheri says

    i would choose something with color…..something that POPS!! of course, something sexy n flirty ; )

  29. Renada says

    I love the Kelsey Wrap dress in the Glam Guide! I also love the Catarina and Naime Maxi Dresses :)

  30. Gena says

    I have been eyeing the Kelly Dress in Black but there are so many gorgeous ones to choose from!!! Thanks!

  31. Lauren says

    I love the Bassa Maxi dress. I would wear it in what limited down time I had now that I’ve graduated from law school to transport myself from the humdrum normality of the law to a far off exotic place (without any baggage fees!).

  32. rose finley says

    I saw alot of dresses that i liked. but one that really stood out was the Oliana dress. i recently lost alot of weight in my quest to get healthier and am in need of a new wardrobe so i would definetly use the code for a nice outfit

  33. says

    I am in love with the Cordoba Clutch in Multi and the Rainforest Paradise Maxi Dress are two of my favorite items from Igigi by Yuliya Raquel!

  34. says

    I will use the $500 Gift Card to supplement my shopping spree for the following:
    Daffodil Love Dress Yellow
    Marquette Dress Black
    O’Hara Dress in Purple
    Harlow Pants Gray
    Segova Blouse Magenta
    Ishoko Top Jade
    Monroe Jacket
    Monroe Pants

  35. Patricia Mitchell says

    I love the igigi collection. If I won the $500 or the $250 git card I woul pucd one or all of the folloing dresses. and do the following.

    1. Naima Maxi Dress- So all Curvy Girlz will know the big girlz Rock( I want to walk the cat walk at a local mall in the bay area)

    2 Evitta Cotton Dress- So all little girlzs will know cruvy gitvy girlz come in all shapes and sizes. ( Vist a local girls store so little girls will know its ok to have healthy curves.

    3.Eugenia vintagae wedding gown- So I can have a formal wedding. We have a court house informal wedding. So my husband wants us to have a formal wedding with a formal luncheon and I am so excited. Thank You for taking the time to read me story. I love your collection of clothing for curvy woman. Patricia Mitchell

  36. says

    I will use the $500 gift card to supplement my shopping spree for the Daffodil Love dress, the O’Hara dress, the Harlow Pants, the Segova blouse , the Ishoko top, the Monroe Jacket and Pants and finally the Marquette dress. Then I’d be all set for August and September wardrobe!!!

  37. Britney Thompson says

    Everything is absolutely gorgeous!! But if I had to choose, I would go with the Desert Queen Maxi Dress or the Evitta Cotton Dress. They are beautiful!

  38. Jaimie Donelan says

    How to pick?! How to pick?! There are just so many amazing pieces in this collection, I could never choose my favorite…But I did fall in LOVE with the Evitta cotton dress the moment I saw it. That would definitely be a pick if I won either gift card! If I won the $500 code, I would have to add the Francesca dress in black to the list. What a beautiful and classic dress! And throw in the Intreccio Tote in multi! Gorgeous, functional as well as versatile! It is a must have!!!

  39. Sofia Georgariou says

    So many great designs…how to choose?I love them all!
    I would definatelly wear Michelle Gown in Plum!

  40. Tilly Lewis says

    If I were to win the gift card for $500 I’d get the Tropical Beauty Maxi Dress as well as the Rain Forest Paradise Maxi Dress. These are both gorgeous dresses that can be worn out for a Summer evening outing :)

  41. says

    All of the dresses are absolutely gorgeous!!! I could so see myself struttin’ my stuff in the Bassa Maxi Dress or Desert Queen Max Dress. :)

  42. Marcelle Wilson says

    I have got to have the Cassandra Gown as well as the Daffodil Love Dress along with some others! I’d probably buy all that I could find honestly! Hope I win! Pray I win! Puhleeze let me win!!! :)

  43. says

    I am totally in love with the Leigh Lace Dress in gold. It’s absolutely stunning. I also adore the Eugina Vintage Wedding how . It would be pure perfection for my wedding in November!!

  44. Haydee Mendez says

    Choices, choices….so many choices to enjoy. When I first visited the site I was immediately drawn to the Garbo dress. Such an amazing piece to own but only can wish for now. Here’s hoping I win!!!

  45. DivaJuggalette says

    While there are so many beautiful dresses, my favorite is the Lanai Dress in that awesome orange. I think this is a dress that wouldn’t spend much time in the closet, because I would be wearing it so much! Cooling fabric, pockets, and the perfect length- sign me up!

  46. Kathleen C says

    I love the Thelma Draped Dress. That would be my first choice if I won the gift card.

  47. Quindara says

    If I won the $500 gift code, I buy the Mariko Kimono Dress, Gisela Wedding Dress (as a reception dress for my wedding next year, and ill pay $40 just to get the Francesca Dress in Crimson.

