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Activewear Brand Katie K. Asks: What Do You See In The Mirror?

Activewear Brand Katie K. Asks: What Do You See In The Mirror?

Mirror main image**This is a sponsored blog post from Katie K Active***

It was perfect timing when Dove announced that they had completed an experiment about women’s confidence on the same day we launched the Katie K Define Brave Mirror. Dove felt that many women had low self-esteem and wanted to find out if patches could be worn to improve her sense of worth. It worked and the women had more self-esteem and confidence and were happier with who they saw when looking in a mirror. We also felt many women were being very hard on themselves and that their confidence was low. Katie K wanted to find a way to remind you of who you are and to be proud of that person.

Katie K decided to show women through their reflection that they each have strength and confidence within them. Therefore, we launched our Define Brave Mirror. This enables women to purchase a mirror to send to someone they feel Defines Brave. Since each woman defines her brave in a different way, we wanted to remind women that they inspire, motivate and support each other in a variety of ways.

Ushering in a Brave New Era, Katie K launched with their Define Brave Campaign. We believe every woman has her own story of what makes her brave and confident in her life. It could be as simple as getting in a workout each day, completing a major work project, being a cancer survivor or overcoming a life-changing obstacle. We realize that each woman is unique in what drives, inspires and motivates her but the strength comes from within. Therefore, when you look in our define brave mirror, we want to remind you that you define your brave. Which may, in turn, inspire and motivate another woman to find her inner strength to define hers. How do you define your brave?

Click here and tell us how you Define Brave.

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  1. nicky b.

    May 18, 2014 at 9:06 am

    I have always been curvy, even as a teenager size 14 was my norm. Almost 5 years ago i had my first child , gained weight and went from a size 14 to a 20. I felt awful, i only went in public when i had to. Over a year ago my husband convinced me to take a belly dance class and i am so thankful i did. By learning how my body can move at a size 20 with belly dance i am more confident now than i have ever been in my live. Through my confidence i have become a beautiful woman. I wear more fitted clothing that shows my wonderful curves, and because of all the confidence i show i have to tell men “sorry I’m married”. It feels absolutely great how much belly dance has done for me. I was scared the first class that i would have to show my mid section and now i show it with pride.

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