Win a $250 Giftcard from Lane Bryant and PLUS Model Magazine

Lane Bryant recently put out an exciting new collection called “The Lane Collection“. The Lane Collection is a mix of high quality fabrics and trendy pieces specifically made with plus-size women in mind. The Lane collection offers plus-size tops, dresses, pants, outerwear and jewelry.

PLUS Model Magazine is happy to be giving away a $250 Lane Bryant gift card.

To enter: Please check out the Lane Collection at and post which look you love best from the collection.

Contest begins December 2, 2012 – December 23, 2012.

Below are some of our favorite looks from the collection.


Lane Collection kitty wrap cardigan

Lane Collection long trench coat

Lane Collection ponte wedge dress

Lane Collection glitterati tunic

Lane Collection cold shoulder blouse


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  1. Jackie M says

    I love a classic crisp white shirt and it would look fantastic paired with my two favorite pieces in this collection: the tuxedo skirt and the leather stripe skirt.

  2. Jermina Bandy says

    I like the Lane Collection Cold Shoulder Blouse. It can be worn with Jeans, a skirt, or slacks.

  3. nichol perez says

    I absolutely love all the looks and wish I could buy them all but if I had to pick one I would choose it would be the Lane Collection modern moto leather jacket outfit. I love this whole outfit and I can use this jacket to dress up or down all the beautiful items.

  4. says

    Can’t decide between the “wine-drenched leather blazer” and the “leather stripe skirt”; I guess I’d just have to wear them together 😉

  5. Danielle says

    My favorite look BY FAR is the Lane Collection wine-drenched leather blazer paired with the Lane Collection Jaguar ponte jegging

  6. Casey N Mclendon says

    Oh I cant chose one! lol Love the Glitterati Tunic! Love the Dolman Sweater! The twist front shell in that coppery color is too cute! But I dont know about fitting my nursing boobs in there lol The Foiled ruffled tank is so pretty! OK enough pretend shopping! lol Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas! I am so glad I found your Facebook page and website it is such an inspiration to plus size women like me!

  7. Margaret T. Breese says

    The Lane Collection Cold shoulder top is my fave…..flashy but not trashy!!!!!!



  8. Jacquie says

    Wow! I feel so fortunate to finally be living in a world where my spending influence matters! (What it really comes down to.) Nice they found the chubby girls in the cornfields, just waiting for the dumb retailers to bring it to us so we could buy!! Thanks to you, PMM – for your efforts in giving them the GPS or whatever it took to find us. We’re not hard to miss as a group, I feel like the fashion industry just cast an invisibility spell on us in the ’60’s! (Seriously, try to find vintage over 1X – dare ya!)
    Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Nice collection, LB! Glad you’re catching up & realizing our standards are much higher now & we’ve got lots of choices. People will want to shop with you instead of ‘having’ to shop with you. There’s not much I don’t like, but I LOVE 3 pieces. The wine drenched leather jacket, the twist tank in bronze & the gorgeous glitterati tunic you have pictured above.
    We’ve come a long way, babies!

  9. Karla Boster says

    I absolutely love the Trench Coat. Although, I have to say, I don’t wear dresses but I would try the black Shirred Dress.

  10. says

    So many great looks to choose from! I am really drawn to the leather stripe skirt – so versatile & would go with tons of things already in my wardrobe.

  11. Dorian says

    Its a tie for me. I think the body con dress and the lace shirt are my favorites. Absolutely beautiful

  12. faradyke says

    Favorite single item is Lane Collection wine-drenched leather blazer.
    Also like the leggings with several of the longer shirts/sweaters/ and short dresses.

  13. Autumn says

    My favorite item is the Lane Collection glitterati tunic. I feel like no matter where I wear it to, I would look so glamourous. It looks like so much fun to wear.

  14. angel says

    although all of the looks are hot.. i love the Lane Collection long trench coat. its sassy. i can see merocking it now with the pointe wedge dress

  15. angel says

    although all looks are hott.. i love the trench coat! its soo sassy.. i can see myself rocking it along with the pointe wedge dress

  16. Shauna says

    How can you choose only one thing?!
    I’m in love with the chiffon & sequin high low top and the gilded sweater!

