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Enter To Win VIP Tickets To The Runway Shows At FFF Week® 2014

Enter To Win VIP Tickets To The Runway Shows At FFF Week® 2014

tumblr_mp06jffCI51qhei8lo1_500PMM invites you to celebrate the Final FFF Week® Chapter with us. We are giving away two (2) VIP tickets to the Indie Designer Showcase on Friday, June 20 and two (2) VIP tickets to the Retailers/Boutiques/All Stars Runway Showcase on Saturday, June 21.

All you have to do to enter is…

Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you? And what will you miss most about FFF Week®? Please post your entry as a comment on this page and make sure to include a valid email address where you can be notified, if you win.

The contest begins TODAY (May 20, 2014) and will end on Friday, June 6, 2014 at 11:59pm ET.

The two lucky winners will be announced here on the blog on Saturday, June 7.

Official Rules and Conditions:
Must be 18 years or older or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Airfare is not included. Each winner will receive either two (2) VIP tickets to FFF Week’s Indie Designer Showcase OR the Retailers/Boutiques/All Stars Runway Showcase. Limit one entry per person. Only one prize per person. Tickets will be mailed to winner. Entry must be received by 11:59pm ET on June 6, 2014 in order to be eligible. Entry must be submitted as a comment on the contest’s page on the PLUS Model Magazine blog.


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  1. Lisamarie DeJesus

    May 20, 2014 at 8:48 am

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    Inspiration, Independence and Confidence.
    The plus size community has been dying to have something to show off our very own beauty and style, we gather together even from other states just for this event! I love seeing the new styles for the everyday plus size woman.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    The Atmosphere, all the woman I will meet who have lovely styles. Absorbing all of fashion looks I can to make my own. I will miss the runway, the music and the fierce faces I will see.

    My e-mail is, [email protected]

  2. Lalea Raymond

    May 20, 2014 at 12:00 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    FFF Week is motivation to young women like me. I look at the models that walk and I see myself. The clothing that is showcased is amazing, because we all know it’s hard to find that perfect pair of jeans. I see myself wearing many of the pieces. To know that FFF Week is catering to the plus size community and doing it in a stylish way is the best feeling in the world. I always had full support of FFF Week.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    I am going to miss the excitement leading up to the show. When I am excited about something I tell the world. Also the fashion show, models and people that support it. I know this is the end of FFF Week, but this is not the end of the continuous growth in the plus size industry.

    Email : [email protected]

  3. Jennifer Banks

    May 20, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    Fashion is important because, if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to put on a clean presentable outfit, you would feel really good about yourself. It is a much better feeling than when clothed in something you don’t like nor look presentable in. The way you dress shows your self expression to the world. You might feel incompatible, but your style is one way that shows your individual uniqueness, like the sports team you favour or your desirable partner. Normally we dress to suite our jobs and lifestyles. If you work on a farm and are in the redneck style, boots and a Shirt will normally do. A lawyer would wear a suit to work, and Polly preppy when not at work. Fashion is important as it is an outward statement or impression to the world about who you are. Clothes or how we dress does not define a person but tells a story about that person It defines who you are and what you do. I would love the experience in the opportunity to come too Fashion Week I am in school has to be fashion designer and I believe that it would help me in so many ways can give me so many ideas of creativity and it would also be a blessing thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  4. Jennifer Banks

    May 20, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    FFF Week is important because, if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to put on a clean presentable outfit, you would feel really good about yourself. It is a much better feeling than when clothed in something you don’t like nor look presentable in. The way you dress shows your self expression to the world. You might feel incompatible, but your style is one way that shows your individual uniqueness, like the sports team you favour or your desirable partner. Normally we dress to suite our jobs and lifestyles. If you work on a farm and are in the redneck style, boots and a Shirt will normally do. A lawyer would wear a suit to work, and Polly preppy when not at work. FFF Week is important as it is an outward statement or impression to the world about who you are. Clothes or how we dress does not define a person but tells a story about that person It defines who you are and what you do. I would love the experience in the opportunity to come too FFF Week I am in school to be fashion designer for plus size women I am a plus size woman and my dream is to become a fashion designer / plus size model is well and I believe that it would help me in so many ways can give me so many ideas of creativity and it would also be a blessing thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  5. Aisha

    May 20, 2014 at 4:51 pm

    It shows women how to be sexy confident and feel impowered no matter what their body size is!! That means a lot to me because having a young daughter I want her to grow up embracing all she is! Inside & out & that is something I’ve learned from you all!!! I’ll miss all the fashion & the catwalk!!!????????

  6. Kat Stroud

    May 20, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    As a plus size woman FFF week means/inspires the hope that the world will stop viewing plus size people as lazy, disgusting, and second rate human beings. As a plus size model it inspires the hope that the fashion world will recognize that plus size women do NOT want to be dressed in moo-moos and sacks. We want FASHION! We want diversity in silhouettes, in patterns, and yes, we want bright vibrant colors!! FFF week brings amazing women together; women who are confident and love their bodies and inspire others to love the body they have and not the body society says we should have and the coming together of fashion forward designers who have recognized the need for amazing fashion for all sizes is what I know I will miss from FFF week.