  48. Bre H says

    I’m in love with this dress… The Justine dress in black and nude. Love it!!

  49. Chanae says

    If I won either of the gift cards I would get the Bassa Maxi Dress along with all the accessories that are dressed in the Glam Guide, the accessories just bring the dress to a whole different level of sophistication and glamour.

  50. Jessica says

    The dress that I love, they don’t even have in stock any more! But I like the desert dress. They are all so awesome it is hard to choose.

  51. says

    Wow, the dresses are amazing, the color the way they appear to flow and move looks amazing, i can’t wait to be in one. I found Kaori Infinity Dress & Garbo Gown to be my favorite as for style, design and colors. I could see myself at a dinner cruise looking fabulos. while exploring the entire site I also found this gourgeous Taylor Coat in Berry,l what girl wouldnt look and feel great in that coat.

  52. Andrea says

    My 2 favorite looks right now are quite opposite; I love the Justine Lace dress in deep orchid. I just love the saturated magenta color…I would find an equally saturated dress shoe (maybe teal), no jewelry and simple hair…simple but dramatic eyes. My other favorite is the Monroe jacket and pants. I love the tailored fitted jacket–not boxy like so many plus-size suits. Sexy in its masculinity yet ultra-feminine in the cut. That’s what I would spend $500 on, those 3 gorgeous pieces. Thank you!

  53. Katrina says

    Angie in purple, Renata in fuchsia, Catarina Maxi and Becca Asymmetric I think are my top picks but I could go on and on and on. The colors and cuts of the Igigi clothes are beautiful.

  54. Brooke S. says

    So many beautiful choices, but I would probably choose, either, the Valencia Maxi Dress, Cassandra gown, or the Bassa Maxi dress. Hmmm… okay, I pick the Valencia Maxi dress.

  55. Denise M. says

    I’m a new mom. I havent gitten anything new unless it has spandex or is sweat pants. It would be nice to one Win something and two look fabulous. I like the Angie dress. Dana dress. And the maxi dress with blues and purples (sorry cant remember every name) and i didnt even go into accessories who knows all i will add on. I love purple, olive/green and blues. I think the models look great in everything as well… #Igigi

  56. karen teulon says

    The whole collection is so beautiful, but if I had to pick, I would have a very hard choice between the Naime maxi dress, the Ursula Vintage Polka Dot dress and the Mariko Kimon dress. i only own one dress, and that’s a four year old Igigi!

  57. Rolareen Vassell says

    I am in love with all of the Igigi Dresses. I would love the Millie Vintage Polka Dot dress because it gives me a defined waist. I love the Vadela wrap dress in Grape… Purple is my favorite color. I love it with the pop of red. I also love the Kayden Dress in Lemoncello. I’ve been eyeing that dress for a while. I would buy all or any of these dresses if I won.

  58. Conina Johnson says

    i am loving the Isabella wrap dress. i have curves to spare and i think this dress would compliment my shape. the color is beautiful and normally i don’t do ruffles but i like the way they have them falling on this dress. also the sleeves are a nice touch. if i won one of the 250 or 500 passcode i would be so thrilled and of course i would use it to get several of my favorite dresses. i’m a big girl and it’s hard for me to find stylish clothes that flatter me. i love all the dresses from igigi, i’m so glad people are finally seeing big girls want to look good to:)

  59. says

    I am a beginning plus size model in the process of updating my look for the work that I aspire to get. As with many, my funds are limited right now. I have a few pieces from IGIGI already that I adore!! Winning the gift certificate would be a great help to me and my career. Thank you for the oportunity PMM & IGIGI 😉

  60. Heather Dix says

    I love the Oliana and the Tropical Beauty. As a momma of a two year old and four month old, I don’t do much for myself . I would love to win!

  61. Jamel Moore says

    Next month, my husband and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage. Winning this gift card will give me the opportunity to blow his mind with these gorgeous dresses. I love all of the styles but I have my eye on 4 dresses and 1 top. Looking forward to August!!!!

  62. Rachel Palencik says

    I love the Naime maxi dress.. my cousins wedding is coming up in October.. and this would be great for the occasion. October is also me and husbands 1 year anniversary, and we plan to goto Italy for the occasion. I’d love to take some of these dresses along with me. Scarves are also a big thing in Italy.. can’t go into any church without a long skirt and a scarf covering your hair. I’d invest in a long skirt/dress and some scarves!

  63. says

    I really enjoyed the Kelsey Wrap Dress in Grape, the colors went very well together and the shape of the dress is amazing

  64. Denise says

    Love the block color dresses and the day dress and maxi dress.. well honestly love all teh looks, champagne brunch is more my style so i definitely would get that outfit

  65. Mae says

    How can I possibly choose but one piece?!? Absolutely impossible! I can narrow it down to a handful, but that’s the best I can do! lol

    First off, every single piece in the Animal Instinct line was gorgeous, as well as from The Art of Fashion line. I am always looking for something fun, colorful, and of course unique, but being plus size, that tends to be quite a challenge; however every single piece in this collection answers my call! Absolutely fabulous pieces!