  17. Loretta Rodman says

    I absolutely love the Lane Collection foiled ruffle tank along with the skinny jeans! Add a pair of pumps and awesome accessories and your all set!! :))))

  18. Tiffany D. Walker says

    The new Lane Bryant Lane Collection is amazing! These runway inspired looks are absolutely fab for the season! From the dresses to the jewelry, this collection leaves very little to be desired! One of the stand out pieces to me is the Ponte Wedge Dress! Pair that with the Inkwell Cocktail ring, Bracelet set, and Earrings with a sick pair of boots and you have a look that is wearable day and night for a plus size diva like myself! Perfection!

  19. Michelle says

    I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but I didn’t really like any of the outfits or jewelry from the Lane Collection. Too flashy…not something that I would wear.

  20. Gwandma says

    Lane Collection gilded sweater, loving this sweater. It would look so great on me with my hair color and body style.

  21. Julie Valora says

    I love the Ponte Wedge Dress, but I don’t know if I could pull it off. It’s gorgeous though!

  22. Cynthia Cockcroft says

    I would love to win the $250 Lane Bryant gift card. I am in desperate need of some new clothes. My favorite outfit is the Petal Print Blouse with the double agent ponte jacket, Jaguar ponte jeggings and tall boots.

  23. Amber says

    What a lovely giveaway! It’s great to see the beautiful model Candice Huffine modeling the new Lane Bryant collection too! I really love the pretty Drape Neck Sequin Dress, and the Sequin Embellished Halter Top, so pretty and festive! :) Thanks!

  24. Heather O'Shea says

    LOVE the Lane Collection ponte wedge dress – it would be perfect for my company Holiday party.

  25. faith b says

    I like the Reptile embossed dress the best because it is totally sexy and will flatter any figure! It is simple but elegant and will be great for a night out on the town or a party! Love it! I

  26. dana turner says

    I would honesty wear any items from the New Lane Collection, but I think I would choose the Kitty Wrap Cardigan and the Glitterati Tunic as my top favorites. :)

  27. Demi G. says

    I love the Glitterati Tunic from the Lane Collection. It’s really pretty and would definitely spice up my wardrobe.

  28. Bridget m Lionello says

    I LOVE the Glitterati Tunic! It would be perfect for New Year’s.
    I could use the gift card for a new wardrobe now that I’ve had weight loss surgery and am down 7 sizes and need new clothes badly.

  29. WANDA says

    Hello everyone, the outfits i love from the Lane Bryant Lane Cllection are the ponte wedge dress, kitty wrap cardigan, lace print skinny jean, and the lace shirt. LOVE IT

  30. Jaime says

    I really like the Lane Collection chiffon & sequin high low top. Would look great with jeggings.

  31. Bianca Mintor says

    The LC glitterati tunic looks great. It’s in style but not only that. It pops and allows a full figured women’s look to pop. Add the LC long trench to it to give it a bit of a subtle look if you don’t want to “pop” too much. :)

  32. Jamallah Bergman says

    I so love the Lane Collection Ponte Wedge Dress and especially with the way the model is wearing it in the photo. I so love the dress

  33. says

    This adorable and chic asymmetric sweater

    paired with these SUPER cute and sexy Lace print skinny jeans

    Wowee! Thats my favorite look from the collection. 😀 Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  34. Lisa Hargis says

    Well looking at the collection I couldn’t agree more than to say ….you can dress it down and dress it up!Each piece dosent stand alone….every thing can be mix &matched….makes it easy to figure out what to wear.I also want to say the name speaks for its self….spells out quality in my fashion book!;-)

  35. Jasmine Flagg says

    The Lane Bryant “Lane collection” is Fan-FREAKIN-tabulous. But I especially love the chiffon and sequence high low top although the ponte wedge dress is pretty hot too. I love a dress with a sneaky pocket.

  36. Ritchie Annand says

    The Lane Collection double agent ponte jacket looks mighty fine. Note: if you’re a double agent, this is probably a dead giveaway, so don’t wear it :)

  37. Jessy B. says

    Lane Bryant, I think I’m totally head over heels in love with your Lace Print Skinny Jeans! I could easily dress them up or down for the right occasion. So smoking hot!

  38. Crystal Blaylock says

    I so love them all it is hard to choose one, but if I would have to choose one I would maybe go with the wedge dress I love it.

  39. says

    I have 2 faves: 1. The gilded sweater (saw someone wearing it online and I HAD to post it on my blog) and 2. The bodycon dress. They are 2 of many wonderful pieces and I would love to add them to my wardrobe and show them off on my blog!!!

