Plus Size Fashion News: Fashion Retailer Eloquii is Making a Comeback!

Plus Size Fashion News: Fashion Retailer Eloquii is Making a Comeback!

Exciting news! Plus size retailer Eloquii is making its return!

If you visit their website (here), you will see the following homepage, which announces their comeback, happening in Spring 2014. Be sure to sign up for emails so you can be updated as to the actual launch date.

Eloquii return2

Eloquii was only in business for a year before shutting down their website. It was said that part of their downfall was lack of marketing and advertising. They have now been sold to a new owner so we’re hoping they make a loud comeback. Eloquii offered wonderful and affordable casual basics as well as denim, dresses, career wear and accessories in sizes 14 to 24.

We’re looking forward to their return and wish them great success as they are sorely missed by the plus size fashion community.

To visit the Eloquii website, click here.


  1. Winter says

    I had a feeling they would be back. They were a great brand and their only downfall was the poor marketing. I hope the come back better than ever with the same (or better) type of fashions that made us fall in love with them from the beginning! I was lucky enough to be a part of one of their focus groups over a year ago and it was a very nice experience. I was so happy for what new collections would bring and then I hear a couple of months later they were closing. I was so disappointed. But now I am so excited they are returning! I am waiting in eager anticipation!

  2. Karla V says

    I cannot wait, I was devasted….I love the site, clothes and the quality. I was buying every week smiles.

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