  7. Ashley Beauchamp

    May 20, 2014 at 11:14 pm

    FFF Week® represents:

    rev·o·lu·tion – noun 1. an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established system; effect a radical change in:

    It represents not accepting the status quo—going where there was no path, and leaving a trail. As a curvy model, and one who is head over heels in love with fashion, it gave me a great sense of joy and satisfaction to see Gwen Devoe changing the game in the area of fashion. By virtue of Ms. Devoe, full-figured fashion shows and events are popping up across the globe.

    in·flu·ence – noun 1. the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others:

    Ms. Devoe came in with a bang and left a legacy behind. Her bang was so loud that retailers had to take notice and more are expanding their options for plus-size shoppers. In a world where for the last few decades “thin was in,” she provided major opportunities for not only plus-sized designers to showcase their talents, but gave curvy models a chance to shine from within.

    Although I will miss the flashing lights, the confident catwalk struts, the smizing, the fiercely chic designs, the fabulous vendors, and all the beautiful curvy women taking over New York City for a week, I am excited for where the industry is heading and I am looking forward to curves taking over every major fashion capital in the world. Curves are here to stay! So it’s not really farewell, it’s a “this is just the beginning!”

  8. Tonya Peace

    May 21, 2014 at 6:08 am

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?
    I have never had the opportunity to attend FFF Week and would LOVE to attend. It would me the world me!! I love being a FF lady and would love to see how the FF models work the runway and exude confidence. LOVE THAT!!! In my heart I am a model on the runway but have never been on the runway except for my everyday that I do as I step out into the world daily.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®? Again, I have never attended FFF Week so I would miss the entire FFF Week experience if I am unable to attend this awesome event! I would love to be more inspired by the tenacity these women have to be the best person they are right now. Not conforming to who society thinks they should look like LOVE THIS!!

  9. Donna Leach

    May 21, 2014 at 9:21 am

    I will miss most of all the many ways FFF has inspired me, as a plus sized woman and aspiring plus size designer I will definitely miss the way the clothes, the atmosphere and the models all tickled my fancy, awakened all my senses and kept my creative juices overflowing. While FFF Week is going on to their next level it has created a path of success for others to follow and expand on and for myself that means EVERYTHING! You’ve mastered combining power & grace not many can pull that off. So I salute you FFF Week and wish you much success in the future!

  10. Ja'Rae

    May 21, 2014 at 9:39 am

    Tell us and FFF Week what has FFF Week meant to you? And what will you miss most about FFF Week?

    What FFF Week has meant to me is being able to be around people just like me and people who just love fashion. I remember when I first went to FFF week it just turned 19 and it was my first time hearing about and I was so I. Awe and I just loved it all of the lights and the wonderful fashion from A lot of my favorite plus size designers ???? it also helped me realize that I am beautiful no matter what other people think of me as long as I have confidence in myself nothing else matters

    What I will miss most about FFF week is everything the glitz the glamour and most of all the wonderful outstanding fashion for full figures women like my self. I will also miss the unity it creates with all the full figured women and the bloggers that are in New York etc.

  11. Ja'Rae

    May 21, 2014 at 9:42 am

    I meant I just turned 19 ????

  12. Nautica Joyce

    May 21, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    My name is Nautica and my dream is to work on the fashion world and I also have a blog.I’m still in high school, but FFF Week has given me so much more. It has given confidence and courage when it comes to expressing myself. FFF Week is just amazing it’s a combine of confidence and sexiness. If I was to attend FFF Week it would help a future Fashion Merchandising learn from the mouth. I would ask the ladies (if I’m allow) how did they get so confidence and what made them chose modeling and fashion. The best part about FFF Week is the lingerie part because you get to see how each women is shape and how confident they are. My name is Nautica and this would be a experience of a life time. [email protected]

  13. Amanda Williams

    May 21, 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    FFF Week means confidence and self love. Its a place for women to be empowered and influence others to embrace their beauty. Fashion to me has always been a way to be confident and show my best self. I have never been to FFF Week and would be honored if I could attend. It would be one of those once and a lifetime experiences.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    I am a plus size fashion blogger in the midwest: I would feel humbled if I were given this opportunity. I have spent all of my life loving fashion and hating my body. It is my mission (like yours) to show beautiful plus size women that they can wear beautiful fashions. To be honest I have never been to a FFF Week so I don’t actually know what I would miss out on. I know what I could gain though: inspiration, courage, creativity, networking and the opportunity to inspire other beautiful women to love themselves and fashion.

    Email: [email protected]

  14. Monet Graves

    May 21, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?


    Seeing these ladies rock the runway will continue to give me confidence with myself (my curves). The fashion that will be worn by these ladies will show all the different shapes and sizes of these curvy and voluptuous women. It is going to be exciting see how confident these ladies are with their figure. FFFW is a wonderful event that is happening not only in the plus size community but in today’s society.

    What will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    What I will miss about FFF Week is that I will have to wait until next year for it to come again! I will also miss the beautiful women who were chosen to participate in this fashion show along with the clothing that will be featured.

  15. Nijah Jihad

    May 21, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    The first time I heard about FFFWeek was last year and I was so impressed by the number of plus size fashion designers and women who graced the runway. They encouraged me to want to aspire to become a plus size model and also try new things with regards to fashion.

    What I will miss most is actually having the experience Although watching Youtube videos are an okay substitute, it can’t compare to the lights, camera and action of the actual events that take place!!!