    Now to narrow it down to my favorites! These pieces really caught my eye, and in my opinion, deserve a mention: There was the Ivana Tunic, the Angeline Gown in the Exotic Beauty collection, the Stella Dress in Floral Fantasies, the Cassandra Gown, and last but certainly not least (probably on the top of my list actually), the Adeline Maxi Dress in the Resort Collection :)

  66. TaVonya Robinson says

    I am waayyyyyy toooo in love with the Bassa Maxi dress ! It seriously has my entire government written all over it! I would go so crazy if I got a chance to win this because I am such a plus size fashionista (on a budget) and I could add to my wonderful collection !

  67. Tiffany Hammond says

    Justine Lace Dress in Deep Orchid
    I love that dress..I would wear it to a friend’s wedding!

  68. Keo Cloak says

    I’d get the Angie Dress in Olive for sure! It looks so fun and flirty. I’d tease my boyfriend with it. If I won the $500 I’d add on the Leigh Lace Dress in Gold–so sultry! Anything left over would go to matching accessories, like the christie clutch in truffle or minnie earrings.

  69. Shamika Harris says

    I just love all of the dresses, I wish I could have them all lol!! I love that more people are embracing us plus size women; we are so beautiful!!

  70. Jessy says

    Without a doubt my favorite piece out of your IGIGI collection is the Millie Vintage Polka Dot Dress! The style is so iconic and classic that it can be dressed up for a party or dressed down for a stroll in a park.

    If I were to win one of the two prizes, I would for sure buy the Millie Vintage Polka Dot Dress, and also another piece or two that can be worn for different occasions and settings while still looking chic and fabulous. I would also buy my mom something too because she so deserves to feel and look beautiful!!

  71. Sonja Gerow says

    If I won, I’d add to my collection: the Mariko Kimono Dress which is a beautiful black and green ensemble. It’s elegant with Japanese inspirations which is what I appreciate the most! I love it in pink and grey too!

  72. Nickey says

    I have been following IGIGI for a few years now. I am absolutely in love with her classy, sophisticated, and sexy style. It was so hard to choose my favorite, but I have to go with the Naime Maxi Dress! This dress is definitely a showstopper and I can see myself owning the room with this dress. Hopefully I win because this clothing line is sooo ME.. and winning that $500 means I can get another item from her line.. Oh that would be great! lol

  73. Brandi Smithwick says

    If I were to win either gift codes I would definitely buy any of those vintage dresses on there, they are gorgeous!!! Especially the Millie Vintage Polka Dot Dress it is so pretty. I am trying to dress pin up, and that is a perfect dress for a photo shoot :)

  74. Jenny Charles says

    So many don’t know where to begin.Love the BASS MAXI DRESS,JUSTINE LACE DRESS,ARUBA DRESS,ELILA DRESS.Haven’t shop for a long time…

  75. Jochebed Vaovasa says

    It’s so hard to choose a dress or two! Because I’d love to have them all. This is my first time ever seeing or hearing about this clothing line&I must say, I’m so glad I came across your guys page on FB. Roaming through your collection, I fell in LOVE with the Eugenia Vintage Wedding Gown. I’m not engaged or getting married any time soon, but the elegant sexiness of that dress makes me think of a hot warrior goddess walking down the isle, better yet streets, Me! 😉 I absolutely adore the design&what it screams with its white lacy simplicity. I’m not saying your design is plan, but the fact that just with the golden ribbon around the waist&lace that falls below makes your dress say a lot w/o a LOT going on. And yes, I’d totally rock your dress at any event, even out on a date with my boyfriend. Lol. What can I say, I love dressing up!

    As for a dress I’d buy if I were to win either gift card, would be the Kaori Infinity Dress in Plum. I’m a chick who’s all about getting your moneys worth when buying something&a dress you can wear several different ways is definitely a big WIN! I like the diversity of it. A dress I can wear to morning tea with my grandma, lunch date with my girlfriends, and dance away in at some nightclub with my boyfriend, all with just a quick adjust.

  76. Devon M. says

    The look that I love is the Francesca Dress in Crimson. I think that it’s classy and sexy. I’d love to have that dress in my collection.

  77. Erica Dunlap says

    I have several Igigi peices and I would love to add more. Please enter me in the contest!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. says

    My favourite look would have to be “Outdoor Market” because every girls needs a beautiful dress (Lanai Dress) that they can just throw on over their head and know that they’ll look effortlessly fabulous even if they’re in a rush. The dress looks comfortable, flattering and I like that it has pockets for my lens cap whilst I’m out taking pictures 😉

  79. Jetasha Shine says

    I love so many of the dresses! And, I’m surprised that my favorites are the Naime and the Kiyomi Maxi Dresses because I’ve never been a fan of animal prints. My mind has officially been changed!

