The International Fuller Women Expo Update


Via The Fuller Women Expo It is with heavy heart that we prepare this newsletter. The world was rocked by the passing of Mia Amber Davis, Plus super model, Plus rights advocate and the face of the Expo and the Network for the past 2 years.  I have been hard pressed to find the words to describe […]

Mia Amber Davis – A Vision of Beauty


With the untimely death of plus size supermodel, Mia Amber Davis, PLUS Model Magazine has dedicated it’s whole June 2011 issue to her as she still continues to inspire women all over the world to love themselves. In this month issue, PMM has released some never before seen photos of the plus beauty and Mia’s influence in […]

Remembering Mia… by Gwen DeVoe


Remembering Mia…. I will never forget receiving that first email from Mia in the Spring of 2002.  She wrote: “Ms. DeVoe, I’ve been conducting a lot of online research about the plus modeling industry and all roads lead to you.  I would love to meet with you sometime soon to discuss a career in plus […]

Monif C. Remembers Mia Amber Davis


It is really difficult for me to summate what Mia meant to me because she meant so much. She was a friend, a confidant, and the face of Monif C. Mia and I were partners in that she brought my vision to life like no one else could and in many ways our work together […]

Letter to Mia from friend Erica Watson


Dear Mia, When I was broke and needed clothes for a movie premiere, who called every designer she knew to make sure I looked good on the red carpet? YOU! When I was ready to give up during boot camp, who called me everyday to encourage me to get up and get moving? YOU. Whenever […]

Friend and Fellow Model Shante Gordon Remembers Mia Amber Davis


Mia was my friend. I know she was a lot of things to a lot of people…actress, model, producer, icon, idol…but to me she was simply my friend, and it is with heavy heart and deep sorrow that I write this tribute. On May 10th, 2011 I, along with many others, lost one of our […]

A Soliloquy for My Sister by Tara Taylor


Breathtaking; the graceful manner in which you glide through the room: a noble presence, a quiet confidence, a humble pride.  Words whisper across your lips elegantly, with a witty intelligence: offering encouragement and guidance.  A teacher by example, leader through motivation; a true professional adored by us all. As your fan you have inspired me.   Extraordinary; the […]