  16. Tiffany

    May 21, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    I am a 35 year old plus size woman who for the first time in her life does not feel ashamed of her size. I did not have a Full Figured Fashion week or a plus size magazine to look up to when I was a teenager. I hid behind large ill fitting tops and dresses. I constantly felt ugly and ashamed. It wasn’t until I began to follow some gorgeous plus size fashion bloggers that I began to blossom. I began to see myself in a new light. I could be sexy or chic. I could wear the latest trends. My size no longer felt like a hurdle. FFF Week means beautiful woman, gorgeous fashion trends and bathing in the glow and confidence of those who have been through similar battles and have come out a better, happier person.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    I will miss the incredible models showing off their confidence in fabulous designs. I will miss the sense of empowerment that comes from being around so many beautiful woman.

  17. Jeannie St.Louis

    May 21, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    FFF Week® is the hope, the fist punch in the air saying “Here we are!” and “Here we come!”
    Showing the world – curvy women of all shapes, sizes, and color are just as fashionable and in demand and has value as the next straight size person. FFF Week® exemplifies the proud and confident curvy women – the real representation of America: WE – THE PEOPLE!

    Miss most about FFF Week®?
    The fashions and the bonds made amongst strangers drawing together as one; representing more than just a gathering but a cause.

    Thank you Plus Model Magazine and FFF Week® for pushing onward and enlightening and empowering more and more people that we have power and strength not just in size but in numbers. We are here! and Here we come!

    Notify via Email: [email protected]

  18. Nicole Green

    May 22, 2014 at 5:50 am

    Full Figured Fashion means the world to plus sized women everywhere. This event allowed the world to see what we’ve always known. We are ALL beautiful. As a plus sized model from Texas FFfweek was my equivalent to the Olympics. I was fortunate enough to meet Ms. Gwen Devoe and Ms. Sharon Quinn. Both ladies are the epitome of class and grace. I will miss the excitement of the anticipation of making it to NY. I know the Finale will be nothing LESS than breathe taking and to even catch a glimpse in person would be unfathomable. Thanks Plus Mag. For opening doors and breaking down barriers. #plusmodelsrock..

  19. Maui Bigelow

    May 22, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    To me FFFWeek is the fulfillment of a promise, not just to me but the thousands of girls and women. living as a plus size girl/woman has blessed me with the opportunity to see the world through very sensitive lenses. I learned at an early age that to many people, my size made me less of a person. As a girl I was victimized, teased and mistreated because of what was then a womanly figure. I have lived under the cloud of being a “pretty face” and nothing more. For years, I poured all of my options and energy into assuring that I didn’t have to wear the frumpy clothing that fat girls were supposed to wear. I have prayed countless times, not for me to be different or smaller but for people and things to be better.

    With any prayer, comes God’s promise in my opinion. Which is why I feel that FFFWeek is the fulfillment of a promise. The introduction of the event revealed to millions of girls/women like myself that growth was taking place. It exhibited the possibilities that were attainable. It allowed us to see that our dreams did not have to be deferred, they could indeed be reality.

    Although there have been many events that bare similarities to FFFWeek, there is only one original. FFFWeek has been like a mother that has given birth and nurture so many in numerous ways. It gave us a reason to wake up and live our wildest dreams. It has served as a visual truth to what we(plus size women) have known all a long; We are more than a pretty face, we are just as great and talented and our curves rock.

    I remember leaving so inspired and filled with ideas. I have given birth to many of those ideas and I know that this year, I will leave pregnant with even more purpose. There is no particular part of FFFWeek that I will miss more than another because all of the components combined make it what it is. The only thing that I won’t miss is Gwen Devoe because I know that the mother of curvy confidence will continue to give birth to greatness and nurture this revolution.

  20. Omphile Setiloane

    May 22, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    What does it mean to me:
    Freedom to live and laugh confidently, to walk with my head tall as this show has been an amazing showcase of just how beautiful I am. Fuller figured, plus size, these are terms I can CONFIDENTLY declare myself to be. It’s awesome to see women coming together to help each other stand tall by celebrate each other’s unique beauty!!

    What will I miss the most?
    I am South African, and I am yet to attend FFFWeek, so I’ll be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime. I have decided to start a revolution here in my country, and I would love to experience FFFWeek in person so I can bring back my experiences and lessons learnt.
    And VIP tickets would just be a DREAAAAM!! Eeeek!!!

  21. Jane Rose

    May 22, 2014 at 6:50 pm

    FFF week is an inspiration to me. It’s something I always said I wanted to do in some way. I’m an aspiring plus size model, and everytime I hear about it or read about it, I get really excited. I’ve always been a few extra pounds so to see these beautiful women strut their confidence every year really means a lot to me. As an aspiring plus size model, I look up to FFF week. Being curvy and confident isnt always easy, especially when you have magazines, and television sometimes portraying that being curvy and voluptuous just isn’t good enough. But with some help from this event, I can say “I can do that” and be able to say it with confidence. I greatly appreciate the opportunity, and it would be a HONOR to be able to experience something I’ve been dreaming to experience for years. I would love to make this dream a reality. – Ja’Neesha

  22. Marta Sand0val

    May 22, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    FFF Week is the cornucopia of self empowerment. In one week, FFF manages to accomplish what it takes year round for mainstream fashion veterans to hammer into their consumers. Long gone are the days where a fashionista would gag over fashion that she could not fit in to. I remember looking into Teen magazines and instantly feeling hopeless because I knew the only items I would be able to get out of those magazine were accessories and accessories. Now this movement has forced the hand of the fashion world to FINALLY INCLUDE woman of ALL shapes and sizes. FFF Week means it is time for me to celebrate a major movement. Not only in fashion but in the way society looks at me. My fashion options are celebrated! Thank you for making that possible.

