Win A Plus Size Swimsuit of Your Choice from, one of the leading plus-size swimsuit companies,  is giving one of our readers the swimsuit of her choice!

Whether you love a one piece, tankini or something a little more sexy, has it for you.

To enter:

1) Visit

2) Choose the swimsuit you love most

3) Come back to this post and let us know which one you love most and why.

Giveaway ends July 31st

Happy Shopping!

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Here are some of our personal favorites:

Swim Sexy Color Block V-Neck Swimsuit


Marilyn Monroe Black Stripe Cross Back Swimdress



Swim Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini


b. belle Inagua Plus Size 6-in-1 Convertible Dress



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  1. kim says

    I love the Marilyn Monroe Black Stripe Cross Back Swimdress. its a sexy but sophisticated bathing suit that will cover up my tummy lol

  2. Jackie Scott says

    If I could have any suit it would be the Swim Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini…. I love this suit because it is pretty much the LBD of the swim world…. Classy, Sleek, and supper flattering! <3 IT

  3. says

    I definitely found myself most attracted to the Swim Sexy line of bathing suits. Their cuts are fun and attractive and I love the way they play with colors and material.

    My favorite is the Swim Sexy B/H with Black Side Cut Out. It is fun and flirty. It is attention grabbing and a bit unique. I love it when plus fashion is bold enough create sleek and sexy pieces for their customers!

  4. Candice Kelly says

    I love the Marilyn Navy Polka Dot Ruched One Piece! It looks flattering and sexy too! I was impressed with the style and attention to detail for a plus size suit. Usually swimsuits are not so attractive and fashionable in our size….love it!

  5. Laurie Flanagan says

    I love the Marilyn Monroe Rose Cross Back Swimdress! The vintage pattern caught my eye then the features – cross back style will ensure the straps stay up. The shirred front with powernet will hold my tummy tight and the top will support and enhance my generous bust. I absolutely love it! I’m a size 22 and usually wear a tankini, but this is a one piece that would work for me.

  6. Megan J says

    I found the Aquabelle Color Blocked Water Unitard and have to have. I want to compete in a triathlon and thought this would be the perfect suit!

  7. Jennifer says

    It’s really hard to find sexy, flattering, retro bathing suits, but it looks like the Delta Burke Red Twist Front Swimsuit might just be the one! I love the red color, love the simple lines and it looks like it’ll suck you up in all the right places. :)

  8. Leni says

    The Delta Burke Red Twist Front Swimsuit stands out for me because of its glamorous style.

  9. Sarah A says

    Swim Sexy Deep Pink Mesh One Shoulder Swimsuit because it has a flattering color blocking, looks supportive and is flattering for any color or size. Also, i love the one shoulder, you don’t find many of those anymore.

  10. Karen says

    I love the Roxanne Lingerie Maillot 1 Piece Suit. It shapes your body so good, and seems very comfortable.

  11. Beverly Nevils says

    B. belle sassy plus size halter skirtini…the cute one piece is flirty with a little pink bow that begs to be undone…sexy illusion, simple style

  12. Tamara Skipski says

    b. belle Sassy Plus Size Tie Front Halter Boy Shortini

    Beautiful swimsuit

  13. Nadine Florent says

    I love the Swim Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini, because i’ve always wanted to try a two piece but being a thick woman I don’t want to bare it all. I feel like this covers in all the right places and you still get to show off.

  14. says

    b. belle Sassy Plus Size Tie Front Halter Boy Shortini

    Beautiful swimsuits I like all the styles but this pink and black swimsuit is my favorite.

  15. Beverly Nevils says

    b. belle Sassy Plus Size Tie Front Halter Skirtini . that’s the one for me!! it’s sexy but demure with the little pink ribbon…a sensual illusion, that bow is just asking to be undone!

  16. Karen says

    I absolutely love the Marilyn Rose Swimdress for its retro glamour, cute cheeky print and sexy lines

  17. monika says

    I love the GabiFresh for s4a Hot Pink B/H Convertible Bikini because of the convertible feature! and also i love the bright colours :)

  18. says

    I like the retro high-waist bikini because it has that great vintage feel… And I can wear a two-piece and still feel all tucked in where I need it, after having twins :-p

  19. Kitteeva Allen says

    I don’t wear any color but black because of my size. But as i looked through the bathing suits the one that caught my eye was the infinity blu coral. And its not black, wow. Really, really beautiful

  20. says

    I would love to win Swim Sexy Stamped Tropical Plus Size Twist Front Halter Swimdress I looks like it would really compliment my body type

  21. marilu says

    The swimsuit that I loved is Marilyn Monroe Black Cross Over Halter Swimsuit. Even though I have never ever wore a swimsuit I would wear this one.

