Rossburton70 Check out these top tips from Ross Burton, Lancôme’s National Artistic Director

Ross Burton, Makeup Specialist
Burton, Lancôme’s National Artistic Director, believes that every woman possesses beauty, but what is really beautiful is a woman’s spirit; her confidence, intellect, love and peace give a woman that "glow" that makeup can only enhance.

1. Finding the best moisturizer and foundation

To choose the proper foundation, it is important to determine the individual’s desired formula, coverage and finish. However, sometimes the desired result lands the customer in a foundation which may not necessarily coincide with their skin type.

2. Applying moisturizer

Use Aqua Fusion cream/lotion with Foundation Brush #2 to brush in a basic moisturizer, or use Rénergie Microlift anti-aging moisturizer, for a hydrated effect. The result is glowing, hydrated skin with an equal balance of water to moisture without looking greasy.

For youthful flawless skin, add Petite Bohême loose shimmer to the Aqua Fusion lotion. Combine in the palm of your hand, and apply in a "swirling" motion with Highlighting Brush #3.

3. Applying eye cream

Apply eye cream and complete eye makeup application. Apply Flash Retouche highlighter pen in a "sunshine formation" to the outer orbital bone with Concealer Brush #8. This technique not only highlights the eye but diffuses imperfections in the sensitive eye area by creating an instant "lift"!

4. Applying foundation

Apply foundation only to the areas which need it. Look for areas of the face needing a lift or areas of the face which could use shading with a deeper tone in foundation. High planes of the face should reflect lighter tones. Areas of the face which appear fuller or wider can be contoured with deeper shades to recede. The result is a complexion with dimension.

5. Applying concealer

Apply concealer with Brush #8 to the areas of the face which need perfecting. These areas are often the inner eye close to the nose, nostrils cheeks and chin. Corrector concealer is usually needed for the areas showing the most "blue" undertone through the skin. This two step application is the most affective approach to the darkest shadows in the eye area.

6. Applying powder

For the lightest approach to applying pressed powder, dip Powder Brush #1 or Cheek Brush #6 into loose powder. Crush the powder into the palm of your hand until all traces of powder are invisible; then tap the brush on a flat surface to deposit any remaining powder into its bristles. (This technique enables you to use a minimal amount of product more effectively with little fall out.) Pat the brush into the skin in the areas where foundation was applied for a perfect "set" to the foundation.

Quick tips by skin type

Normal/combination skin: Spritz Tonique Doucer over a finished look for a re-hydrating effect.

Oily skin: Apply Pure Focus T-Zone Mattifier to any area which tends to excrete oil throughout the day. Apply over moisturizer and under foundation. It is also advantageous to apply a sheer application of loose or pressed powder with Powder Brush #1 or Bronzer Brush #5 for a just-applied look.

Dry skin: Use the optimum amount of moisturizer as well as layering a separate SPF on top. This gives dry skin plenty of moisture to draw from throughout the day instead of using the moisture found in the foundation.

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