    What will you miss most about FFF Week®? Everything. The seminars, the fashion, meeting the bloggers that I religiously follow everyday. The hustle & bustle. Everything!!

    Email: [email protected]

  23. Aura S.

    May 23, 2014 at 12:37 am

    “Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?”

    Well being that I have never been to FFF Week, I will write what it would mean for me to go. Fashion is defined in the dictionary as “a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. or a manner of doing something.” But to me, it means so much more. It is a way to express how I feel and what I like. It allows me to share with the world a glimpse of who I am. For a long time I struggled with being comfortable in my own skin and felt like I was alone with no one to understand me.
    As I grew older and started coming into my own in means of my sense of fashion, it just seemed like unappealing clothes were being made for the “fat” girls. So when I found out about I was happy, but when I found out about FFF week I was ecstatic. Finally a place where I could feel comfortable, sexy and confident with people that would understand me. It would mean the world for me to be able to witness the magic in person, to be able to say that I attended FFF week. It is time for the world to understand that we are just as beautiful as the rest.

  24. Patricia Angeles-Suarez

    May 23, 2014 at 5:37 am

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    I have had a sleu of obstacles in my life, of the most daunting ones I have found is ignorance of others who are not in my shoes.
    Just because I am a curvy woman, people look at me differently, judge me on my size and not my person, and automatically put me in a category of unhealthy, lazy, self depricating and ugly.
    FFF Week proves that regular, plus size women like me, don’t have to be invisible. It tells us to be bold and proud of their curves, and most importantly, love ourselves inside and out.This gives courage and confidence in women that if often overshadowed by idle talk of restricting beauty to impossibly thin women and social norms of society. It has been my pleasure to watch the fashion industry take off and grow into something attainable for every size and FFF makes me feel like I AM the social norm of society.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    The chance to meet incredible women who have the same vision as I do. This will be a week of beautiful, intelligent and bright minds to meet and share the world of an industry that long ago would have not existed without the courage and confidence of these wonderful designers and models. To me, I would not only miss the fashions but the pure joy of seeing beautiful minds come together to create a world just for me.

  25. Angie Rasmussen

    May 24, 2014 at 12:23 am

    What has FFF Week® meant to you?

    I have always been surrounded by people who judges me for not being thin, for so many years I have heard so many people calling me “FAT” and names; that wasn’t the worst, the worst was, that I actually believed it!

    All these things made me deny who I was, and made me aim to be as thin as an iPhone, just like everyone else think all women should be; I started torturing myself for being “FAT”, I hated myself for eating a cookie! I closed myself to the world, I started making diets (that to some point affected my health), I used to have one meal or none during the day, I starting taking pills. I wanted to lose weight so badly, that I would have done whatever it takes to achieve it.

    I am now almost 21 years old, and after all this, I was exhausted, so I realized that I was never going to “fit in” because I was never going to be a “small person”; I got sad, really sad because of it, I even lost my hopes, but then I decided that I no longer wanted to “fit in”, and just on time I started seeing all about the FFF Week® online, and realized that I wasn’t the only one with a couple “extra pounds”, and I noticed that all those models were beautiful and happy of being who they were, and I wanted that too!

    Then it hit me! I needed to start by accepting myself, and restore my self- esteem and self-respect, little by little I got to accept myself and love who I am, the way I am; it made me restore my hopes and I even started making up new plans!


    FFF Week® means to me a way to open people’s minds to the fact that women are beautiful, not mattering their shapes, FFF Week® means to me the light that left me notice that I can be happy with the way I am, FFF Week® means to me the spark that turned on my hopes and made me make new plans, FFF Week® means to me the inspiration to believe in myself, FFF Week® means to me the fire that goes inside each one of us, FFF Week® means to me the reason to start believing that having a “couple extra pounds” is nothing but a proof that I am, just like all the other women that are considered “big”, a brave woman, because the world points with their index finger to all those girls who dare to face the world with some “extra pounds” and reject them for not fitting in; FFF Week® means to me that we do not need to change to be pretty, because we are strong, brave, successful, independent and beautiful women being who we are with the shape we have, despite everyone else calls us “FAT”; FFF Week® means that even though we are not size 0, we can look beautiful, stunning, rocking HOT and above it all, STYLISH!

    FFF Week® means HOPE.

    What will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    I would definitely have to say that what I’ll miss the most about FFF Week® is the creativity and passion that the designers put on each piece they create, and the air of confidence, respect and style that this amazing show spreads in everyone; I will also miss how colorful this event is, and all the beauty that it shows.

    However, nothing is to miss more, than the inspiration the FFF Week® provide us, and the sense of fashion that it teaches us, as well as the boldness it spreads, to stand up the world and show them all how stylish and beautiful we can be even if we are not exactly thin.

    If I have the great fortune of winning this contest, please contact me at:
    [email protected]

    Thank you for your consideration.

  26. SableVictorian

    May 24, 2014 at 8:11 am

    I am plus size woman, college professor, and amateur fashion and beauty blogger. I’ve never been to FFWeek but would love the chance to be surrounded by women who believe that beauty is not defined by size. I applaud FFWEEK for the important work they do in sharing plus size fashion. It would mean so much to me to be in attendance.

