HookedUp Shapewear Wants To Help You Say Good-Bye to Rolling Shapewear FOREVER!

HookedUp Shapewear Wants To Help You Say Good-Bye to Rolling Shapewear FOREVER!

Hooked Up Shapewear main image

HookedUp Shapewear is a great brand in the world of shapewear that is unique and really sets itself apart from other shapewear brands.

What makes HookedUp Shapewear different from other brands? HookedUp Shapewear hooks securely to your bra so it will NOT roll down! Amazing, right?

HookedUp Shapewear‘s unique higher back design and hooking system not only ends any chance of rolling, it also eliminates that pesky space between a woman’s bra and the top of other brand shapewear where back fat “pops” out.

Take a look:

Hooked Up Shapewear image

HookedUp Shapewear eliminates discomfort too! Shapewear is uncomfortable when it rolls down, digs in and pinches your skin…because HookedUp Shapewear stays up, you’ll feel nothing but comfort all day long!

Bonus Features:

  • Seamless, stitch and elastic free finish details everywhere!
  • Ever experienced that mid-thigh shaper lump on your leg? Special built-in technology allows you to give the leg opening a gentle stretch and it miraculously conforms to YOUR body!
  • Each garment also comes with different width hooks that allow you to customize to any bra you may have in your wardrobe!
  • Do you wear a back smoothing bra? HookedUp Shapewear has taken that into consideration too! Each product comes with extenders that allow you reach the straps on these bras that are positioned higher.
  • Want to wear a strapless bra? Just connect the hooks into the loops on the strapless bra that are meant for the removable straps! Presto…strapless perfection!

There is no up-charge for sizes 1X, 2X and 3X. You should not be punished for wearing a bigger size.

Wow…a shapewear product that has thought of everything…it’s a dream come true!

To shop HookedUp Shapewear, click here.


  1. MayaLouise says

    This looks like a good product. However, isn’t it really hard work trying to go to the toilet? having to unclip everything?

  2. mia says

    Me i’m a full figured woman who has belly and back rolls and would like to see post of other woman such as myself modeling sizes 1-3x to get a better idea how it will fit to my body shape and if it’s the rite buy for me.

  3. Eggy says

    Hello, your product seems like a good idea but, what about the curvy lady that has to hook her bra in front then turn it to the back, how would this work for her?

  4. says

    Hey Ladies…just wanted to answer some of your questions!

    MayaLouise – One you’re HookedUp, you’re HookedUp…nothing has to come off! Our mid-thigh shaper has a split-gusset that allows for easy acess when “nature calls!” Our brief shapewear has a hook and eye closure at the crotch that completely opens up when you need to “go!”! The slip is open at the bottom.

    Eggy – This is not a problem at all! Here’s what you do: Hook your shapewear to your bra first (with the back band open). Holding both pieces together pull everything up like you would with a one piece bathing suit. Once you get everything up to your waist, this is when you should fasten the back closure of your bra. Once you fasten your bra, pull up the rest of the way…and you’re done! Totally Hookedup!

    Hope this helps ladies. If you have any other questions…I’m here to assist!

    xo Tara


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