  22. Caitlin says

    My favourite kind of swimsuits are the Shortini ones. :) There are three that I love, two b.belle ones (Tameless and Buttercup), and the Swim Sexy Garden Party Shortini. They’re all gorgeous prints, and I love the tank and short swimwear combination.

  23. Abby says

    Such a hard decision!!! I love the delta Burke twist front and I love the swim sexy fringe bandeau!

  24. renee says

    Marilyn Monroe Black Stripe Cross Back swim dress and gabi fresh s4a sheer galaxy tshirt. or Infinity Blu Coral Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Swimdress
    im glad you have such sexy swim suits for bigger girls!

  25. Rae says

    i like everything the site has but if had to pick on it would be the Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini

  26. says

    The Swim Sexy B/H with Black Side Cut Out is by far my favorite! I have seen a lot of bathing suits and on more than just this website, I have to say this is the best bathing suit I have ever seen!

    A lot of plus-size bathing suits try to cover and it’s nice, but we’re sexy women too! We have curves and we want to show them off! This adds just enough coverage, but yet has that “revealing” feel about it. The cut of the suit is beautiful and it really accentuates the curves. I like that it can be strapless or a halter top. That is always something I look for in a bathing suit. Sometimes you want a tan with no lines. I like that is has a older style with a newer flare. The side cut outs really make the suit!

  27. Alyssa says

    Marylin cross over halter!! I love this im pretty sure this is the same one tess had on this weekend!!

  28. Autumn says

    Swim Sexy Diamond Monokini with Hardware

    This swimsuit is sexy and I fill that it would flatter me because of my curviness. I love the blue color and that it has a belt coming around it. LOVE THIS BATHING SUIT!!!

  29. says

    I am really in love with the Beach Belle Oasis Blouson Cargo Shortini! I love that it doesn’t look like an ordinary swimsuit, and it looks like it would be really flattering.

    Mostly Lisa

  30. Candice Kelly says

    The Swim Sexy Waterfall Swimdress is one of my favorites….it is so hard to choose just one! This site has so many flattering plus choices in swimwear, which is unusual, but wonderful! Love it!

  31. marie salter says

    First off I Love Marilyn! and this print with the side split just oozes sexy. my fave is the Marilyn Monroe Leopard Convertible Swimdress

  32. says

    Swim Sexy is definitely the brand that fits me the most.
    With its soft and sexy lines, is really the best choice to look at your best on the beach, not only with its swimsuits but also with its dresses and fashion!
    For me was love at first sight with the Infinity Blu Squalo Shirred Bandeau/Halter Swimdress…
    It’s my must have because i love its retro and classy style, and also because I’ve always wanted a swimdress…Until now I hadn’t found the right one for me…this one is!!!

  33. says

    I love the Marilyn Monroe Rose Cross Back Swimdress and I must say the model is rocking the heck out of it!!! So, yeah I love the pin up look & this suit would fit that style :-)

  34. Rochelle Hamel says

    I love the Marilyn Cross Back stripe suit. I teach water aerobics, and it would cover when I have to get on deck, as well as in the water. Plus, it’s sexy and would fit!

  35. tracy says

    Marilyn Monroe Black Stripe Cross Back Swimdress

    This suit has those curves and is beautiful

  36. Melissa says

    I love the GabiFresh for s4a Hot Pink B/H Convertible because of the bright color and great option for plus size bikini!

  37. Martha says

    I love Infinity Blu Eclipse Bandeau/Halter Plus Size Twist Front Swimdress, the retro look of this swimsuit is awesome.

  38. Tyra says

    I lovvvve this bathing suit ( swim sexy stripes bandeau swim b/w). The halter part creates a sleek sexy lift to the chest. I love the fact that it is one peice displaying that plus size women can rock a one piece and still can be sexy and fashionable. Lastly, the black and white stripes even though they are simple colors this bathing suit will look great with bright, bold red lipstick. Thanx for the giveaway!

  39. Jalisa J. says

    I love the GabiFresh for s4a Lime B/H Convertible Bikini the color is amazing and I love the style! It’s fun look for a plus sized girl and I will feel very sexy and confident in this bikini while at the beach.