  27. Kisha Mccuin

    May 24, 2014 at 10:41 am

    FFF Week has meant being apart of a group of women that shows a lot of young plus size women that you can be independent, confident, and matter what you put on. I come from a very small town in Texas and I’m very excited to be able to live in a world where now plus size is beautiful. Growing up being very shy to now really loving and embracing my body makes me happy. I feel that FFF Week would give me the confidence to keep movin and keep pushing to show anybody that they can go past any boundary. I’ve never really been into the whole fashion thing untill I was actually around many women who lived in the same boat that I’ve been in. Being around other plus size women, for me, has push me to become someone that I thought that I would never, and and that’s just someone happy inside and out.

    I would miss the beautiful faces and beautiful fashion that FFF Week would offer. To know that there are fashion designers that design clothes that actually fits my body and seeing them on women just before I would purchase them is exciting. Just seeing the women on the fashion runway screaming “Hi.. Here I Am…look at my STYLE.. and my CONFIDENCE!!!!”

  28. Lei-Loni

    May 25, 2014 at 8:42 am

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?
    To me, FFF Week means that the movement of positive body image has made an impact in a major way. Plus size fashion for too long has been ignored by mainstream media and designers. Full figured does not mean frumpy and unattractive. All women deserve to feel strong, fierce and stylish. Gwen Devoe has done an amazing job of bringing some of the most creative and fashion forward designers in the plus-size fashion industry together to show that great style has no size limits.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?
    I will miss the opportunity to see amazing fashion first hand, and the opportunity to meet other Curvinistas with my shared interests. As a new fashion blogger, it would be a great opportunity to cover the shows, share the latest fashion, and my experiences with my readers as well as gain further insight in this thriving industry.

  29. Peggy Lee Caress Soublet

    May 25, 2014 at 11:44 am

    What has FFF Week® meant to me? It means that the Full Figured woman has arrived in the world of fashion! And I have the confidence to hold my head up high and tell other women that they too deserve to feel great about their body! And this gives me the chance to inform and empower young girls like me to rise up and claim the life that they deserve and to never be ashamed of the person they are! It would truly be an honor to feature the exciting happenings of the Final FFF Week® on my vlog (YouTube channel) and my blog!!! I have the drive, courage and spirit to show and share with the world how beautiful full figured women are!
    To be able to celebrate the Final FFF Week® and have VIP tickets to the Showcases is part of a life long dream come true of mine! I have always been in the fashion world in some form during my life!
    I love fashion! I am fashion! I majored in Marketing and Retailing in college as well as Fashion Merchandising. I will soon be moving to New York and what a great way to celebrate the move! I am well versed in various forms of social media and have accounts in many of the popular ones.
    I have always confidently embraced who I am and I want to inform others that they too can cultivate their own sense of empowerment through the use of fashion which celebrates the beauty of the Full Figured Woman!
    So What will I miss most about FFF Week®? The opportunity to inform others of the style and beauty that is available to them! And to celebrate the stylish grace of the full figured woman!

  30. Kimberly R.

    May 25, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    I believe FFFWeek is a venue for a fuller figure women to come together and celebrate “us”. Through fellowship with each other, we build comradery so needed in this community.

    I am going to miss the white cruise the most. Seeing beautiful women in a sea of white having a blast as we cruise is just awesome.

  31. michael fisher

    May 25, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    “Just what the Doctor ordered.”

  32. Sayed Badreya

    May 26, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    PMM, saved my Life and Business, I cam to shapewear markets with nothing, PMM team help my Company and Sale is UP 300%.
    Thank you
    Sayed at Diva’s curves

  33. Rochelle Monique

    May 28, 2014 at 8:57 am

    FFFW Means so much to me. It means hope, barrier breaking. FFFW has broken so many barriers when it comes to fashion and beauty. This outlet gives so many plus size women and dolls hope. It makes us feel accepted and understood. FFFW shows us that there are people out there who care about the plus size community and finds us beautiful. Being plus size and remembering the time where I almost committed suicide because I hated who I was. Now overcoming that and being an advocate for our plus size girls, teens and women, FFFW gives me so much hope and motivation to tell these ladies how beautiful they are. Look at this wonderful company who dedicate fashion and beauty to us. We are beautiful and we can be trendy, fashionable and trendsetters. My goal is to be the a plus size fashion Icon and FFFW will be the outlet to help myself and so many others get to that status. In my eyes this week is bigger than Mercedes Benz week and I believe that they will open up the eyes of so many people and designers. FFFW is not just a week for fashion and beauty, it is a week that touches the lives of so many. It gives us our motivation and determination to go out there and show the world how beautiful and fierce we are!

  34. Rochelle Monique

    May 28, 2014 at 9:00 am

    What I will most is the community, the togetherness of the event. FFFW brings so many people together from all walks of life to celebrate and showcase curves and fashion. I’m going to miss seeing so many beautiful ladies who love themselves and are free and showing just how fabulous they are!

  35. Lorrie

    May 28, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    FFF fashion week would me to me. I also have not have the opportunity to attend this event but I do have a best friend who is a full figure model out there in California. Recently she asked me to write about full figure models. All my life I was a full figure person. I got teased on at school and my self esteem was very low. I tried numerous diets and try to become what society wanted me to become. It would be nice to attend an event where there are others curvy women who are not afraid to strut there stuff. Also it would be nice to see designers who make clothing that would fit our size because it is hard to find certain type of clothing. I would love to go to this event to get inspiration to help others who have low self esteem and not happy with their weight. This event is a door opener to teach all of us curvy or not to love who we are no matter what size we are. Who knows I might want become a designer or model after this. Thank you

  36. Jacquelin Lee

    May 29, 2014 at 7:41 am

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    To me FFF Week means we are finally coming out! Not only more mainstream but coming out hard and in people’s faces. I have been full figured my whole life and as a petite plus size woman, I have been proud of my stature and physic. I did model for a small local production, but I would love to see it in a different way, more mainstream and from the audience to see what other strong, confident women are modeling. I’m a huge lover of fashion and would really like to see the latest fashion trends.

