PLUS Model Magazine Launches 2nd Issue With Curvy Cover Model Angellika

Interview With PLUS Cover Model Angellika…

PLUS is honored to have this curvy supermodel grace the cover of our second issue. You will love getting to know this exotic beauty (with brains to boot)!

Plus size supermodel Angellika has been captivating the fashion world for over ten years. In April of 1999, Angellika was the first plus-sized model inducted into the Modeling Hall of Fame. She was also the first African-American model to break into the German fashion scene in an Ulla Popken lingerie and casual wear shoot. Most recently she graced the July 2005 issue of Essence Magazine in a fashion layout.

Maddy Figueroa-Jones sat down with our cover model for a little girl chat. Although Angellika usually leads a very private life, she opened up to PLUS and shared a bit about her life and career…

[Maddy] As a little girl did you always know you wanted to become a model?

[Angellika] Yes! I always knew I would be in entertainment, my father is in the music business and my step-father was an entertainment attorney. I attended George Washington University despite my passion to be in the arts, my mother wasn’t having it – school first and any career I wanted after. You know the old saying “have something to fall back on.”

[Maddy]Have you always been secure in your own skin?

[Angellika] I have always held my head high and felt secure. My parents helped to instill this in me because no one can do it for you. Do I have things I don’t like on my body? Of course (stomach) but I enhance everything else about myself and roll with the punches.

[Maddy] You are in incredible shape and your skin is flawless – do you follow a specific diet and beauty regimen?

[Angellika] Thanks girl! Do I have a story for you – I decided that I was bored with the gym and the environment. I was working out with women that were into wearing make-up and spending a “happy hour” with the men at the gym. I wasn’t feeling motivated so I set off to find a no-frills boxing gym where men are real and the few women that are there don’t wear make-up and are serious about working out. My trainer Moses Sachez who trains golden glove fighters kicks my butt every day from 5:30 am to 8:00am. We do 3-minute rounds; it is the best work-out you could ever do.

My skin? Well it’s hereditary. My mother and grandmother have beautiful complexions. The secret is not to wash your face with a cloth, always with your hands and pat your face dry with a clean cloth each time and not with the same cloth. No special creams or soaps for me – it’s whatever I have.

[Maddy] Do you have one modeling job, in particular, that was exceptionally memorable?

[Angellika] The best job I had would be a booking I did in South Africa for Eaton’s of London. The location was fabulous, and no drama on the set – everyone was fun and easy to work with. It was also a spiritual moment going up Table Mountain – it was a booking I will never forget.

[Maddy] How have you seen the plus size industry change since you became a model? How would you like to see it change in the next five years?

[Angellika] The plus size industry hasn’t changed as far as clothing options. We have the same stores like Lane Bryant, The Avenue & Ashley Stewart but no “high-end” clothing like Valentino, Chanel or Armani. It’s the same ol’ story with Madison Ave.

Marketing can’t get with the curves of the average woman. What will it take? I’m not sure but I’m willing to make a go at it. The unfortunate thing is some plus size women don’t want to pay the price of high clothing and this is why we are not successful with these vendors. In the next 5 years, we will hopefully have a new face on fashion for plus size women who really want options.

[Maddy] Are there any upcoming projects you can discuss with us?

[Angellika] I just did a stand-in for a Victoria Secret commercial, filmed in Brooklyn. As you know I don’t talk a lot and just show everyone. I have something big coming up at the end of the year or the beginning of 2007 – stay tuned to this station…

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Cover Photo by Stanley Debas