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Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 5/01/2008 This Month’s Question… What is the best way to put together a portfolio? What type of pictures should it contain? Larissa Answers… The best portfolios are not about quantity, but quality of photos. Your book should at least have the basics which include the following: 1)    A headshot/beauty shot. […]

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Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 4/01/2008 This Month’s Question… I just want to know what agencies there are for women weighing 250 and up?  I am 359 and 22, and I see pictures of women who are big like me on the internet as well as magazines and TV.  How do I apply?? Larissa Answers… I […]

Q & A with Larissa Laurel


What are the rates a model should be getting? Is there a standard and does it depend on your region of the USA or abroad? I wish there was an industry standard across the board for models, but we do not have a union or a check and balance system in place such as SAG, […]

How The Term “Supermodel” Came About, April Q & A With Larissa Laurel


PMM Reader: Hi, I would like to know how the term “supermodel” came about and how it applies to the Plus side of modeling. How does one achieve the status of “supermodel”? Larissa: That term “supermodel”  is used more often in the media and I just recently started hearing it in more in the Plus […]

The Difference Between a Signed Model vs. a Freelance Model


Reader Question: What is the difference of being a signed model vs. being a freelance model and what is the proper etiquette? Also, if I am given a contract with an agency do I have the right to refuse or at least think about it before I sign and what should I be on the […]

Size 8 – Plus Size Model? by Larisa Laurel


I recently offended a young girl who is 5’10”, size 10, 20 years old, and pretty as a button. I asked her if she was interested in modeling and she responded back “well, yes, but I’m too heavy right now” and I said “are you crazy? You’re perfect for high fashion plus size”. She responded […]