  37. Angie

    May 29, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    Full figured fashion week is a sisterhood. It brings out all the best in the Plussize industry. The fashion elite are all gathered in one place and for one week we are all one in the same. It has been a great showcase and career launch for many of us in the industry who might otherwise never had an opportunity.

    I will miss the yearly excitement of full figured fashion week. I will miss seeing friends and enjoying them in celebrating getting picked to work that runway. I won’t say I will miss this event because I know Ms. DeVoe has bigger things up her sleeve and although this may be the end of the full figured fashion week, I know that only bigger things are in store for us all!

  38. Betsey Terry

    May 29, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    While i’ve never had the opportunity to attend FFF Week..the very fact that one existed made me excited and proud to be a full figured woman. The fact that designers would show case their designs to a plus sized woman verified that my self body image was correct! I could be big and beauty..and most importantly healthy..and show off that glow with fabulous designed clothes!

    Before FFF Week, i never heard of most of those designers, if it wasn’t sold at LB or Avenue, or the few dept store brands that had plus sizes, i was stuck with what i could get.

    Without a FFF week, i feel like we’re taking a step back, and while Miss Devoe has other plans..and it would be incredibly hard for someone to fill her shoes…that somehow these amazing designers..and the plus size woman need to be represented and honored!

  39. Christina Kenney

    May 29, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    FFF week is very new to me. I have been a bold and daring plus woman all of my life; with a passion for plus size trends. I recently became a new amputee due to a horrible car accident that I am still recovering from, that happened 3 weeks after I gave birth to my child. Through it all my weight and style have been a challenge with my insecurties about showing off my leg. FFF fashions has helped me to figure out new ways trendy with longer skirts and pants even at 25yrs old. Without FFF week I would feel out of touch with plus size fashion; with plus size fashion already being a challenge of trendy on a budget.

  40. Lily Curvy

    May 30, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    The FFF represent a revolution and the pride of plus-size, ,curvy, big beautiful woman. It means that we exist we love fashion we love clothes and we wanr to be represented and wear by brand that understand us. It means it is okay to be overweight and chic and sexy.that we shall not hide our bodies but embrace our differences.

    I am a French Black woman and in Europe plus size fashion is at its very early changes. Being a plus size model was a dream that came true recently for me at London Plus Size Fashion Weekend and after living this event I couldn’t miss the finale of the biggest plus size fashion show on earth!! So here i am crossing the ocean jusy for a few days hoping to meet plus size fashionistas like me and to be offered places to do so will be a great honour and will allow me to share it within the French plus size industry!
    So i really really hope to be picked!

    Thanks and love from Paris!

  41. Amber Noel

    May 30, 2014 at 9:07 pm

    The past year and a half has been a dramatic journey of self discovery for me. I have struggled with my weight since I was 15 (7 years) gaining 100lbs between high school and 21. I was very unhappy with my body and kept going on diets that never worked. Until about a year ago, I was struggling with not being able to fit into any clothes, at any stores, and the ones I could fit in held OUTRAGEOUS prices, that being a student I can’t afford, having horrid stretch marks (which I still have), chaffing inner thighs, scars, bumps and bruises not to mention feeling immensely overweight and depressed about it. I have come a long way since all of that, losing 40lbs in 10months and practicing things like Yoga and Pilates.
    The point of me going into the details of my weight journey is to say: I like being a curvygirl. I’m still a curvy woman- I have a very voluptuous chest, wide hips and an hourglass figure, and I’m definitely still plus size. But now I can embrace it fully. Why the change? Because I’m at a happy weight. Sure, I would love to lose some more weight, and I”ll continue to tone up and be physically active, but this journey I’ve been on has taught be about loving myself, my flaws and my history…but you can only do that when you’re ready to. I knew I was too heavy and had to lose the weight for myself so that I could look into a mirror and smile and that’s why I finally did. But now that I have, and I’ve proved to myself I can do it and I can do it without surgery is simply amazing. Almost all my life I’ve been severely insecure, but I am growing out of that each and every day and I enjoy being in my skin more and more.
    Going to FFF Week would mean so much to me because I’ve never been around plus size models before and I would be surrounded with gorgeous women of all sizes and I would be able to soak up their confidence and allure. Plus, since I’ve lost the weight I’ve been interested in plus size modeling. I have an amateur portfolio and it’s something I would take seriously because as a future business woman I have big plans for inspiring and motivating people and know I could do so much if given the opportunity to be a spokeswoman in some way for women who struggle heavily with their weight..
    I would be honored if chosen to attend the Full Figured Fashion Week!!!!! It would really change my life. BIG GIRLS ARE THE NEW BLACK!
    An #EastcoastCurvygirl
    Email: [email protected]

