An Interview with Paris Bradstreet


Paris Bradstreet has carved out a successful career as a theatrical performer. From New York City to California, she has played many of the most prestigious regional theaters in America. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Bradstreet while she was on the national tour of  the smash Broadway musical: Spring Awakening. Spring Awakening is […]

Catching Up With Jennifer Jonassen


PLUS wanted to catch up with one of our contributor’s of PMM, Jennifer Jonassen, and her amazing year. She was recently nominated along side Jessica Simpson and Kate Winslet for a Nourishing Body Image Award. The Documentary FAT and ADIOS BARBIE were also honored. Jennifer has also got to play a (dancing) Cantor in a […]

Exciting News From Jennifer Jonassen – PLUS Entertainment & Arts Editor


Jennifer Jonassen made the cover of El Correo’s Vivir Magazine (Spain!) Here is the link to the translated article: Other recent press: Congratulations Jennifer! We wish you much continued success.

Diving In With Jennifer Jonassen

The casting call read: PIRATE/NINJA/SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMER/MEXICAN WRESTLER Male and Female, ages 21-50, good movers and strong personality. Sense of rhythm and coordination. Trained dancers preferred but not necessary. STRONG sense of ensemble. Will be performing in club…. And somehow I knew I was supposed to submit myself! Now please bear in mind that I am […]

The Play’s The Thing…Jennifer Jonassen Interviews Director Kym Pappas and Actress Carla Nell

When I first moved west from New York, I was fortunate enough to spend some time doing theatre in San Diego. From the bigger professional houses such as the Old Globe and La Jolla Playhouse to the dozens of smaller venues, San Diego is practically teeming with theatrical life! Two of these theatres (Inner Mission […]

Carson Kressley Reveals, ‘How to Look Good Naked’! An Interview with Jennifer Jonassen

Whether you’re in the nude, in the buff, in your birthday suit, or (as my mom used to say) naked as a jaybird (do other birds wear clothes?) – we all want to look and feel like a million bucks! That is why I knew I just had to interview Lifetime TV’s “How To Look […]

Clowning Around With Jennifer Jonassen

Well true to my word and my ongoing quest to find my inner clown, I have indeed been taking some classes here in the land of la. And believe you me, this is the biggest challenge I have had as a performer to date! There is something so inexplicably terrifying to me about comedy. Perhaps […]