What is a Go-See Part 2

What is a Go-See Part 2 by Catherine Schuller

To meet, shake hands and hear the models in the flesh is key to often making the decision for a client. So, make sure you look the part and don’t look as though a major makeover team is going to have to be hired to rehaul the model’s skin, hair, nails, etc.

Also, a go see is a good time for the client to realize the model’s personal style.

Many times, a model is hired because she can interpret the trends and make them her own. It is important that the model show the client she understands that clothes do make the woman. That style and image are very important.

A model doesn’t have to go in full tilt evening gown and stilletoes to a go-see, but she should realize that she is being judged for her personal style, personality, charm and yes, professionalism. The model should seize the opportunity of a go-see to really connect on a friendly basis with the client(s) who are going to be present. Afterall, if the job is for a day or even a week, the clients want to spend time with great people who are fun, uplifting, sexy and who can ultimately sell their product, garment or service to the public.

It’s all about getting them to like you on all levels, so never underestimate the importance of a go-see.

Many models who don’t live in the city where the go-see is conducted, make it their business to attend for the express purpose that they can meet the client face to face. They sometimes even send them handwritten thank you notes or followup emails to ensure that they are remembered.

Go-sees often give the model the competitive edge, so it is a must that the model understand what is expected of her when she shows up at one and treat them with respect. It is also a great place to see exactly who your competition is because they will be at the go-see as well! Just keep the chatter in the lobby or waiting area to a minimum. You don’t want the client to have to come out and tell everyone to be quiet because portfolios are being passed around and laughter and merriment is at a high decibel level. Keep the chatter to a low roar and remember that you have to save yourself so you can shine!

You may even be asked to try something on during a go see…only one article should be tried on, and if the client starts to assume that a go-see is a fitting, the agent should be informed of this as well. The client should be professional, too!