  40. Devin Bellman says

    I am loving the b. belle Sassy Plus Size Halter Skirtini ( the black one with the pink bow)!

  41. Keiva says

    Swim Sexy Teal Aqua Floral Shirred Bandeau/Halter Swimdress is my favorite. I love this because it gives off such a summery vibe, and the print on it is just adorable. I think it’d be very flattering to my shape.

  42. Kenner Wilcox says

    I like the Swim Sexy Black Mesh V Inset suit because it is sexy (shows some cleavage), you could disguise it as a top with a pant suit, and it slims the the body while showing your curves.

  43. Brianna N says

    Swim Sexy Eclipse Monokini with Hardware
    It has the traditional one piece look, but the chunks of skin that most bigger women are afraid to show, but I tell you what? I am dying to show those little chunks of skin, I love the thought of leaving something to the imagination, looking sexy yet classy at the same time.

  44. Kristine Thompson says

    I am absolutely in love with the Swim Sexy Black Side Cut Out Swimsuit. It is the perfect combination of chic and sexy and will be a great compliment to my curves. I can already picture my ensemble: vintage looking sunglasses, a wide brim sun hat to add on the glam and a sheer kimono style cover up for a little personality. Sun-kissed skin, the cool ocean breeze, a tropical drink…divine!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  45. Tori says

    I love the Swim Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini and the Delta Burke Red Twist Front!

  46. Tear says

    Oh my decisions, decisions!!! I love the swim sexy in deep pink and black! But, I also like the Marilyn Monroe black/white swim dress.

  47. Sabrina says

    The Maralyn Monroe Rose Crossback! She was a stunning plus size woman with spirit. A wonderful role model for a plus size woman like me.

  48. says

    Leopard Tropical One Shoulder Swimdress: great looking suit – sexy and just enough color without being over bearing, slimming, and appears to support those with a heavier and/or larger bust.

  49. Kelly Young says

    Ocean Aquashape Royal Conservative Lap Suit, because as a swim instructor and lap swimmer, the chlorine resistance and racer or cross back are awesome.

  50. Mary Chavez says

    I LOVE the swim sexy retro high waist bikini. I would rock this at the beach or at the lake! Not ashamed to rock the bikini

  51. Mary says

    I love the swim sexy retro high waist bikini. I would rock this at the beach or the lake! I am not scared to rock the bikini!

  52. Sheriden Denehey (aka Sheri Nunyabiz on facebook) says

    Marilyn Monroe Rose Cross Back Swimdress is the one I like best. Not for me but for my 27 year old daughter Katie Flower although I totally love your swimwear. She was diagnosed earlier this year with MS and has an upcoming holiday in Thailand with one of her girlfriends after a recent MS relapse. She loves to swim, she is still working and going through a new round of treatment which has a number of side effects. I love her and would like to see something special happen for her to make her feel good about herself as she has so much to deal with at the moment. I think she may be a size 22.

  53. Rana Durham says

    Swim Sexy Stripes Bandeau Swimsuir with Adjustable Straps is my favorite.

  54. Taylor Shanle says

    I absolutely love the Swim Sexy Black Side Cut Out Swimsuit! It looks extremely flattering and it would be nice to have a cut-out swimsuit that doesn’t make everything bulge.

  55. ChristineS says

    I love the swim sexy black mesh v inset suit. It is sexy without being flashy.

  56. Amber says

    I adore the pretty Swim Sexy Teal Aqua Floral Swimdress! It’s so pretty, the colors are perfect for Summer, and the retro style cut would look great on my body and give me confidence! I think this suit might even be suitable for surfing! So I’d love to see for myself. Thanks so much!

  57. Barb Wagar says

    It was so hard to choose which ones I liked best…. just one is impossible… so here are my two faves!
    Swim Sexy Cool Mint Plus Size Sash Halter Royal Slit Skirtini
    Swim Sexy Pink Mosaic Plus Size Pink Tankini

  58. Sarah M. says

    You mean I have to choose one one favourite? I love so many of them! :) If I have to choose, though, I’d go with Swim Sexy Eclipse Plus Size Twist Front Bandeau/Halter Slit Skirtini. It’s lovely.

  59. Sheila p says

    I love the GabiFresh Lime Convertible Bikini! I love that you can wear this 6 different ways! My favorite look is the high waisted bottom, very fashionable! I never knew this site existed! But I will be sure to spread the word! Thank you for the opportunity to win such a wonderful gift!

