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Le Perla Under Fire For Skinny Mannequins With Ribs Showing

Fashion News: Le Perla Under Fire For Skinny Mannequins With Ribs Showing

Oh, the power of social media.

With so many people able to access social media on their phones, coupled with a camera, no one is safe from being exposed when something happens that outrages people.

Lingerie retailer La Perla is the latest retailer to be under fire, stemming from a photo posted on Twitter.

A passerby, Michael Rodoy, walking by La Perla’s SoHo boutique in New York City noticed that the mannequins in their window display were extremely thin with their ribs showing. Skinny models are the norm in their stores and advertisements so customers have been complaining for some time about their mannequins looking very thin. With body image being such a controversial topic and people now speaking up about unrealistic body ideals being promoted in the fashion industry, it is no surprise that Rodoy snapped a picture of the mannequin and took to Twitter to complain about it.

La Perla mannequin main imageThe image proceeded to go viral, with truth-in-advertising advocate Seth Matlins retweeting the image and replying to Rodoy, “It’s not and I’m #NotBuyingIt.”

This uproar prompted La Perla to issue the following statement:

“The mannequin photographed has been removed from the store and will not be used again by any La Perla boutique. We are in the process of redesigning all La Perla stores with a new concept image and the mannequins that are currently displayed in our US stores will no longer be used. We appreciate and value everyone’s comments, thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

In a time when we have retailers like Debenhams using size 16 mannequins in their stores and we have plus size models like Ashley Graham gracing the cover of Elle Quebec in a bikini and Jennie Runk modeling in a swimwear campaign for H&M, we hope La Perla is rethinking their marketing strategy because as they have seen in this week’s Twitter uproar, this type of thing is just not going to be acceptable anymore.

What do you think of La Perla’s thin mannequins and this story? Please leave us a comment below and let us know.


  1. Jesse

    May 15, 2014 at 7:24 am

    The shows that designers are wanting women to look like the ANOREXIC little boys under 8 that they love.

  2. Lisa

    May 15, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    My initial thoughts here were what’s the problem? If there can be fatter mannequins why not thinner? If it were a simple example of the diversity women’s bodies come in then fantastic, but alas not so. We need to make space for everyone to be represented before we can allow everyone to be represented. For right now it says more about unrealistic beauty ideals in the fashion industry than diversification.

  3. Emma

    May 16, 2014 at 2:24 pm

    For years the fashion industry and the media have been blamed for not portraying “real” women because there were not many “plus sized” images…. but what about “real” women who are skinny like this? I am a 32 year old woman who looks exactly like this in underwear – I don’t diet or exercise to the extreme in fact I find it difficult to maintain my weight. I turn on the tv to see this image and the presenters saying things like “no man would find this attractive”. If they did the same with a plus size image everyone would be angry. How about we accept all body sizes without the need to comment and have a range of images and mannequin sizes presented to the public?

  4. Ema

    May 16, 2014 at 4:04 pm

    How would you all feel if it was public outrage to a “fat” mannequin being removed from a store window? I am a healthy 32 year old woman who looks exactly like this mannequin and have listened to the outcry about how “disgusting” this mannequin is. I do not diet, excessively exercise or do anything to lose weight in fact I battle to keep it on. I’m just genetically wired that way as are all the women in my family. Why should I not be able to feel good about the way I look because it makes others feel uncomfortable? I have no problem seeing images of people of all shapes and sizes portrayed in the media so why do people have such a big issue with looking at a body shape like mine?

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