January 2007 PLUS Cover Model Rebeca

January 2007 PLUS Cover Model Rebeca

Photographer: Ivy Darling

As I browsed my way through one of the model sites, I came across a beautiful curvy Latina face looking right back at me. Something about her eyes said “confidence” and I immediately wanted to know more about her.

I learned that this plus size beauty is a New York native, adores her boyfriend and receives a lot of support from her family and friends. Inspired by an ad in Fashion Bug, Rebeca is now living out her dreams.[Maddy] Tell us how you started your modeling and acting career.

[Rebeca] When my older ‘sis’ and I would get into trouble, we would be grounded — locked in our room. My older sister became my source of entertainment — creating soap operas with Barbie dolls and ridiculous commercials with outrageous characters. As we got older, she suffered from a lack of self-esteem, so she never auditioned for school programs. I, instead had a small attitude problem 🙂 Though I auditioned for the leading lady roles, I learned that character actors roles are much more fun to play…

When I was a teen, Fashion Bug was the only store that had plus size clothing for teens. My mom and I were shopping there one day, and we saw this huge poster/ad that looked like me. She had full lips, my hair, but brown eyes instead of the blue/green eyes I have.

I never thought about it again until I moved to New York and worked at a model management firm helping “normal” size models. The Director at the agency used to really pound on me about having low self-esteem and implored me to recognize and accept the “Goddess” shape I was given.

After receiving so many compliments, having my mother’s encouragement and my boyfriend’s support, I started submitting myself to anything and everything. And here I am today, on a cover of a magazine!

[Maddy] Have you always been confident about your curves?

[Rebeca] I am a young female adult and ALL females have some form of confidence issues. Mine started at a young age. I’ve been overweight since age seven. Kids can be harsh. Of course, I was picked on for being overweight but also for wearing glasses.

In college, I lived in an all girl’s dorm where anorexia is still a problem today. I learned that even skinny girls have issues. They complained about not being well endowed, which was no problem of mine; so I embraced what God gave me.

I also learned to appreciate art in college and when I look at the “Venus de Milo” and the way women were painted and sculpted in the 15th & 16th centuries, I smile because they mirror my body. That was beauty then, and to me, it’s still beauty today.

[Maddy] Can you give aspiring models and actresses some tips when going to castings and go-sees.

[Rebeca] Happily — Here are some tips that have been passed to me or learned in no specific order:

If auditioning, do your bad read outside first…then knock them dead with your good read
Be confident, believe that you can do this. Because if you don’t believe you can, why should they?
Before walking into an interview or audition, ask yourself what can you bring to the table that no one else can… then show them.

Leave for an audition/interview extra early in case something happens like you miss the train/ get stuck in traffic/ break a heal, etc. Even if you’re too early that gives you time to get a coffee, breathe, give your self a pep talk, then walk in there and show them what you’ve got – TALENT!

Bring a little notebook w/you in case you get some great contact names and numbers. Also, after your interview/audition write down what you liked/didn’t like and what you might want to change for next time to IMPROVE your work.

Eat something beforehand so you don’t think of food while at the casting. Sometimes castings/auditions take HOURS so be prepared — bring water, a snack, and a book to read.

Remember as soon as you walk through that door, they are looking at you whether you know it or not – so be on your best behavior. Leave arguing on the phone w/your boyfriend OUTSIDE.

Get GOOD PICTURES!!! If your pictures are not serious ( good ) then they do not take you seriously. So take lots.

If there’s nothing else to remember in an audition, it’s that you get to act today! After all, they call it a ‘Play’ for a reason 🙂

Watch out, cause I’m coming!