Should I Move to a Big City to Follow My Plus Modeling Dream?

Breannah from MT Asks… “I live in a small town with no modeling opportunities, should I move to a big city where I don’t know anybody or just give up my dream of being a plus model?”

As I answered the question prior, CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES!

Do your research and ask to meet with the Public Relations person/people of a certain store that carries Plus-Size fashion. Ask if you could put together a fashion show to help promote their fashions and give some local girls some modeling experience. You may not get paid, but money is not what you are after here. You want to gain experience and find out what it takes to put a fashion show or photo shoot together.

You can contact your local paper or news station and they may want to cover the event. You may love the experience so much that you can put a plan in action to maybe visit a big city and meet with Plus modeling agencies ( and you could show them you put a show together that was covered by the local press and have your own press kit started.) Or you may realize it is hard work and just think it is fun to do every now and then, but not to uproot your life to move to a city like New York.

The idea of modeling is fun, but those who make money in the business will be the first to tell you it is hard work and an investment to get started. If you have the desire and are not afraid of the hard work ahead of you, then follow your passion to the fullest extent! Don’t be afraid of what you can accomplish!!