PMM Blog Plus Size Fashion News Recap: Week of 9/30/13

News recap featured image 10-6-13

  Last week was a BIG week of news, fashion and magazine highlights on the PMM Blog and we don’t want you to miss a single thing. So if you have missed any of last week’s articles, here’s the links to each one below: NEWS Adele Gets Her Own Comic Book and Is In Talks […]

Will Changes In The Modeling Industry Inspire The Plus Size Modeling Industry?


Will Changes In The Modeling Industry Inspire The Plus Size Modeling Industry?… Conde Nast International (publisher of VOGUE Magazine) recently released a statement which includes healthy guidelines and a ban on the use of underage models. In addition, they are asking designers to re-think the use of small sample sizes. I wish they would have made […]

Dove Does It Again – Campaign Against Negative Advertising

Dove Campaign

Dove has launched a viral campaign and video to squash negative advertising by replacing it with positive messages. As plus size women we are inundated with negative advertising messages that are intended to make us second guess ourselves. In turn the idea of trying to fit a standard of beauty that frankly, only 3% of our population […]

PMM Archives: Confessions of a Beauty Editor: To Prime or Not to Prime… That is the Question!,


Originally published PLUS Model Magazine 10/01/2009 Only when I became a makeup artist, did I learn the importance of a primer to your makeup. When an artist paints on her canvas, she does not paint on clean muslin, she paints on muslin that has been primed with gesso. When you paint the walls on your home, […]