What Should You Include in Your On-line Modeling Portfolio

What Should You Include in Your On-line Modeling Portfolio…

Donelle from FL Asks… What should I include in my on-line modeling portfolio? And what is the difference between a comp-card and a look book?

Great questions!

First of all, your on-line modeling portfolio should have the same information and pictures as your look book and comp card. Clean shots are the best with any of the following category:


As I always say, as a model you are selling a product (i.e. clothing, shoes, phones, food, computers, etc.). You are not selling yourself. It is in your best interest not to include any personal, non-professional photos. These include pics of your friends, pets, car, etc. These do not present you as a professional model. Instead, save fun stuff like that for Facebook or Instagram.

Please do not include pictures that show you in sexual positions, too much skin, too much cleavage. Do your research and look at Lane Bryant ads, Fruit of the Loom ads, Torrid ads, Fashion Bug ads, and  Plus fashion magazines. If none of your pics could be used in these ads or magazines then you might need to build your portfolio. For inspiration, it is smart to take examples of these ads to a photographer so they know what you need.

Online portfolios should not contain your address or personal information. Remember that anyone can access your on-line portfolio and you need to protect yourself. It is a great idea to set up an email and/or service # that is strictly for modeling purposes.

Now, on to the look book and comp card…

Look Book is a binder with pictures of tests and tearsheets of your work you show potential clients.

Comp Card is a composite card with a few of your pictures used as a business card. It should have a good clean headshot to show your eyes, skin, hair, etc. along with full length body shot. Information should contain your measurements, height and dress size. If you are represented by an agency, include their contact information and if you are representing yourself, include your professional phone number. Like your on-line portfolio, do not include your address or any personal information. It is a good idea to get a service # because you never know who might get a hold of your card.