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2016 Beauty Gift Giving Guide

This December I wanted to give you a gift, the gift of saving money, with great discounts on some of the hottest beauty items on the market! I was able to reach out to many of my favorite brands to secure some great discount codes for our PMM reader...

Winter Skin Care Routine

The long winter months require a change in our beauty routine to combat the harsh, drying effects of winter on our skin. Since everyone’s skin care needs are d...

Sunday Spooky Steals: 13 Beauty Deals To Check Out Today

Stocking up on beauty products is something many of us do frequently... ... and that can become expensive. So we're always on the hunt for beauty deals and with Halloween upon us, there's some amazing and spooky deals to be had right now.Here’s ...

Hair Care from Head to Toe

This month’s feature is dedicated to not only the hair on your head but all the rest of those problem areas we wax, shave, pluck and treat. Here’s a list of som...

10 Skin Sins!

Chances are that you are doing all you can to maintain youthful looking skin. You may be diligent about wearing sunscreen daily, using an anti-aging product, and applying moisturizer. However, there are a few mistakes that people often make, not real...