  42. Antonia Montalvo

    June 1, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear FFF week is Fiece, Full-Figured, Fashionistas. As a Fashion Design student this would truly be a dream for me. I have my own aspirations of creating a plus size clothing line and coming from New York, being a city girl this is the entire dream. To attend an event like this and be around fellow fashion designers is all an aspiring fashion designer could ever ask for and more. Sometimes I feel when you think of Full Figured Fashion, the youth worth is quick to slip the mind. Representing the Youth Generation of Fashion i would be beyond honored to attend an event like this one. Dealing with weight is something i dealt with my entire life. Truly blessed enough I realized early that beauty is not defined on size. That just because you have curves you are not consisered beautiful.Not in my books. I feel the more curves, the more the flower is blooming. True beauty is not what size you are on the outsize, but how big your true fashonista personality is on the inside ! This event right here just represents all the respect and hard work curvy girls have been fighting for all along. The fact and pride and presence of true beauty. To me, only being 19 it is a life changing event for me. I would cherish a moment like that for the rest of my life. This event is a sisterhood inwhich brings all girls together where they have no worries this week but to work it and feel comfortable in their own skin! It always women to have all their true hidden confience in the world and allow them to walk with their head high and take pride in their bodys. For a young women at my age, that alone means the world to me. This event has broken so many barriers allowing us curving girls to show the world we got what it takes to make it in the modeling and fashion world. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long even as a young girl. For this to be the last FFF week and me myself saying i’ve never truly had a chance to attend one is a downer in my books. Attending this event world make a girl’s dream come true ! Thank you for even making this opportunity possible PMM!

  43. Sheena Postell

    June 2, 2014 at 7:02 am

    Full figured fashion week means self expression self-confidence womanhood power and love. I first heard about full figure fashion week two years ago it brings tears to my eyes to see so many women loving themselves in the body that they’re in because I had a problem with my size all of my life. I watched YouTube’s clips of the shows and the women walking the runway for months just to practice how to walk into work walk into interviews and walk on campus just to build my confidence. It helped! Then I started dressing differently I started adding a bit of color to my toenails adding a belt around long dresses and wearing the proper undergarments I felt great! Then I tried out as a model, I had no idea what I was doing but you know what because of full figured fashion week, gave me so much to myself and added to the woman i am today I had to try it. I prepared for the audition a month before, I went to New York and in the March 2014 and I was blown away from the women that was in line with me. I met so many amazing women just sitting in that line for hours, I spoke with women all over the east coast that was a part of the full figured fashion industry. Even though I was not picked, it didn’t matter to me. I was in the moment of being in New York at that audition for 4 to 5 hours meant the world to me. I have never attended any of the full figure fashion week shows prior till but it will really be amazing just to attend one event this summer and to be a part of their last show. I really don’t think that full fashion week knows how many women they have touched I know that there are other younger women that are full figured that still don’t know that they are beautiful that they are unique they are worthy they are powerful and full figured fashion week can definitely reach another young women.
    Thank you full figured fashion week! Thank you for having a vision in making it plain, you have touched so many lives and I’m sure this will not be the the end of it.
    It will be an honor and a blessing to be chosen to attend their last show of 2014.

    Thank you! ~Sheena

  44. Deljere

    June 2, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    This is my 1st year attending FFF week and Last year I started following FFF week on instagram and I made it up in my mind this is something I want to be apart of and go to NYC to experience this great event. From this past year I was happy to see that FFF week beings positive side of being Full Figured. Myself being Full figured from a child to my adult years I always envied not seeing cute clothes in my size. I am happy to finally see all of the positive events that lets us cury girls we can be confident no matter what we wear! I can’t wait to fun and meet everybody attending FFFweek!

  45. Tameka Walker

    June 2, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    I have never to been to FFFW. I have been reading the blogs and websites about it. I would love to have an opportunity to be a part of it. I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience. If I am chosen thank you in advance for the opportunity.

  46. Felicia freeman

    June 2, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    FFW means to me acceptance, love, inspiring, fabulous, strength, and happiness. No longer do full figured women have to hide be ashamed or embarrassed, we can embrace our minds and bodies and have fun doing it. It’s not easy in society to be full figure but FFW has showed me and million other women how to do it and Rock!!! I will miss it bc I found out about it in 2011 and I’ve never been able to attend. Last year I had a great and amazing opportunity to participate in the casting and this year missed it due to my best friend being sick so I really hate to see it go with out me having a chance to experience it .

  47. Lakesha

    June 3, 2014 at 10:40 am

    What has FFF Week® meant to you?

    FFF Week means finally having a voice in the world of fashion. For far too long society has made women feel inferior for not fitting the “mold” of what “standard” beauty is about. It was difficult to keep up self esteem when no one in the magazines looks like you. This dismissal of and entire size line growing up made me hate shopping to the point where I just shopped/dressed to be covered and not to show my own fashion sense. There is a lot of revenue to be spent in the plus size industry and it is nice to have fourms such as this one that bring women together with similar background stories so they can inspire each other and celebrate style regardless of size.

    What will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    I have never been able to attend the event in person but I love seeing the bloggers bring information and trends to the masses. It gives me hope and keeps me looking for trends through the year. I look forward to reading about the newest designers eager to make me look fabulous during FFF Week. I think it is a tough industry to be a part of, one that can tear you down quickly but communities and events like this remind you that you are apart of something that is changing and hope one day we wont be a separate section in a store dismissed to the roof or the basement but integrated and accepted throughout.

    Emaill: Lakesha–[email protected]

  48. Crystal

    June 5, 2014 at 6:53 pm

    Iam 43 years old and I’ve seen the plus size fashion change with the trends and fit our curves. I don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience to see all the new hot plus size fashion on the runway.

