PLUS Model Magazine RISING ICON Lily Mae Harrington

by Tia D. Rudd


AGE:  19

LOCATION:  Los Angeles, California

OCCUPATION:   Actress/ Singer; Reality Star on Oxygen’s “THE GLEE PROJECT 2


FAVORITE FOOD: “Anything with potatoes. I love French fries; I am such a fry junkie!

INSPIRATION:  QUEEN LATIFAH & NIEL PATRICK HARRIS “If those two had a baby I would be that baby!  That is the career that I want. I love what Queen Latifah has accomplished and what that says for us as women.”

 MOVIE OF CHOICE:  Knocked Up, “I watch that movie whenever I am in a bad mood and it makes me feel better.”

BEST CITY TO VISIT:  “Venice, Italy.  Venice was the most amazing places.  I love Italian culture I love everything about the country I love the language the food, everything!  Every corner you turn there is a pizza parlor in front of you. I love that there are no cars and you have to walk around.”

GROWING UP PLUS SIZE:  “I have always been chubby even as a little girl.  I remember when I was eight or maybe nine years old and I was a ballet dancer.  My ballet teacher said, “WOW you would look great if you lost weight.” I just remember thinking that should not be said to a nine year old.  I remember being really young and thinking these kids must not want to be my friend because I am overweight. Of course now I realize that was definitely not the reason, kids are kids.  The other specific memory was when I was getting ready for a dance at my summer beach club and I remember being upset because the dress did not fit me anymore.  My mom, out of the goodness of her heart, I know how she meant it; she said you would be such a beautiful girl if you lost weight.  I know she did not mean it to hurt my feelings, but it was just the way it came across.  I remember looking in the mirror later on and saying I am a beautiful girl, why do I have to lose weight? I am still beautiful, why does no one else see this?  Throughout the next couple of years those memories would pop up, but because of the confidence that I had built up inside of me it did not matter anymore.”

MEETING THE CAST OF GLEE:  “I had a chance to meet Amber Riley and we did not have a chance to talk that much, but she was so nice and super sweet. Talking about being plus size women never came up, we are who we are, that is obvious.  She is so amazing!  She is one of the characters that I identify with so much on the show.  Jane Lynch was absolutely incredible and so much fun.  The first thing she said to me was, “So I hear you have a pretty big and powerful voice. Sing something for me.”  So I sang Amazing Grace and she joined in with some harmony towards the end, and that is how we started my mentoring session.  We got to just talking for like 45 minutes about how I see myself and her career and she gave me great advice.  When I met Lea Michelle, all I kept thinking was she is glowing.  Her legs were so pretty, her skin is gorgeous, her legs were so shiny! I was shocked she was going to be our first mentor.  Watch the show you will see my reaction.  I thought wow this is actually happening and that can actually be me where she is standing one day. I was so overcome with emotion; I just broke down and cried.”

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