  80. Adrienne Morella says

    I love the Bassa Maxi Dress! It is so fun and colorful:) I would love the $250 or $500 shopping code to add a few new flowy dresses into my wardrobe!

  81. Elizabeth Webster says

    Well, what I would -like- to order are the fab maxi styles – but the practical me would go for the Mariko Kimono Dress. That’s 3 seasons in one dress and I can take it from boardroom to dinner.

  82. JaTawn Avant-Owens says

    I love the Bassa Maxi dress shown on this page, The colors are vibrant against the black and it would be a great staple piece in my closet. The main factor for my liking this dress is that you can wear it from day to night. Its great to come across versatility in clothes.

  83. says

    I love so many things! However, I think the Lempika dress is perfect. I could wear it to work, school, to date night with my fiance, and so many more places! <3

  84. Kim says

    I am totally in love with blue and looks that I can go from day to night in. For me, the Tiffany Dress does absolutely that. The ability to adjust the tie can make this dress great for work and just the right look for after work dinner with co-workers or your significant other.

  85. Georgianna Pace says

    I love the Outdoor Market dress. If i won the gift card i would by that dress and actually feel good about going out in it. I normally dont feel comfortable in a dress but that one looks amazing!

  86. Chelsea Mistretta says

    The clothes are so beautiful and flattering. It would be very hard to choose. I would be very lucky and happy to win the giftcode

  87. K. Jones says

    I love the Bassa Maxi Dress & the Lanai Dress!!! I’m working towards getting both :-). IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel designs never disappoint ?, but ONE DAY I will add to my wardrobe & have hanging in my closet. Thanks for keeping Plus fierce!

  88. Tishea Franklin says

    I would love to get the Tropical Beauty Maxi dress while it is back for the second time or is it the third it sells out so fast but hopefully I will be able to get one this time. Although it’s going to be challenging since I’ve been laid off for a year and have other things to do with my finances. :-) But I am going to the Hoodie Awards in Vegas this year and wanted to wear this to the awards who know it just may happen for me. Ok I would also get a coat and maybe a few other dresses I’ve been internet stalking lol.

  89. Tracy Freeman says

    I work in finance, and my wardrobe DOES NOT reflect it. With kids, football games, baseball and softball games, girls scouts etc. I do not have alot of time to worry about my wardrobe. I am in desperate need of some new clothes that show off my curves. LOVE the Angie dresses in every color!! I am renewing my vows next year because, we eloped and had no actual wedding. So,the Celine wedding gown is high on my list!! I promise this tired over worked mommy would love to win some new clothes!

  90. Elizabeth Martinez says

    I could make an excuse to get gussied up and wear any of this collection but like I said on Facebook, The Birds of Paradise Gown is hands down my fav! Wonderful Collection, I love seeing clothes I can wear without feeling off trend. = )

  91. Stephanie Hitchcock says

    I would use my gift card to.purchas the tropical beauty. Ive been going through some things these past months, an something beautifully positive would be a changer for me.

  92. Nicole Collins says

    If I was to win the Giftcode contest, I would have to pick the Amrita Grown, the colors of the grown are so beautiful. The dress can be worn on so many different occasions, for example I have an outdoor wedding coming up and this dress would be great to wear..

  93. Ashley Rihel says

    I had not heard about this clothing website until this blog post and I LOVE the clothes! So many flattering and beautiful designs! It’s so hard to find clothing that is beautiful and cut right to compliment a plus size figure. I definitely have my eye on a few dresses that I would spend the gift code on : )

  94. Tracy Cooper says

    I love IGIGI clothes and for every important event I search them first and usually that’s what I wear. Their clothes are very flattering and have my eye on the Infiniti dress because I know I will turn some heads

  95. miriam bartlett says

    Amazing pieces! I LOVE the Bassa maxi dress the most! It’s a work of art!

  96. Laura Orcutt says

    It is so refreshing to see beautiful clothing made to fit plus size women. I discovered Igigi in 2006 when I was desperately trying to find a gown to wear on the beach for my wedding. I will never forget trying on a lovely pale pink “floaty” chiffon overlay gown with beaded bodice in the dressing room and wanting to cry because it made me feel beautiful – and up till that moment nothing had made me feel anything but horrid. Thank you so very much for bringing us beautiful, feminine clothing. Would love the chance to be entered in your giveaway.

