PMM Archives: Serious About Serums


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 11/01/2009 by Artemis I am asked many times what is the difference between a moisturizer and a serum. A moisturizer is created to be emollient, whether for dry or oily skin, and it is made to work on the upper layers of the skin to add and balance moisture levels.  Serums, […]

PMM Archives: Confessions of a Beauty Editor: To Prime or Not to Prime… That is the Question!,


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 10/01/2009 Only when I became a makeup artist, did I learn the importance of a primer to your makeup. When an artist paints on her canvas, she does not paint on clean muslin, she paints on muslin that has been primed with gesso. When you paint the walls on your home, […]

PMM ARCHIVES: Interview With PMM Plus Size Cover Model Katie Lynn


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 10/01/2009 Many aspiring models think that becoming a plus size model is lavish, only fun and never truly relate modeling with hard work. Katie Lynn faced what most working models face every season, modeling in weather that does not totally match what they are wearing. Most retailers and magazines shoot fall […]

PMM Archives: Plus Size Beauty: How to Apply False Eyelashes


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 5/01/2008 Sometimes the occasion calls for a little extra something… like, say false eyelashes. If you want the most natural of false lashes, then I suggest either individuals or individual knot-free flares. Applying them might be a little bit tricky, but once you have got the hang of it… well, then […]

Confessions of a Beauty Editor


  Gym Bag Beauty By Artemis Wearing a full face of makeup, as I have seen worn many times at the gym, is never a good idea. Between your pores opening up to release sweat, the makeup potentially running and the lipstick smearing, or even the possible raccoon eyes. It really isn’t pretty and it […]

Confessions Of A Beauty Editor: DIY Facial


I love mixing things up in my kitchen creating homemade masks out of the ingredients in my cupboard. Some of these are my own recipe, while others have been passed down to me.This is my secret to combating dry skin this winter. Brew some green tea. Play some spa music. Light some candles. And if […]