  60. Tami Price says

    Swim Sexy Oahu Bandeau/Halter Swimdress is the closest thing to perfect I have ever seen and I have looked and bought and I have never been quite satisfied! I usually prefer separates (it still may not fit right)but,as far as having details that I like,this one is awesome! I want a BRIGHT(as bright as possible)halter/bandau with thin strap and the bottom( sz difference)a straight skirt(don’t like the lilly pad effect) I bought a bottom from you cause I already had top(bottom got damaged)from a diff. store,I love the fit,but it does the lilly pad thing in the water. This suit looks like it might fit both top and bottom and NO LILLY PAD!!! It could use day-glow neon colors,but this is REALLY good,the best I have found for women my sz! I really hope I win the suit because I already have one that functions but,it’s NOT SEXY and the cut of the top is wrong and I can’t afford to buy another one till this one is no longer usable! Thank you!

  61. Stephanie Foley says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 6-in-1 Convertible Dress, And I love this Web site! Thank you for finally making products that fits us ” Normal size” woman!

  62. Christina says

    I’ve been wanting to try a bikini so the Swim Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini is calling my name!

  63. Danielle Jackson says

    Going on a cruise in August and would love to wear the Delta Burke Red Twist Front Swimsuit or the Marilyn Monroe Coral Convertible Swimdress…both are flattering to all body types and are classic and beautiful!

  64. says

    I am absolutely in love with the Swim Sexy Teal Aqua Floral Shirred Bandeau/Halter Swimdress, the print is great :)

  65. Sheila D. says

    It is so sexy,gorgeous, and makes you feel so feminine! I think this would be wonderful to take on our 11th Anniversary…. ( sexy kitten….)

  66. says

    Swim Sexy Black Mesh One Shoulder Swimsuit Style # 2684 is definitly my favour! I’m a plus size girl (UK 18) and afoten I don’t felle myself sexy, I think this is the perfect model to minimize the part I don’t like in me and to show the part i like. Thank you!

  67. Margaret M says

    I am totally in love with the Swim Sexy Leopard B/H Retro Bikini because A. two pieces for large busts that don’t look “old ladyish” are really hard to find. B. It really is super sexy!!

  68. says

    I LOVE the Marilyn Monroe Navy Polka Dot Ruched One Piece, but I’ve never been able to find it in my size :( It’s got a casual, yet retro look, and appears to be very flattering for the tummy. My size would be 16-18. If that’s not available I have MANY other favs. I’ve narrowed it down to The Beach Belle White Banded and the Delta Burke Royal Twist Front. They both have a retro look (which I love 😉 ), appear to possibly fit my boobs, and are casual yet sophisticated. Thanks!

  69. Enjoli W says

    Infinity Blu Coral Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Swimdress!
    I love the color and style!

  70. Enjoli W says

    I love the color and style of the Infinity Blu Coral Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Swimdress!

  71. pamela schinner says

    i am in love with the Swim Sexy reptile cheeta boy shortini; i love the color combo in an awsome animal print! The rouching and bustline on the Swin Sexy Eclipse B/H tankini is also really gorgeous–i could see myself getting both:)

  72. Robin says

    I like the Beach Belle Cerise Lingerie Swim dress. Although, it was difficult to narrow it down to just one… I think that this one would be a good choice for me because it is simple and cute, flattering while still making me comfortable.

  73. Tracy Vosloo says

    b. belle Techno Floral Plus Size Halter Twist Front Swimdress…
    Because every woman should be in touch with her sensual being…
    This swimsuit is demure but oh so sexy!

  74. Jessica Likas says

    I love the black Marilyn crossover halter. It looks sophisticated and stylish, and very flattering!!

  75. agnès says

    I chose the delta burke ocean motion swimdress. The woman is so prety in it, it is sober and chic, very feminine and looks to fit perfect even on gossip woman so..i love it!

  76. Mary Chavez says

    I would so rock the swim sexy retro high waist bikini! It would be great to flaunt my curves at the beach or the lake….AWESOME

  77. Stacey says

    The infinity blu eclipse bandeau halter twist front swim dress is adorable. I like that it’s classy and fun. The skirt is flirty too.

  78. Christina says

    I love the Marilyn Monroe Black Stripe Cross Back Swimdress!! It is so sexy yet stylish. I love the way it is so figure flattering and chic.

  79. Reesa M says

    My favorite is the Marilyn Monroe Coral Convertible Swimdress….Love this bathing suit!!!