  97. Shakira says

    Winning a $500 or$250 gift code for IGIGI would be EPIC! I love Yugliya Raquel’s designs because she knows how to make a full figured woman shine; also her clothing is made right in San Francisco, CA a city I enjoy visiting. I love all the Looks in the IGIG Glam guide and I would chose the following dresses; the Tiffany Dress in Hyacinth since I love all colors in the purple family, the Aditi the fuchsia solid top and the sheer patterned bottom make this dress adorable and fashionable at the same time. The Oliana dress is very feminine and has a look of day time glamour and finally the Mariko kimono dress would wrap things up for me with the great contrasting combination of black, green and those white cabbage flowers are sublime. Living in the Valley of the Sun these dresses would have me well on my way to be the best dressed woman at work if I won the $500 gift code. Now if I only won the $250 code then sacrifices would have to be made but I would manage (smile).

  98. Ester says

    When I saw the Bassa Maxi Dress I just fell in love, it is so beautiful. I would love to wear it before summer is gone =)

  99. Mercedez Reza says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE KIYOMI MAXI DRESS, and literally most of the maxi dresses IGIGI designs. The Kiyomi dress was worn by Tulin at the final fashion show of Full Figure fashion week last month. She looked stunning, and I know I can rock that baby in the city. Not only can I turn heads, I could break them after they see me strutting what I have! I love it, IT IS A MUST HAVE.
    please allow me to enjoy a new wardrobe by IGIGI

  100. Crystal Schaeffer says

    I really would love the Yasmina Dress. It has the kind of fit that I love and that would accentuate my curves just the way I like it. Also, I love that it’s very simple yet beautiful.
    It would be great as a day look and very easy to glam it up for a night out.

  101. April Holliman says

    The Look that I love would be the Zebra animal print Kiyomi Maxi Dress. I love it because it’s sexy, it’s stylish and there are so many different color accessories you can wear with this dress. There is really no limit to how many looks you can get. You can dress it up or dress it down but either way you will still be the center of attention!

  102. catherine says

    I would love to use the gift code to purchase the “From Day to Night” look because I’m always being asked to go out after work and I have very few outfits that can be used for work and play.

  103. Talina Jones says

    I love Igigi dresses . The Aditi dress in Camelia Rose is absolutely gorgeous and would love to get that . Being a stay at home mom though , you never prioritize that kind of thing for yourself , you know ?! All the dresses are absolutely gorgeous though ..what a great opportunity . Thanks PMM

  104. Mimi Hood says

    I am totally loving the Floral Fantasies Look 😉 I would love to win the giftcode so that I can flaunt around town in your fabulous designs such as that one 😉

  105. Rebecca I-F says

    OMG ~~ I am in LOVE with these dresses!!! it’s a toss up: Justine Lace Dress in Black/Nude or Tallulah Dress in Black/White… but then there’s all those florals & the maxis too…. love it… R 😉

  106. Heather Borum says

    Love the animal print dress Madeline Jones is rockin’ and the Bassa Maxi Dress is gorgeous! Love the colors.

  107. Tyeshia Watkins says

    I love this collection it speaks volume to voluptuous, beautiful, sophisticated, and strong women…..I AM PROUD TO BE A PLUS SIZE DIVA!!!!!!!

  108. Keyanna says

    I love the IGIGI dress Francesca in Crimson. I stumbled upon this piece when searching for a captains night gown for my cruise. I’ve been lusting after this for a while… That $500 would definitely be spent on this “who is that?!” look. Oh and I’m excited IGIGI is also available on Lane Bryant’s site… (although I loved it as my best kept secret).

  109. Eliza says

    With a voucher to spend on IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel I would get myself some perfect pieces so my new wardrobe matches my new life! I’m finally about to finish uni and start a career, and I can’t wait to have some new outfits to match :)

  110. Nekkel says

    I would use the giftcode to buy some of IGIGI’s separates. Ii would be nice to have a few new items for job interviews.

  111. barbara says

    I can’t choose….I love best dressed guest ……but outdoor market! I would rock that too… so many dresses so lil time…lol

  112. Antoinette says

    There were so many choices I dont know where to begin. If I had to chose some of my top picks would be the Naime Maxi, Kyoni Maxi, Marquette Dress, Michelle gown, Tanja Tunic and the Kaori Infinity Dress. I just hope I win so I can have a new outfit to match my new confidence.

  113. Maria Cooper says

    I would use the gift code to buy a beautiful maxi dress so my husband and I can go out to a nice dinner and dancing. I would also buy a beautiful dress like the Aruba Dress so I could take my Dad out when I am home visiting. He is wheelchair bound right now due to a rare terminal illness and I know he would love a nice dinner out with his family.

  114. says

    Absolutly love the Garbo Gown. So so beautiful, and I would love to feel like a million in it.

    I should win, cause then I could show and spread the word to All curvy women in Denmark, that they Can buy cool cloths which do not look like a sack!

