The “Fit Mom” Lashes Out Against The Plus Size Community

In a post published by TIME the ‘Fit Mom’ Maria Kang writes, “While I accept Facebook’s explanation that the post was pulled down automatically…it’s amazing to me that a company that hosts so much conversation and debate isn’t far more proactive about making sure that controversial views don’t get squelched on its network. It’s also amazing, frankly, that it took such a long time to get reinstated. Most disturbing, however, is that we now apparently live in a culture where other people deliberately try to and feel entitled to censor speech they dislike by labeling it hateful.”

Maria Kang1

She continues, “Have we really created a society so sensitive and weak that we cry ‘hate speech’ whenever someone points out the fine line we’re walking as a nation by promoting a healthy body image above actual health? Has the growing movement promoting ‘fat acceptance’ and even ‘fat pride’ gone so far that now we need a countervailing movement promoting ‘fit pride’?”Did she just call us weak? She could not live one day in our plus size shoes!This society is already very hateful towards the plus size community. We have had to become professional online customers since many brick and mortar stores do not want to carry plus size clothing, and most of the time when they do, it’s boxy, ill-fitting and in some corner of the store. While the plus size community has made great strides, we have fought for every inch of progress we have made. We have created our own opportunities since they have not been afforded to us. We have our own magazines, fashion week, models, designers, events and leaders who are committed to the cause. The cause being, equal rights for plus size people every where.

Fit pride itself is not hateful, but when it comes out of the mouth of someone who is obviously judging and inciting for people to hate on us, yes it is hateful! I’m pretty sure Maria Kang walks by many healthy “looking” people that are rotting inside. Yes, there are plus size people who are not healthy, but there are also skinny people with abs and rock hard arms that are not healthy either.

I don’t feel bad that her post was taken down and they should have kept it down. What she does is her business, and we are fine with that, but now you know that when you come after the plus size community you are going to get push back from all of us. After our original post ” ‘Fit Mom’ Versus ‘Curvy Girl’: Can You Really Tell What A Person’s Health Is By Looking At Their Size?” we received many messages of self love, pride and the overwhelming need for women in today’s society to love themselves every second of every day and not hate on their bodies. We are not sensitive or weak, we simply have come together and will not allow the hate to continue.

Read the entire TIME post here.

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  1. Kantess says

    Two wrongs do not make a right as a plus size woman I don’t understand how we as a community got entilited to inflict the same kind of pain we go through to a skinny person! Body shaming for any size is mean I’m ashamed to see how a lot of people lashed out at her

  2. Olivia Kent says

    This lady just needs to go away. No one cares about how fit she is; great, good for you. Our society thinks size 12 is plus size when it is the average woman size. I think as long as you are healthy and feel good about yourself then you are in good shape. For myself I do need to get my health under control but I want my curves! My husband loves my curves.

  3. Julie says

    I am a plus size woman who has no desire to be “skinny.” It’s not because I think “skinny” is wrong and “fat” is good…it’s because I refuse to have my self-worth defined by other people. My entire life people called me fat (when I wasn’t) and fat (when I was).

    Our obsession with what we think is healthy is reductions! I could never be 125lbs (which BMI says is the healthy range for someone my age and height). I would be skin and bones.

    Everything in moderation. Do we need to work out more as a society? Yep. Do I have the desire to workout for two hours a day five days a week? No. I shouldn’t be shamed for not wanting to be a gym rat either. I applaud women and men who want to do that. I think it’s awesome.

    But bullying of ANY kind from ANY one shouldn’t be tolerated.

  4. Alicia says

    As a society we need to stop using skinny as the barometer of health, it can mean health but it if inactive it is as unhealthy as someone who is obese and inactive.
    Further more as far as I am concerned Health is being at home in your world, loving and being loved, peace of mind, movement.
    I feel strongly that someone anyone who spews hate is unhealthy and it doesn’t matter how skinny or fat they are.

