Interview with Plus Size Model Sian

Meet PLUS Spotlight Model, Sian Williams

Photographer: David Leahy

When did you decide you wanted to be a plus model?

About 3 years ago… When the work was hard to get, I basically refused to be skinny! So, I did some lifestyle photography for photo libraries then put myself on Musecube as a plus-size model.

What a great picture! What can you share with us about the photographer and/or the photo session?

His name is David Leahy, he takes photos for a ‘stock’ photo company called Getty Images, amongst other things. It was taken one night in a session lasting about 4 hrs, with a load of others to help start off my portfolio.

Who are your favorite curvy role models?

I like Kate Dillon and Valerie Lefkowitz (especially about 3 yrs ago), real looking girls with beautiful faces. Carre Otis is beautiful but she did have to go through hell with the skinny revolution before realizing it was going to kill her if she didn’t learn to be happy with her real shape.

What are your dreams, desires and goals as a plus model?

Just to never give in to the mass media’s obsession with thin! To hopefully get the message to women that beauty and sexiness will shine from you if you are truly happy with who you are — and this isn’t dictated by what size you are.

If you could pick the perfect plus modeling campaign for yourself, who would you want to work for?

I always thought it would be great to do a campaign for someone huge like L’Oreal, get the ‘real body’ look recognized as wonderful through a big makeup campaign. But ideally it would be a company with green, ethical and environmental policies.

Name your favorite store to shop for curvy clothes in the UK…

I shop at Monsoon as I love the colors and styles (they go up to a 22), and at London markets for the original stuff. There aren’t that many cool outlets in the UK for plus size, it’s mainly mail order. We haven’t caught up with the US yet!

Please keep your eye on Sian, this curvy beauty from the UK!