  115. scholastica says

    oh em gee! i am absolutely in LOVE with IGIGI’s maxi dresses! i can’t get over the Amrita Gown! <3

  116. Ms. Finley says

    I fell in love with the Evita dress. It is light and airy. Plus I love flowers and yellow; a winning combination. There’s nothing like feeling pretty when you leave the house. But as I continued to look through the Glam Guide I did a double take when it got to the evening gowns. The Naomi Gown is BEAUTIFUL! The dress is breath taking. Far too often I’ve been let down by the evening gown selections at department stores. Many times the dresses are shapeless, and look way too old. The Naomi Gown is classic elegance. It’s the dress that will make you smile every time you see in hanging in your closet. The dress you feel good in even if you’re having a bad hair day.

  117. Gabriella says

    I fell in love with the Lanai Dress AND Naime Maxi Dress! One is casual and cool and the other is fierce and showstopping! I can totally see myself rocking both dresses! If I win the gift cards you know I will be getting these dresses!

  118. Terri Lynn says

    Valencia or Aditi, Valencia or Aditi, Valencia or Aditia . . . wait a minute, why not both???

  119. Stephanie Dickerson says

    I am really loving the Eva Maxi Dress!!! I would use my giftcard to purchase that, along with a cute wrap dress.

    Stephanie D.

  120. Kayleigh Stroud says

    I love everything!! If I won I would find a dress to wear while out partying for my wedding in October!

  121. Christy Greagor says

    I would love to win! With four children all our extra money goes into them and there is hardly ever any left for me to spend on me. So my clothing is lacking!

  122. Chasiti Davis says

    I absolutely love the Zebra print dress. The red accent was a great touch.

  123. Noelle says

    OOOOH I would love to win! I would spend the money on one of the fabulous dresses (I love so many of them) Amrita Gown , Bassa Maxi Dress , Oliana Dress , Or the dress in the top photo of this blurb… so I could feel FABULOUS!!!! And maybe go on a nice date with the hubby looking FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

  124. Jo says

    I’m hoping this is open to people in the UK as well… After much debating I think the Lesley dress from the Lady Like collection is the absolute best look

  125. Delia DaDiva Jordan says

    If I won the gift code from IGIGI, fingers crossed, honestly I don’t know what I would pick. There are so many amazing choices that would definitely showcase “DaDiva” I am. I know it would be one of the beautiful maxi dresses…I love them all! I especially LOVE the Tropical beauty and the Desert Queen Maxi. But I also like your line of maxi dresses…the catrina, the bassa, the naima and the kiyomi. But, I also love the Rita Vintage it’s just so classic. So if I was one of the Blessed winners, no matter what I chose I would be FABULOUS!

  126. trina orman says

    If I was lucky enough to win the gift code I would love to spruce up my wardrobe with some of the beautiful dresses shown. As a mother of 2 young children I often put their needs before my own, and being plus size is not cheap, I often can not afford to pay the $60 dollars for a shit or $100 for a dress. It would be nice for me to actually look nice for once, and with the gift code I could!

  127. O says

    Love the following styles Isabela, Vadela, Mariko, Thelma and Indian Spice. Would love one of each one if I could afford them, maybe one day!!!! Wonderful site and beautiful dresses!!!!!

  128. Caitlin Bergh says

    If I won I’d finally be able to add some dresses to my wardrobe! Which rarely make an appearance in it, due to their cost and my own silly little insecurities, but these dresses are so gorgeous I’d wear them in a heart beat! Especially in this heat wave!

  129. Kar-ron says

    I would use the gift card top buy one of the Flower Power Dresses by Oliana for a upcoming trip I am taking to New York with a girlfriend. I love the accessories that you have paired with it also—

  130. Stephanie Moore says

    If I were to win I would choose dresses, dresses, dresses!! I love the maxis and all the dresses flatter the plus size figure.

  131. Shereen Elsayed says

    If i won a giftgard to igigi I would love to own the birds of paradise gown. I was able to buy a dress years ago from the website for a wedding I was in and i dont think i’ve ever felt so beautiful in a dress. Loved the quality, the fit and the up to date feel that it had. All the other bridesmaids were not plus size and i felt just as pretty in my dress as they were. I know that owning the birds of paradise gown or any piece of clothing from igigi would make me feel amazing

  132. Francine Rodgers says

    I am in love with the Garbo gown!!! I would purchase that gown with one of the gift cards for sure!!!

  133. Bianca McCarver says

    I love all of these dresses! They are the perfect cut and shape for us plus girls. : ) Would love to win!

  134. Melissa Myers says

    If I were lucky enough to win the gift code I would put it to great use trust me :). I would for sure go for the Kelsey Wrap Dress since it wouldn’t make me seem to short and I would be able wear flats or dress it up with jewelry and heels. I would also completely love the Kiyomo Maxi Dress i love this dress style they are just beautiful. This will give me something in my arsenal to be able to go out on dates and go to work in style.

