Plus Size Modeling Poses Ideas {Videos}

PLUS Model Magazine - How to be a plus size model

One of the most difficult things about plus size modeling is posing. What to do with your hands? Where to look? How do I stop clenching my jaw? One of Madeline Jones, Editor in Chief of PLUS Model Magazine, most common bits of advice is, “practice, practice, practice” in front of the mirror and even […]

The Difference Between a Signed Plus Size Model vs. a Freelance Model

Larissa Laural

What is the difference of being a signed plus size model vs. being a freelance model and what is the proper etiquette? Also, if I am given a contract with an agency do I have the right to refuse or at least think about it before I sign and what should I be on the […]

Maddy’s Plus Modeling Guide – Top 10 Questions Aspiring Plus Models Should Ask Themselves


Maddy’s Plus Modeling Guide  – Top 10 Questions Aspiring Plus Models Should Ask Themselves… Everyday, I am asked by curvy women everywhere, “How do I become a plus size model?” As the editor for PLUS Model Magazine, I’m in constant contact with modeling agencies, brands and designers and know what they are looking for in […]

How Can I Work with PLUS Model Magazine?


How Can I Work with PLUS Model Magazine? This is the question I answer numerous times a day. PLUS Model Magazine works with professional models (signed models). If you are already signed then you are being considered already. If you are not signed, then you still have an opportunity to work with us in different ways. […]

PMM Archives: Is the $5000 Job Offer too Good to be True?


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 10/01/2009 Plus Models Ask the Tough Questions and PLUS Industry Editor Larissa Laurel Answers! Plus Size Model Need to Know… I joined a modeling website and have been approached by several freelance agents offering me to prepay me if I am interested in doing a photo shoot for them. Some of them […]

PMM ARCHIVES: Interview With PMM Plus Size Cover Model Katie Lynn


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 10/01/2009 Many aspiring models think that becoming a plus size model is lavish, only fun and never truly relate modeling with hard work. Katie Lynn faced what most working models face every season, modeling in weather that does not totally match what they are wearing. Most retailers and magazines shoot fall […]

Plus Size Modeling – They Like Me, Now What Do I Do? by Tracie Stern

Tracie Stern - Model Development Director

In this month’s issue of PLUS Model Magazine, Tracie Stern, Plus Size Model and Model Development Director, writes about what to do when a Plus Size modeling agency likes you. You’ve done your homework.  You’ve followed my guidelines on submitting to agencies and you have finally received a response: “We love your look and would […]

PMM Archives: Plus Size Model Behavior With Sharon Quinn: Part 4 – Taking YOUR Career Seriously (The Business of YOU)


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine  5/01/2008 Meet Sharon Quinn Part 4: Taking YOUR Career Seriously (The Business of YOU) As I enter the 4th month period in my new position as a Model Booker for IPM Models, I gotta tell you…. I come home every night with a new story about an aspiring plus size model […]

PMM Archives: Putting Together a Portfolio…


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 5/01/2008 This Month’s Question… What is the best way to put together a portfolio? What type of pictures should it contain? Larissa Answers… The best portfolios are not about quantity, but quality of photos. Your book should at least have the basics which include the following: 1)    A headshot/beauty shot. […]

PMM Archives: Meet Plus Size Cover Model Nikki Muffoletto


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 5/01/2008 This month’s cover girl is a beautiful Chicago native who is one of the new faces for  Meet plus size model Nikki Muffoletto. [Maddy] When did you first become interested in the plus size modeling industry? [Nikki] During freshman year of college my school had a booth requesting for […]