What Pictures Are Appropriate for a Legitimate Professional Plus-Size Modeling Career…

Tasha from CA Asks… What pictures are appropriate for a legitimate Professional Plus-Size Modeling career?

Okay this is a big question. This is due to the sensitive nature of what the “industry” deems as appropriate material for a model in regards to her comp card and model look book.

The Golden Rule is this: As a model; remember you are selling a product; i.e. clothing, perfume, shoes, handbags, etc. You are not selling yourself or your body. So, pictures must be tasteful (not much cleavage, full coverage of breasts, not too much skin, no thongs, no porn-type poses, etc.)

As a woman you are already sexy… don’t ever forget that, so you don’t have to “try” to be sexy.

Since you must show the shape of your body it is best to pick body conscious clothing or a full coverage swimsuit. In the beginning, try to shy away from lingerie shots because it takes the right type of photographer and the correct type of lingerie to come across as a professional commercial/fashion model.

Here is an interesting fact: In the turn of the century, catalog clothing companies used beautiful, buxom women, as models, to show off and sell their clothing. When reports came back that customers started to notice the models and not the clothes, designers started to wonder how to get the customer to notice the clothing and not the model. This was how the rail thin; “hanger” type models got their start. Clothing designers want customers to notice the clothing and buy the clothing…not the model.