  135. Camilla says

    I find it difficult to choose between all of Your wonderfull looks. However today i choose the Grace Kelly look.
    If I won a gift certificate, i would buy a kelly dress or one like it, that was work appropriate. It is a beautifull style and i am confident that it will suit my shape. I would wear that dress for work interviews to boost my confidence and land the perfect job.

  136. Elaine says

    Oh wow…I love Yuliya’s beautiful creations. The models look like goddesses!

    With the $500 I would get the Justine Lace Dress in Deep Orchid, Renata Dress in Deep Fuchsia, Yasmina Dress, Nicole Dress in Berry and the Lempika Dress.


  137. Michelle Fuller says

    I am hooked on these dresses! Where have I been? My girlfriend called me and told me that I had to go to this website because FINALLY someone was representing us plus-sized divas to the fullest, and I was a little skeptical. Well, my skepticism was quickly banished even when I saw the first dress. I am so excited and would LOVE to win the sweepstakes!!

  138. Jacquie Barbavian says

    I love the Fashions that I saw. I am so glad that real women with plus size bodies are being celebrated instead of shunned and made fun of. Thank you for celebrating us who refuse to be anorexic or bulemic to be accepted in today’s society!

  139. Ronika Austin says

    I would not mind wearing this outfit, and as well fir most of the business casual clothing. I really would like to win because i have been through a lot and so has everyone else, i put myself last and I am putting myself through school. I am going for my BA in Business, because I am a plus size woman it is hard for me to find good business clothing wear. I would love to feel beautiful in something that fits my curves correctly. Good luck to everyone ????http://www.igigi.com/work-wear-collection/michaela-curvy-pencil-skirt-in-black.html

  140. Angelina says

    If I were to win either of the gift codes, It would allow me to finally be able to experience the beauty and quality of an Igigi garment first hand. I’d prefer the Ali Dress in Red. the Garbo gown, the Kali Tropical Flower Tunic, and the Angie and Lanai dresses as well!

  141. Jamie says

    Is it sad that I have never owned a maxi dress? They are so in style now and have been instyle many times in the past, yet I have never owned one. Additionally, I’m trying to redo my wardrobe in brighter colors. Yes, black looks great on everyone, and tends to hide the parts I don’t like, but seriously, how long can a lady survive only wearing black??? A shopping spree would definitely help me out to be a little braver in variety.

  142. Amber L says

    We’re having a formal ball in three weeks that I’ve been saving for a dress for… if I were to win, I’d buy a gorgeous formal dress. Then I’d spend the rest on dazzling work wear to make all of my plus sized friends green with envy… until I told reminded them about the wonderful Igigi. :)

  143. Tyleen Caffrey says

    I would use the gift code to purchase a beautiful evening gown for my husband’s upcoming Military Ball. The gowns at the department stores never fit right and I always have to have them altered. I have been looking at Igigi dresses for months now and can’t make a decision, I LOVE them ALL. Igigi designs their gowns to fit a REAL curvy woman.

  144. Radawn says

    Four months ago I married my bestfriend & we are now pinching pennies so we can fly to Scotland for our anniversary next year. He has family there, some that I have never met. I would love to look/feel my best during our time there. I think your Vadela Wrap Dress would be the perfect dress to do just that. Just sexy & sassy enough to make you feel beautiful but still comfortable. :) I might have to get the Millie Vintage Polka Dot Dress too. Love that look… It would be perfect for our anniversary dinner, since our wedding was a 50s theme. :)

  145. brigitte shaffer says

    I love the Garbo Gown. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 4 years to my precious little boy, Ayden. My wardrobe currently consists of sweat pants & tee shirts. My husband, who works full time, bless him, has more clothes than me LOL. I would love to win a code & treat myself to something special from Igigi. Thank you.

  146. Pherrise says

    I totally LOVE THe Bassa Maxi, Tropical Beauty and Garbo gowns!!! I would love to take all 3 on my cruise in February :)

  147. Hermia says

    If I win I would do some well deserve shopping for myself!! Love all you collections!

  148. says

    :UPDATED: Stella Gown. My reason as to why I wish to be considered for winning this dress, is because I have recently become homeless. I am able to access the internet on my phone using free wifi- shhh lol. Im keep my spirit up best I can with my motto Ill be fine. I only have the bare essentials and would be truely blessed to win. I know there are more deserving canidates = being a at home mom and wanting to feel like a beautiful women and I wish you could give out more dresses and clothing pieces. However it is a bit of a contest and nothing is better than honesty. All the best, and good luck in finding someone you see fit!

  149. Tara Hogan says

    I am taking my first EVER “me-time” vacation for my birthday in September 2012. I’m hitting Chicago and treating myself to all the rich culture spots, museums, exhibits, etc. I’ve been e-window shopping online for weeks for clothes for my trip. I want to be colorful, comfortable and FIERCE for my birthday romp. :) Your collections are all of the above, so, I’d LOVE to win this giftcode!

