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Rosie Mercado, Curvy Beauty, Size 22 and Star of Curvy Girls Graces Cover of PLUS Model Magazine

plus-model-magazine-with-rosie-mercadoEditor-in-Chief of PLUS Model Magazine, PMM, (,) Madeline Jones, well known for promoting equal rights for plus size women in fashion, makes a statement by putting the first-ever, size 22 model on the cover of this month’s issue of PMM.

Featured is one of todays’ talented and stunning plus models, designers, spokespersons and Star of Curvy Girls, Rosie Mercado. “Rosie is amazing on every level, and readers will love getting to know her, getting to know the woman who loves her body and inspires each of us to do the same,” comments Jones. “Loving your body does not mean advocating obesity, it means advocating for your life. Someone who loves their body will take care of their body and pay attention to it and not ignore it; Rosie is the embodiment of this philosophy.”

“No, I am not a size 10, and that’s okay, but I want to be inspired by someone my size,” comments Mercado. “I have a right to be in a catalog, on a website, gracing a billboard, dancing in a music video, even sitting in a position of power as a CEO or political figure. Other women like myself need to see role models that inspire and help to create a movement towards encouraging women to follow their dreams, make positive choices and celebrate themselves, no matter the size. I am here to push forward and open the doors for diversity; this is my way of leaving my imprint on this world so other women can follow their dreams as well.”

View the PMM Cover and Read Rosie’s interview in the June 2013 issue of PLUS Model Magazine

About PLUS Model Magazine
Editor-in-Chief, Madeline Jones / PLUS Model Magazine (PMM), the, premiere virtual magazine, blog and media outreach celebrates the plus size fashion, beauty and plus modeling industries. PMM inspires readers to thrive in their curves, crave contemporary fashion and design their lives, on their own terms, sans apologies. PLUS hit viral status in January 2012 for their explosive and controversial editorial, “Plus Bodies, What’s Wrong with Them Anyway?” and has appeared on/in ABC World News with Diane Sawyer,,, Entertainment Tonight and 200+ other media outlets.


Madeline Jones
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  1. Renee

    June 5, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    What’s funny is that this particular model doesn’t have the face of someone who is a size 22 (usually has a double or triple chin and rolls on the neck). Her face and neck appear more the look of someone who’s a size 14-18. This model is beautiful in her own right. However, I hope that she aspires to reduce to a healthier size. It’s common knowledge that added weight brings with it health problems over time – something I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I am currently combating a weight problem and it can be a daily struggle at times.

  2. Diana

    June 6, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    Renee, Not all size 22’s have double or triple chins. I believe it is incorrect to make stereotypes about someone’s size. Plenty of women can have triple or double chins at any size, it is all about genetics. I have friends who are a size 14 and have loose skin around their face or neck. I believe that you shouldn’t tell someone what they must do because they are a different size. That is between them and their own doctor. I know plus size women who are perfectly healthy.

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