I Have Been Approached by a Modeling Agency

I Have Been Approached by a Modeling Agency…

Georgia From Alabama Asks… I have been approached by a modeling agency. They promised me a website and pics for $349. Are they legit or is it a scam?

This is a great question because at one point every aspiring model, that has an on-line presence, will be approached by on-line agencies. It is always smart to be cautious.

Georgia, before you lay down $349 of your hard-earned money, you need to be asking a series of important questions:

  1. Where is the agency located — City and State?
  2. Do they have an actual address and office they work from and can you come in for a visit?
  3. Who will submit you; will they submit you; to whom will they submit you?
  4. What markets do they cover, who are their clients?
  5. Who else do they represent?
  6. Are they licensed?
  7. Can you use any photographer or who do they recommend and can you see their work and meet with them? (You should have several to choose from, not just one.)
  8. Also, do your research. Have any of these agencies been reported for false advertisement? Check out your local Better Business Bureau at:

Not all agencies are scams, but you just have to do your research and trust your instincts. No agent or agency can promise you work. Only clients are able to hire you for jobs, agents do not hire.

Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I’ve been contacted several times from different on-line agencies and when I ask them the questions above; those that are legit have written me back and answered all my questions, they were happy to because they are legit and are able to prove it. Some never wrote me back and I never heard from them again…that answered my questions too!

The best business people ask questions…never be afraid to ask questions. Becoming a model is starting your own business and you are your own product. Protect yourself by being well prepared and knowledgeable.