  80. Aniyah Stubblefield says

    Black Mesh One Shoulder swimsuit is cute and looks very figure flattering. This swimsuit will have all eyes on’s a show stopper and I would love to have it.

  81. Mary Ann says

    So hard to choose from so I picked either the Beach Belle Pink Ombre Tropical Plus Size Empire Skirtini or the Penbrooke Blue Villa d’Este Plus Size Side Tie Bandeau Tankini.

  82. Nichole Spencer says

    I am actually torn between 3 different suits – The Marilyn Rose Cross Back, The Delta Burke White Twister and The Infinity Blu Squalo Shirred Bandeau/Halter Swimdress.

    All three look great on the body and are actually attractive and make the woman look attractive as opposed to some of the mumu-esque suits that some sites have. And they’re not covered in large flowers like most suits. They’re sexy, sophisticated, chic, and very feminine like.

  83. Natiwya Saddler says

    I am in love with the Retro High waist bikini. Being a plus sized young adult swim suit shopping is the absolute worst, because of this I don’t own a bathing suit. When I do go swimming I wear shorts and a t shirt. i can never find a swim suit just right for me. I need a swim suit that holds up and tightens up my body and last makes me feel comfortable and confident about myself. I have yet to find a bathing suit that ,matches this description and I think that the Retro High Waist bikini fits this description. And i need something for my senior trip with my friends before I go to college…I don’t want to wear shorts and a T-shirt again, I want to wear a fabulous bathing suit

  84. says

    My favorite swimsuit is the Swim Sexy B/H with Black Side Cut Out.
    Why? Very simple.

    Im proud of my curves and I love to show them, Im tired of boring swimwear that does not show who we truly are. Since society dictates that size 0 is the norm we try to hide our beautiful bodies in boring clothing and that is not fair. We should take responsibility and action about becoming role model to all those plus sized women out there that does not feel good about themselves. Maybe it is just a swimsuit, but for me? a plus sized 24 year old women means change and appreciation.

  85. Courtney says

    Infiniti Blu Bronze One Shoulder is a must for me. I like the color and the style fits with the trend.

  86. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

    I love the Longitude Blue Lil Wings Plus Size Empire Lingerie Swimdress,Beach Belle Passion Plus Size Ring Front Tunic,Boho Gold Foil Kimono Dress,b. belle Mediterranean Plus Size Halter Maxi Dress and Beach Belle Pink Bandeau Halter Twist Front Plus Size Maxi Dress.I love the styles and think they would flatter my figure

  87. says

    All tho I find it hard to pick just one, I ha decided on Swim Sexy Snake Bandeau/Halter Swimdress, I love the red! Make a statement!

  88. Brianna Warner says

    I love the Infinity Blu Eclipse B/H Swimdress! It’s vintage flare is just what I am looking for this summer! xx, Brie

  89. Amber L says

    Infinity Blu Flare Shirred Bandeau/Halter Swimdress or Marilyn Monroe Navy Polka Dot Ruched One Piece Swimsuit. Hard to choose!

  90. says

    I love the Infinity Blu Flare B/H Swimdress because its a beautiful bright color and it would show my beautiful curves.

  91. Chynna Harris says

    I really love the look of the Marilyn Monroe black stripe cross back swimdress. This swimdress will show off all of my curves just as a regular tight fitted dress would. I love any dress that shows curves because it brings the sexy out of you plus its been difficult for me to find a swimsuit in my size for a great price.

  92. Marcy says

    The “Marilyn Monroe Black Stripe Cross Back Swimdress” is my favorite because it incorporates modern trends of the 80’s with today’s present trends.

  93. Kelly B says

    Its the black and white polka dot they use on the retro swimsexy cover photo, i dont even see that they sell it any more. i loooooove the vintage/retro look. I want a two piece, the high wasted bottom makes me feel more confident.

  94. Shanda says

    Thank you so much for this contest! What an awesome prize!
    I would love to win the GabiFresh for s4a Convertible Bikini, I LOVE IT!

  95. Genie says

    I like the Eclipse Retro. It’s classy and simple and covers what I most want covered. It’s exactly the type of suit I’ve been looking for.

  96. Amy Flippin says

    Swim Sexy Techno Floral Plus Size Halter Twist Front Swimdress is perfect for cocktails poolside!

