PLUS Model Magazine Highlight: ‘Changing The PLUS Divide’ Fashion Editorial Featuring Plus Models Iman McDonnaugh and Anita Marshall

PLUS Model Magazine Highlight: ‘Changing The PLUS Divide’ Fashion Editorial Featuring Plus Models Iman McDonnaugh and Anita Marshall

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This month’s issue of PLUS Model Magazine has a fantastic fashion editorial featuring two different sized plus models, wearing the same outfits and posing exactly the same. The editorial, called ‘Changing The PLUS Divide‘, is meant to show how plus size in the fashion industry is not just one size or one body type. It’s setting the stage for new rules in defining plus size once and for all.

All images were shot by Andre Schneider, styling by Spry Lee Scott, makeup by Tara Taylor and hair by Daleesa Weary. Models are Iman McDonnaugh, who’s signed to Wilhelmina Models NYC and Anita Marshall, who’s signed to Dorothy Combs Models.

To check out the Changing The PLUS Divide fashion editorial in our January 2014 issue, click here. The editorial is on pages 81 – 90.

We’d love to know what you think of this editorial and the story behind it. Please leave us a comment below to give us your opinion.

Also, please make sure to check out the entire January 2014 issue, our New Year New You Issue, where we are talking to that important question in the fashion industry: “What is Plus Size?“. There’s 150+ pages of so many wonderful articles, interviews and editorials that are all about starting the new year off in the best way possible.

To check out the entire issue, click here.

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  1. victoria osk says

    While all sizes should be served by the plus-size industry, those of us in the size 12 area should not be forgotten or treated as having no problem. The mainstream fashion industry does not provide us with any positive reinforcement or role models. I was a larger size and, in a common situation, had to lose weight to deal with type 2 diabetes. My doctor is satisfied – but the fashion and beauty industry continue to treat me as defective. Please don’t freeze us “in-betweens” out of the plus community. It is the only place we can get support for personal confidence and a positive self=image. Also, clothes fit a size 12 completely differently from how they fit a woman who is 6 or 8; I can’t get any help from fashion suggestions meant for waif. Thanks for listening!

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