Stretch Marks and Plus Size Modeling

Stretch Marks and Plus Size Modeling…

Erin from FL Asks… I know that models have to have flawless skin. Is there a chance for me to make it in the plus modeling industry if I have a few stretch marks?

I completely understand why you may think that a few stretch marks may hold you back, but even thin supermodels sometimes have stretch marks! You CAN get stretch marks from growing tall, not just thick 🙂

No person’s body is perfect and stretch marks are a part of life like pimples, moles, cellulite, etc. Every model’s picture is taken through Photoshop or airbrushed when it is being used for advertisements.

Depending on the severity of stretch marks or cellulite there may be some things you may not be comfortable doing. A lot of models are not comfortable doing swimsuit go-sees or print jobs. I have no problem with swimsuit go-sees, but I don’t like to go to bra go-sees. I have smaller breasts than most plus-size models (I am a B/C cup and most plus models that I know are D and beyond).

So, don’t let things like stretch marks or cellulite hold you back from pursuing your dream. Just know your strengths like:

Do you look great in jeans?
Do you have amazing legs and can wear shorts?
Do you have toned arms? Etc.

Some plus models have amazing legs, but don’t like their arms. We all have our insecurities, but the best models are those who love their bodies and show that confidence through the camera lens. Remember you are selling a product, let’s say a green summer dress, and you wear it with confidence and fun. That dress will not sell itself if the model wearing it looks self-conscious and uncomfortable.

You’d be amazed if you saw a lot of famous models and actresses in person, they are human just like you and I and they are not perfect either! The perfection we all think they possess is the magic of makeup, lighting, and everyone’s favorite… Photoshop!