PLUS Model Magazine Highlight: 5 Poses (You Need To Know!) – Modeling 101 by Madeline Jones, PMM Editor-in-Chief

PLUS Model Magazine Highlight: 5 Poses (You Need To Know!) – Modeling 101 by Madeline Jones, PMM Editor-in-Chief 

Maddy poses blog post 8-21-13


Are you an aspiring model? If yes, there is a great informative article in our August 2013 issue for you! Our Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones offers her expert advice on 5 poses you need to know as a model. She explains how posing is one of the most important parts of modeling and then goes on to offer examples and great tips on getting your poses on point. It’s a great article and resource to prepare you for future bookings and casting calls.

To read more about 5 Poses You Need To Know – Modeling 101 in our August 2013 issue, click here. Maddy’s article is on pages 157-160. When you click on the above link, it will take you to the beginning of the magazine. To jump to certain pages, just enter your page number in the field circled in red in the image below.

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  1. Gina White says

    Yes, my daughter Angelea Star Richards is the Model I sent a picture of, she has been modeling since she was 8 yrs old. We are in Knoxville TN so not much Fashion Industry here. I am sending out her photos because I know she has what it takes to be a top Model. We just need some one to sign her. Everything I sent were not professionally done. She is just that photogenic. If you can help in any way that would mean a lot to us. I am Cyndi Laupers Second cousin and she is just so busy right now but we are trying to get Angel noticed and get her signed because I am currently trying to get my disability for fibromyalgia and am not able to work to provide her the transportation and the Professional modeling help she needs. And Cyndi says she can do it but she wants her to prove herself. But you saw the pics and everyone that sees them and her tells her she needs to be a model. If you could help get her photos out there we can get more pics of her doing any poses she needs. Her boyfriend is an amateur photographer and I have a wedding photography background. so let me know what you think. You can fb me at Gina Presciti White if you like. Thank you so much for your response, Sincerely Gina White

  2. says

    Yes I would like to know how to get my daughter into your magazine. She is not a signed model and I am managing her career. What can I do to get her in your magazine? Do you have any contests coming up? Can you put her photos on that back page of photos that are sent in by People that are not famous models yet. Thank you, Sincerely, Gina White

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