  97. Lily says

    I love the Marilyn Monroe Line! Especially the Marilyn Cross Over Black Halter One Piece and the Marilyn Monroe Navy Polka Dot One Piece. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Navy Polka dot because I love the print, but I love them both! They are both beautifully classic and perfect for my hour glass figure. I’m so glad that someone if finally creating attractive swimwear for regular women. Hurrah!

  98. Geri Wiltfong says

    I really love the Beach Belle Whirlpool Swimdress. It is the style I am use to and I like the print. I have not updated my swimsuit for over 10 years :( .

  99. natalie says

    Swim Sexy Black Mesh One Shoulder Swimsuit

    this is one of my favorite swimsuit on there website.
    GabiFresh for s4a Hot Pink B/H Convertible Bikini

    i already have this one Swim Sexy Geo Bandeau/Halter Ruched Swimsuit

    Infinity Blu Phoenix Crossover Swimsuit this one is beautiful

  100. Stacy says

    My favorite swimsuit…… Swim Sexy Eclipse Retro High Waist Bikini

    I love it because it shows of my sexy curves as well as preserves my sexy. I think this new bathing suit style is amazing because its showing and making a statement that big curvy girls can also show off their sexy :) Please Let me win because im going on vacation and this bathing suit is perfect for me :)

  101. Connie Johnson says

    I like the Nyala twist front swimdress. It looks like it would be flattering, supportive, and stylish!

  102. Ioanna Sourla says

    I absolutely love the Delta Burke Black Nautical Grommet Accent Swimdress, it’s very pretty and it looks so comfortable! 😀

  103. Erica says

    My favorite is the
    Infinity Blu Eclipse Bandeau/Halter Plus Size Twist Front Swimdress

    I think it captures most about what i like a swimsuit to be like. Classy, sexy, covers just enough and kinda retro! I want to flaunt my curves! Not be embarrassed by them. I think this suit says all those things beautifully!

  104. says

    I love this Convertible Bikini because it’s sexy, it’s white, and would compliment my skin color. It would also show off my curves! Every woman should be proud of her curves, no matter what anyone else says or thinks!

  105. Taisha says

    I love the Swim Sexy Rose Plus Size Fringe Bandeau/Halter Swimsuit best! It is not the standard ugly plus size floral bathing suit. It is young, sexy, and according to the reviews, it is great support for us busty girls!

  106. patricia grace says

    Beach Belle Punaluu Plus Size Burnout Dress

    love this style..not to sexy but once you get into water…u will look sexy..and i love the design n look comfortable…

  107. Marian says

    I love the bright colors of Longitude’s Blue Lil Wings. The accented bust area and swinging skirt are very flirty!

  108. says

    Nice idea for contest :) and it’s just the right time for it :) My favorite is
    Swim Sexy Black Mesh V Inset with Sash Swimsuit. Little teasing but not too much…with taste. Have fun girls and enjoy your vacations :*

  109. Katie McConnell says

    Penbrooke Glamour Girl One Plus Size Shoulder Tankini! I love the colors and I think its very flattering!

  110. Christina Richmond says

    Infinity Blu Coral Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Swimdress

    This swimdress is perfect for my body type and the color is beautiful!

  111. Lisa says

    I love the front zip on the Aquabelle Black Zip front suit! Also the color blocking works well to create some shape for those of us with a round figure.

  112. Wendy Hark says

    I love the Swim Sexy Cheetah Reptile Plus Size Side Shirred Boy Shortini because it would look great on and I love the colors.

  113. Katharine says

    Infinity Blu Coral Plus Size Bandeau/Halter Twist Front Swimdress
    What I’d give to feel beautiful in a bathing suit! This is perfect! It’s bright, flirty, girly and PINK. I don’t like the idea of always feeling like I need to wear dark colors to “hide” my body, so this would be a beautiful boost of confidence on the beach or by the pool! And did I mention it’s PINK??

  114. Sarah Chambers says

    I love so many of the swimsuits. I pick Delta Burke Red Twist Front. I am enrolled in a Aerobics Class to assist with the severe arthritis in my knees. A new swimsuits would be very nice to wear to my classes.

  115. Lynn says

    I love the Swim Sexy Poppy Spash Skirtini. Very fun colors and style, and the option to have more coverage on the bottom, or switch out a basic bikini bottom with the colorful cute top.

  116. Jennifer says

    I love the Swim Sexy Tie Dye Bandeaukini. The print is cute and the cut is flattering.

  117. Kyra B says

    i love the swim sexy eclipse suit retro high waisted. it’s so classic and chic. I really want to see if i could pull off a look like that

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