PLUS Model Magazine Interview With Cover Model Fluvia Lacerda

Interview With Cover Model Fluvia Lacerda

July/August 2006: Premiere issue of PLUS Model Magazine

Model: Fluvia Lacerda
Photographer: Pieter Henket
Stylist and Fashions: Dulce Style
The Look: Very edgy and high fashion
The Low Down: Fluvia shares, “This was Pieter’s first time shooting a plus model! He was amazing!”

Why did you decide to shoot with Pieter Henket?

I think his work is beautiful. He also follows the style I liked doing as well, more edgy.

Prior to the shoot, did you collaborate about the look and feel of the shoot?

The style was done by Michelle Martinez from Dulce Style, so I had that down prior to meeting with him. But for the feel we both liked the edgy style, so it worked out well, that’s what we went for.

What were his concerns, if any, about shooting a plus model?

Pieter is such an amazing person, he made me feel incredibly comfortable and we had such a great time! I don’t think he was concerned. He had seen my prior work and during the shoot, he actually mentioned he loves the idea of shooting voluptuous bodies. I knew his style and I know my body pretty well and the poses that would work best. I think he was as pleased with the outcome as I was.

What were your concerns, if any, about shooting with a photographer that had never shot plus before?

I think the main thing when it comes to shooting ‘curvier’ models is to know the best angles, this includes the photographer and the model! From the model’s perspective, it is really key to know your body and to know the poses that work best for you. This only comes from testing and re-testing in front of a camera.

Another really important factor is making sure that you feel comfortable with the photographer, that way you’re not only can address all your concerns (especially when you’re a beginner) and not feel awkward talking/asking whatever it is that you are concerned about. That also makes it easier to pose and bring the best out of you when it’s time to work the camera!

How did you prepare for the shoot?

I always make sure to exfoliate, body and face, since it gives my skin such a healthy glow! Tanning really works for me because I have an olive skin tone, when I get really pale I look yellow. I used to use L’Oreal tanning lotion, but my tan now is natural.

For the rest I have my hair clean, nails done with clear nails polish and I also get as much sleep as possible. I normally drink loads of water anyway, but I think that really helps with everything.