  150. Dr. Lisa Van Allen says

    The only thing better than buying and wearing an Igigi dress would be winning and wearing it!! Hope I win – I have my eye on the Heera dress!

  151. Dr. Lisa Van Allen says

    Hope I win! I have my eye on the Heera dress!!! The only thing better than buying and wearing it would be winning and wearing it!

  152. says

    If I won I would get the Evita dress & Kiyomi maxi dress. The Evita dress has such a vintage feel to it & it’s has a gorgeous floral print. The Kiyomi dress would be PERFECT to wear to my BFFs 40th birthday party!

  153. Julie Clarahan says

    There are so many great dresses from IGIGI. She’s my favorite designer for all things plus size. My current favorites from IGIGI are the Isabela Wrap Dress and the Katelyn Dress. But, if I was to win one of the gift codes, I would splurge on myself like never before. As a plus size woman in a skinny girl world, I always feel like I want to set the standard of dress as high as possible in my work life. I want to let everyone know that just because I’m plus sized that I don’t have to sacrifice style and glam. Thanks a bunch for this opportunity.

  154. Dani says

    If I won the $250 or $500 gift code I would buy some BEAUTIFUL dresses. I’m a struggling college student and now is the best time to add timeless pieces to my wardrobe!

  155. Courtney says

    I would love the Vadela Wrap Dress for day and the Michaela curvy pencil skirt with the Joan top. :)

  156. Christie Katanski says

    Well I like to say your clothing line is just Amazing I love everything there’s to much to choose from to like just one thing…But I have had my eye on the Tropical Beauty Maxi Dress is just Beautiful dress Gorgeous and the Yasmina Dress Amazing love the Belt on it …

  157. Shanda Ferguson says

    If I were to be blessed with one of the two prizes, I would definietly indulge in the dresses. I am in need of some beautiful threads! :0)

  158. Natasha says

    I love all the collections! i really want the Renata Dress in Jade Green….and if i win i will share with my mom, i see a lot of her kind of style in the collections and i know she would love anything from here.

  159. Teela Lawson says

    What will I do if I win? While I could use it, I would pass the winnings to my daughter. She is a little larger then me and has trouble finding young clothes in her size. Amd if she would get something for mom…..well OK!

  160. Crissy Dawson-Dingledein says

    Phenomenal dresses from IGIGI …
    It is so hard to choose just one…
    if I were to receive a gift code, I would purchase some of the GORGEOUS dresses for my upcoming Anniversary Cruise …

  161. Krizztyle says

    I would definitely pick the Millie Vintage Polka dot dress and The Rainforest paradise maxi dress. I would then get. Photographer and have my first modeling photos taken. :)

  162. Teria says

    What would I do with $250-$500?? Why, buy an IGIGI creation…of course!! That Tropical Maxi Dress IS ME!! Bold, bright, global & happy!!!! ;D

  163. Ute says

    I love all igigi dresses but mostly the Amrita, Catarina, Palma and Bassa!! I own the Tropical Beauty and it is beautiful. With either $250 or $500 I could do wonders on that site! :)

  164. Carmen Marquez says

    I would love to have any of the fashions. I have not bought any clothes that fit my body in a few years. i think my husband would appreciate to have the sexy woman that he married 16yrs ago back. I am full of confidence just lost the sex appeal.

  165. says

    Would love to win the Plus Size Vintage Inspired Collection – Igigi by Yulia Raquel…..
    Sending you all big big hugs from your lil Hawaiian sister <3 Cookie

  166. says

    I love all of the dresses including the evening and cocktail ones and tops the best!
    I love the rich jewel and gem stone colors and the styles and shapes that are gathered, ruched, draped and hug very snugly to the body!
    Some of the designs remind me of the very best of the 1930s through all fashion eras to today’s styles!
    Blessings and
    Debra J Webb

  167. Lauren Stewart says

    The Cassandra Infinity Gown’s beauty is beyond measurable, it is the drama of beauty! I love this work of art. It’s ability to transform into the Gown of the event you need is remarkable! I love, LOVE it! I think if I won this contest I would display this peace of art and it’s beauty as an advertisement of Passion and Fire because I love it so much. I would be beyond determined to get this dress! Also it would help me to afford this dress and not have any complaints from my husband!

  168. Layne says

    Click on image to zoom


    Riella Plus Size Sun Dress is my fav but the fall fashions aew awesome too.

  169. Ashley Rock-Rice says

    If I won I would update my wear to work wardrobe. I especially love the Exceptional Ruffle Dress

  170. Karin says

    I would like to have the Shura Draped Skirt in Passionate Purple and the Raisa Sweater Top in Black. I think this will make a great outfit for my upcoming 50th birthday party.

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