Power dressing for Plus-size Women

Regardless your size, corporate wear is one part of your wardrobe in which you should invest.


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If you wear a size-12 or above, it can be quite challenging to build a professional wardrobe. It is a fact after all that the fuller your figure, the more ingenuity is required in dressing up. Nevertheless, it is possible to create the exact image you want to project as plus-sized woman, or even as a super plus-sized gal.

Regardless of your size, corporate wear is one part of your wardrobe in which you should invest. Thankfully, there are more retail stores now that cater to plus-sized women, with some conducting searches for their image models. This is a signal that plus-sized women must celebrate their figures and not be ashamed of their curves. Building a good wardrobe for the workplace will further help them to build confidence.

Work wardrobe comes in three basic flavors.

The main ingredient in any particular wardrobe is the word “professional. ” Nowhere is this more obvious than in the business formal attire.

As a first step, it will prove useful to set goals like the list below:

• To be taken seriously as a professional in whatever work you do;
• To communicate without distraction (clothes can be a distraction) ;
• To project confidence and inspire confidence; and
• To look and feel like yourself.
Here are some key steps in building a formal business wardrobe:
• You need a suit; several if you can afford it.
• Whether you choose skirts or pants will depend on your industry and style.
• The most conservative interpretation of the business formal is a skirt suit, pantyhose and closed toe pumps. But generally, a pantsuit is fine.
• Navy is probably the single most important women’s professional suit color. This is the one to use for interviews, big meetings and daytime events.
• Black will be the most versatile suit. If you can find the jacket, a mid length skirt and pants and at the same time, invest in all three pieces. Your black suit will form the basis of your wardrobe.
• A light colored neutral suit (think gray or sand) mixes up black pieces and rounds out your professional image.
Keep in mind:
• Quality suits can easily run from P6,000 to P10,000 (three-piece suit) either off the rack or custom-made.
• Bargains are out there, but don’t skimp on quality.
• Quality shows.
• Build your wardrobe over time.
• Expect to have suits tailored. You must have an excellent fit at the shoulders. Jackets must button up whether or not you choose to wear it open.
• You don’t have to do all of the above at once. Start with the basics. Fill in with the end of season sales and online discount houses.
Having a plus-size figure should never discourage women to dress up whether it is business, casual, or formal. Knowing and appreciating your body type and dressing up accordingly, choosing colors that will flatter and enhance your figure and skin tone are just some of the more important factors that will add up to build one’s confidence.

Dressing smart is all about careful planning.