  49. Vintoria

    June 6, 2014 at 6:18 am

    FFF Week means a lot to me as a young 21 year old woman coming into her own. This Fashion Week gives young girls myself included the confidence to be fierce and love yourself and your curves. Discovering FFF Week gave me a lot of inspiration to take more ownership in embracing my curves and made me feel ok wanting to pursue a modeling career after I just recently graduated college. FFF Week erases the stigma of straight size model they believe in what the normal woman looks like and show that we can look beautiful at any size. They make you feel good seeing people like me walk those runways gracefully. I never been to an event but I hear so much about it and see so many pictures and my twitter and instagram always stay flooded with happy people enjoying themselves there and blogs explaining how warm the atmosphere is. FFF Week is an outlet I know in the past they have had programs that help aspirants break into the building. What I will miss most about FFF Week is that it’s a voice that gives millions of young people like me hope and courage to push through. You hear so much about fashion shows showing straight sized people but this was one created for the true straight sized women the real women with curves, the everyday woman. It also give people a non-judgmental environment that is healthy for us because no matter the size we look at each other as equals and enjoy each other, it’s like a safe-haven. I just want to say that even if I’m not picked I just hope every model rip that runway and walk as if they was saving lives because you inspire plenty of young people like me to love ourselves and keep proving this prejudice industry wrong about plus sized women. We are humans too and we deserve the right to be represented on these runways and in stores the right way.

    E-mail: [email protected]

  50. Rachel K. Edwards

    June 6, 2014 at 9:46 am

    I’ll never forget the moment I fell in love with fashion. I was sitting on a pair of phone books, in my aunts basement, waiting to get my hair pressed and curled for a Christmas Pageant. I picked up a Vogue with Princess Diana on the cover and immediately, a new world of beautiful women, in fabulous threads, in perfect ads was introduced to me. Seven year old Rachel was hooked.

    In spite of subscriptions to all the major fashion publications, I never felt the fashion on those pages were accessible to me. Being an overweight teen and young adult, it was easier to hide in unflattering jeans and sweatshirts, than to risk being laughed at attempting to wear anything fashion forward.

    It wasn’t until I attended my first Full Figured Fashion Week that I came out of hiding. Seeing women of all sizes walk the runway, confident in their curves, gave me an unexpected boost of confidence. I too could be fabulous in a tutu or body-con. I too could rock a crop top. I no longer had to hide behind my clothes, but could now use them as a form of self-expression.

    Full Figured Fashion Week doesn’t only bring the best plus-friendly designers to the masses, it also brings women together, created a sense of community. I ran into a blogger I met at FFFW’s Bloomingdale’s Fashion Showcase while waiting for my train at Penn Station. She said she remembered me sitting in the crowd and noticed and liked my style. There was no greater joy for this girl, who at one time shielded every single wobbly part on her body, to get a compliment from a woman known in the plus-sized fashion world.

    With the Final FFFW rapidly approaching, I’ve lost my yearly voyage to Curvy Girl Mecca. Sure, the plus size industry is growing (in large part thanks to Ms. DeVoe) and other events will take place. But they can’t replicate how FFFW validated our curves to New York and the fashion community at large and more importantly, to ourselves.

    Rachel K. Edwards
    Baltimore, MD
    [email protected]

  51. Jaleesa Nkere

    June 6, 2014 at 1:58 pm

    Tell us and FFF Week®, what has FFF Week® meant to you?

    I’ve grown up watching Sex in the City, stressing myself out trying to look like those women and everyone I knew (I was the only pluz size person in my immediate family, a household of 3 other women);not realizing that women my size are not only just as gorgeous but also just as fabulous and fashionable as any straight size woman out there. I’ve stalked FFF week for the past few years, never being able to come because of finances and I had never even been on a plane before. September of last year I decided that I would live the life I’d always dreamed about (and that FFF week and the plus size online community has made possible) and I took my first vacation to NY. Shortly after that I acheived being hired as a flight attendant which again, has always been a dream of mine. FFF week has deeply inspired me to challenge and change what society considers the norm and be amazing and confident no matter what size I am.

    And what will you miss most about FFF Week®?

    I haven’t gone to FFF Week before, but each year so far I’ve missed out on meeting all the bloggers and vastly creative masterminds that orchestrate entire movements that have inspired me to become a better person and advocate for the cause.

    Thank you for your consideration, Jaleesa

    email address: [email protected]

  52. Whitney

    June 6, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    It took me almost 30 years to accept my body. But now that I have I am playing catch up and looking t all the amazing opportunities that I have to be a big girl in the world of fashion. I grew up thinking I was going to be limited to frumpy tee shirts and mom jeans. But now I see that there is so much more to the world of full figured fashion. I am eating it all up. I am working on a blog about big girls in the south and how we can dress just as fashionably as our NYC and size 2 sisters. FFFW would be the perfect icing on my big old cupcake of a life.

  53. NaQ

    June 8, 2014 at 5:49 am

    These post are so inspirational. I know it must be tuff to picking the top 2 entries, however you guys are a bit late on anouncing a winner. Lets get this ball rolling!

  54. Oneyda

    June 11, 2014 at 10:23 am

    I’m 36 years & within the pass two years have lost 120 pounds by working out & feel great about my shape I’m still thick but love my body shape more then ever & would like to get expose to see if I can be a plus size model. & I have never had the opportunity to attend FFF Week and would love to go as well.. I feel all women are beautiful no matter what size you are.

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