  40. says

    My favorite outfits from the Lane Collection are the Glitterati Tunic, the body con dress, and the leather stripe skirt. I think all these items are perfect for a holiday party and bring in the new year!

  41. says

    The black leather stripe pencil skirt is dramatic and sexy! I’ve not seen anything like this in any other collection on the market for plus size Fashion. The collection itself is stunning. However, I would like to see more structure in the different bodice choices, so woman with fuller busts would not always have to look bigger than they are. See you beautiful ladies in January, and [email protected].

  42. Coleen W. says

    The Tawny Port Wine drenched leather blazer, the Crisp White shirt with metallic buttons, & the black Evie embellished straight leg jeans from The Lane Collection are winners in my book! :)

  43. says

    So first off, I absolutely love everything! Not only are there trendy pieces but also so many staple pieces you can carry on through the years. Being a college student I love to go out with my friends and flaunt my curves wherever I go. For my perfect “going out” outfit I would start off with some skinny jeans. My favorite are the Lane Collection Lace Print Skinny Jeans or the Jaguar Ponte Leggings. I would then pair it with a standout top like the Twist Front Shell top in the color Poseidon. I would then pair it with an awesome leather jacket like the Modern Moto Leather Jacket. Throw on a pair of cute flats or boots. Put on some simple pretty earrings like the Ink Drop Earrings and I’m ready to go!

  44. Alisa Askins says

    So many things to love! I would love to win the $250 Giftcard so I could get the Lace Print Skinny Jeans. Feminine yet edgy…chic & stylish. What more could you ask for?!

  45. Nikki Garza says

    Absolutely loooove the wine drenched leather blazer! And the moto leather jacket isn’t too bad either! :)

  46. Denise R. says

    I love so many things from this collection but since I have to pick one, I will have to say the Leather Striped Skirt.

  47. Leticia A. says

    I want to rock this look! Please make it happen!! The LC Glitterati Tunic with black leggings and a black cardigan. I would wear them with black heels that have gold spikes on them! And finish the outfit with the LC Torsade Drop Necklace. I can imagine how pretty I would look!! OMG! I hope I win! I love Lane Bryant!! Would also love the magazine for ideas on how to find outfits that look better on my type of body! :)

  48. Margaret T. Breese says

    The Lane Collection Cold Shoulder top….perfect with leggings or skinny jeans!!!


  49. Iben Pedersen says

    Really love the Lane Collection glitterati tunic 😉 so fancy and great for a party together with my darling husband 😉

  50. Tilly Lewis says

    Lane Bryant’s new line has some beautiful pieces. I am loving the Lane Collection glitterati tunic; it’s perfect for the holidays, or a night on the town :)

  51. Christine T says

    I like a feel, but its between the ponte wedge dress, and the crisp white shirt & stripped leather skirt.

  52. Karin says

    The Lane Bryant Asymmetric sparkle dress will be awesome belted for the Christmas party with friends.

  53. Keely says

    I love the lace print skinny jeans with the gilded sweater! But I’m also feeling the glitterati tank with the leggings and boots!

  54. Zadry Ferrer-Geddes says

    I am definitely torn between the Lane Collection glitterati tunic & the Lane Collection kitty wrap cardigan. They would both make wonderful fabulous additions to my closet.

  55. April Shari Gordon says

    The Lane Collection long trench coat is hawt!!! I am all about looking good inside out. When you go out with this coat on, you have to wear something that is fire underneath (like the Lane Collection tuxedo skirt, lace shirt, golden inkwell earrings and cocktail ring ). This coat will turn heads alone. It looks like a modern super girl cape…lol. I will love to win the Lane Bryant $250.00, this will be the first thing that I will purchase.

  56. estatetailor says

    My favorite is a toss up between the lace shirt and the foiled ruffled tank. Hope to see it offered in silver soon!

  57. Ava Rose says

    I love the Lane Collections Black Reptile Embossed dress paired with the Wine drenched leather blazer, with inkwell necklace, ink drop earrings, and golden inckwell bracelet.

  58. Arla says

    I am in love with the lace print jeans! That with a leather jacket, one of those suppose tops or the twist front top – love!!!!

  59. Ashley P says

    I love love love the 2nd dress above from Collection 4 I believe, like a bodycon dress, resembling the lovely curves “WE” voluptuous women are blessed with :-) Love it!!!!

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