  5. shana says

    Uggh who is she to say whts your excuse are kidding me fat pride uggh how mature. Everyone has a vice and being skinny or big ethier way dosent define anyone what happen to beauty is on the inside. No body knows the next persons pain. It should not be ok to be a mean girl. I fell sorry for her and hope she gets the help she need to be pretty on inside.

  6. Katrina says

    In my option the debate here is over how society understands health. The lesson in my mind is not abut plus size or skinny its about finding health and the acceptace as a society that health true healh; physical, mental and emotional is not based on just scales and tapes or. clothing sizes. Its part of each. persons private journey. Teaching love acceptance and empowerment as not only women of every shape and size but as as people.

  7. says

    I’m so proud of the plus size community for having been able to come this far. Thank you to all the activists out there who have made such huge strides to carve a little part of the world where it’s OK to be who we are.

    Someone like Kang who’s determined to invade those spaces is not really a threat, just and annoyance. At the end of the day there’s nothing she can say that will make even the slightest difference to what I think. Accepting yourself, fat rolls and wobbly bits included, feels absolutely amazing.

    Curves are beautiful, fat chic’s are sexy as hell and individual health is everyone’s own private business.

  8. The Wiseman says

    It has been objectively studied for dozens of years that even those overweight people who do what they call sports have a greatly decreased life expectancy. So in light of rational science there is no healthy and fat.

  9. DiggerNick says

    She has a point about censorship though. Why should she have to take something down because other people find it offensive? Nowhere in the original picture she had posted did it say anything directly towards fat women. All it said was “what’s your excuse?”. Immediately people had to be the victims of her oh so terrible post and cry out that she promotes hate.

  10. Melissa says

    All I can say is Wow, really? We don’t need anymore hate in this world. She is proud..good for her if that’s what she wants. I agree not all people are healthy even if they follow DRs orders. Positive motivation is great, but choose your words very carefully.

  11. Fit . says

    >Curves are beautiful, fat chic’s are sexy as hell and individual health is everyone’s own private business.

    It is my business when my taxes are going towards trying to save these fat fucks who eat McDonalds every day from dying, when we have REAL problems.

    When will fat feminists stop being so delusional?

  12. says

    “Love One Another As I Have Loved You” John 13: 34-35

    Sadly, in judging others, Kang promotes a concept of “conditional” love where others are only accepted upon her skewed terms of judgment. Looking at those beautiful children in her photo, I can’t help but wonder what efffect “conditional” love will have upon their formation as persons. What if one of those children were “fat” by her definition? Would they become “Less” acceptable or loveable because of it? We can all have our personal goals of health or fitness in our lives, but none of that has anything to do with our own necessary “Unconditional Love” for ourselves and others as persons. Treating others with respect in the world community is a facet of Unconditional Love for our fellow persons. Whether those persons are a certain size one way or the other Never deminishes their value as persons worthy of Love and acceptance. Moreover, it is important to impart to children of any size, a healthy self love and acceptance and love for others unconditionally. Where one criticizes and judges others for one subject or label, more judgements and labels in other areas follow. For a truly functional society to support all its members, take away the judgments and critiques of others and love them as persons. For the Plus size community setting the awesome example of practicing Unconditional Love towards self and others, leads the way for a healthy and happy whole person to follow.

  13. Marl says

    “Have we really created a society so sensitive and weak that we cry ‘hate speech’ whenever someone points out the fine line we’re walking as a nation by promoting a healthy body image above actual health? ” This clearly implies that she thinks being bigger that the average model or gym fanatic automatically makes you unhealthy. You can definitely be big and healthy at the same time. The reason why promoting body image became so important is because ppl became aware that negative body image actually affected ppl’s “actual” health (as she put it) negatively, and drastically so. It was super models, teenaged girls, teenaged boys, athletes, professionals… EVERYONE was bullied by the fashion & entertainment industry to be necessarily thin despite it being unattainable, unhealthy and or unnatural for most healthy and unhealthy ppl alike. ppl dont develop eating disorders and exercise away all their necessary calories and fat for the sake of health, they do that to be thin, no matter how much they know it harms their bodies.

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